蒸気波VaporWave - 2018-02-14
9 people here eat this. 1:35 they use a ladder to get them all.

Jillian Tavares - 2018-01-27
Have these people doing this act not seen that Don't You Put It In Your Mouth PSA?

MadBrownBear - 2018-01-26
Yeah! Store them up high and in the KITCHEN....

Mike D - 2018-01-23
Are you people stupid? Eating Tide can kill you! It’s not meant for eating.

Fire Keeper - 2018-01-21
So far, all of these idiots are in America. This just proves how low the average American teen IQ is

TheMintyShow - 2018-01-21
Why does he open the container so aggressively 😂

Elizabeth Mohan - 2018-01-18
really come on this making millennial sand gen x look stupid. Come on now if you're going to do a challenge, make sure it isn't something stupid and dangerous ok

Kornfanatic Fordfanatic - 2018-01-18
Let them die. They don't deserve to live if they're dumb enough to try

P0tat07 - 2018-01-17
Yeah store it in the kitchen where your food is lol!

Windwar attack - 2018-01-16
I got to be politically correct here..you just dont want me to eat pods because you are a discriminating bigot

Shawn Johnson - 2018-01-16
If you're stupid enough to do this, you are an idiot and deserve to get sick and possibly die. you should have common sense to say this is dangerous and these are dangerous chemicals in these pods and I should not eat them. kids are idiots today I swear. When we were kids we would make slushees with the snow and our parents would yell at us for eating snow, or we would have a spoon of the kool aid mix etc. Normal non hazardous stuff. kids have no common sense today very sad.

Edward Hurlburt - 2018-01-15
It's absolutely impossible to Fathom how stupid today's younger generation is. Oh sure we've all done dumb things but honestly, this new generation is about as dumb as they come

Ol' Whitey McWhiterson - 2018-01-15
So don't let your kids eat the laundry pods, but store them beside the brightly colored breakfast cereals.

Got it.

bronc haris - 2018-01-15
"Store them up high and out of kids reach". Like no one knows where they should keep their soap, but what if a teenager bites into them for views? You cant stop them.

bronc haris - 2018-01-15
Too little too late. This happened weeks ago and now you're addressing it. Do any of your people know the internet. Dumbasses the lot of you.

Vincent Valentine - 2018-01-15
I blame the parents internet and social media for this stupidity.every day more challenges are being made and more idiots are dying

BOB SCHROEDER - 2018-01-15
I think YouTub should censer all videos.

thaintriguing1 - 2018-01-14
"Out of reach" , "child proof containers" sounds good for protecting a six year old but what about a 12 or 14 year old?

CalicoGamer48 - 2018-01-14
did anyone notice that he put the laundry pods in the kitchen?

jonas Cruz - 2018-01-13
This is so stupid i rather crack my phone than do that just to get views. Teens these days

Jamie Thornton - 2018-01-13
Wow people are so dumd

Debadged Power Wagon - 2018-01-12
Let them eat. Darwinism works!

VanillaCupcakes13 - 2018-01-12
Maybe a couple dumb kids ate one, but this is NOT a trend. The only time I've heard of it is adults freaking out because they make up another dumb story about a non-existent trend. And those stats were not for teens eating them on purpose. That is everyone who eats them, which is 99.9% little kids whose parents leave them on the counter.

Amsgelica Rose - 2018-01-11
Keep your laundry pods in your KITCHEN. Seems like a reasonable place to store them.

Rad The Marshadow - 2018-01-11
idk how this even became a thing. I mean, why would you post a video of a serious matter for stupid views? I just don't understand adults these days.

Aaron Coloma - 2018-01-11
Am I the only one who is wondering why he stores laundry detergent in the kitchen?

Boston Black Cat - 2018-01-11
Natural selection.

KadeKorpse - 2018-01-11
In the cupboard ?

nanoen - 2018-01-11
This is what happens when memes make the mainstream.....

Mike E - 2018-01-10
If ur dumb enough to eat those that’s ur problem 😂😂

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