pattie perez - 2018-03-20
It's a really good movie

Buckeye Bri - 2018-03-12
Is there a kid more adorable?

Fidget Spinner Movie - 2018-03-09
You didn't even show the entire perfect speech...

Fern Fernis Fernie - 2018-02-19
At least have her name in the title or description...

Pedro Eiras - 2018-02-15
She is adorable and she was AMAZING in the movie.

Robert Cox - 2018-02-14
This movie she played in had me in tears in the end awesome little actor

Angel Boy - 2018-02-10
She deserved it!! Extremely well deserved!! Her performance was extremely powerful and made me bawl my eyes out. This movie was very impactful and something we needed to see.

Keddie Valerio - 2018-02-10
Great speech. 😊

jennyeet - 2018-01-17
why am i cryin in the club rn

Mrs. Adriann - 2018-01-13
Brooklyn Prince 1:14 "You guys are great. We should go and get ice cream after this." Awwww heart melted!!!

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