April Moreno - 2018-02-20
They are beautiful!!!!

Claudia Diaz - 2018-02-20
Say, is it ok that they repeat the same routine in Pyeong Chang 2018? just asking, they are superb and amazing, though!

Elizabeth Portuguez - 2018-02-20
Oh Dios!!!

Jessie Aapd - 2018-02-20

Mister Pinsky - 2018-02-11
the lift at 2:30 is overly sexual and inappropriate for ice dancing. its actually vulgar.

Marie Frazier - 2018-02-11
They should have won gold in Sochi ...oh well, not the first and won’t be the last victims of politics....

Prince Hal - 2018-02-09
Very athletic couple but I see them working. I prefer the grace and effortless quality of p/c. This is why figure skating will never be a sport. Too many reasonable minds can disagree.

Mister Pinsky - 2018-01-21
the forced expression and bad acting is way too much, its distracting and taking away from the performance. It doesn't appear natural or free.

Sharamy Ho - 2018-01-13
Judges, please don't do the same things as 4 years ago to them. They are so perfect on ice.

Yane Garcia Bustamante - 2018-01-09
Perfect and gorgeous!

Megan Woodard - 2018-01-08
I expected a better choice of music and routine from someone as experienced as Tessa and Scott are, even though Moulin Rouge has beautiful music and a lovely story it's typical and EVERYONE's using it, very underwhelmed and disappointed they would go this route.

rusty_frame - 2018-01-06
scott needs to iron out these seemingly basic errors. it's almost always him tripping up or going out of sync in a twizzle.

Simona P - 2017-12-28
still bitter about sochi

Rafe Archer - 2017-12-27
It's very well skated, one must admit that. But that's that, that's all. They are not telling the story from the beginning 'til end. Yes, they let Satine die, but what else is there? How did Christian and Satine meet each other? How did they fall in love with each other? Nothing about this is being skated. Christian is a very dreamful, a very soft character, but Scott behaves dreadful and too aggressive. They simply took characters that didn't suit them properly and to me it's inexplicable how people can find this program (which is of course full of qualities) superior to what P/C have to offer. It just proves that there are too many supporters of this sport who follow this sport for the wrong reasons and who are not even interested in art and performance. It's got the technique, but the content and the interpretation is lacking and that's why they won't win the Olympics.

Niannaora - 2017-12-24
I remember the time when V/M had taste.

Anne MacMullen - 2017-12-22
Always happy to hear the British commentators. They are the best. I love the skate,, but not a fan of the music. Anyway it’s their journey , they love it and they skate their hearts out. The thing is too, with Scott and Tessa their program is multi-layered and complex: A challenge which they wanted. They have done the done Moonlight Sonata 8 years ago. We are fortunate to witness a slate of fabulous ice dancers this year.

jennyjenner jenner - 2017-12-21
watching their dance it is obvious that she became more heavier... while P/C dance absolutely effortless

jennyjenner jenner - 2017-12-21
with respect towards great skaters V/M, this time ( as the previous time also, wher they were given the 1st place unfairy) they were honestly on the 2d place after fabulous magical awesome amazing stunning dance of P/C

Evan Perilstein - 2017-12-21
I don’t understand why people can’t see that their expressions are more canned/choreographed and over-the-top than P/C’s. P&C are like method actors. Everything seems like it comes from them naturally. Nothing is forced

Evan Perilstein - 2017-12-21
They have better lifts than the French, but the French have the better program, and P/C are more fluid and their emotions/expressions seem more natural. V/M’s expressions and emotions seem forced.

Lee Junewoo - 2017-12-18

Chen Wang - 2017-12-18
Makes me cry every time. How do they do it...

Scotti Brown - 2017-12-17
Here's my opinion on Tessa and Scott and Gabriella and Guillaume:
Both teams have amazing skills of athleticism and artistic ability, but one has more than the other.
Tessa and Scott have the athletic; Gabriella and Guillaume have the artistic
While they both deserve to win Gold at the Olympics, I will be rooting for Gabriella and Guillaume

Jessie Aapd - 2017-12-16
can't believe people have mixed reviews on this dance, do you actually understand how many dynamic elements of dance and emotion this dance holds, love p/c more than the next stan those two have made me cry multiple times but once this dance is performed completely perfectly, it truly is over for everyone.

Jessie Aapd - 2017-12-16
can't believe virtue and moir actually invented the art of ice dance

Frank - 2017-12-13
uh, this FD is so much over the top that it feels like almost a relief to watch the P/C FD

Jana Khaild - 2017-12-13
Why isn’t available 😭😭😭😭
I want to watch it 😭😭

Mey Puim - 2017-12-12
Scott, your hair and gray outfit looks awful. Tessa, I hate your dress.

Mey Puim - 2017-12-12
The music doesn't suit them. They should have done a tango

convalzsce - 2017-12-12
i think i will agree that their performances in this gpf felt a little forced for lack of a better descriptor; they've performed much better programmes before and they are capable of much more, i'm sure. i'm incredibly surprised they got their personal best with this.

3lutz - 2017-12-12

Jessie Aapd - 2017-12-12

Emilia Sierocka - 2017-12-11
That's great program but I can't stand his outfit!!!! Looks like baby's pyjamas.... Why he can't put normal trousers?...

Claire Shim - 2017-12-11
everybody knows they will get gold medals in pyeong chang
legendary twizzle... love it 😭😭❤️❤️

sailechz - 2017-12-11
Scott made more excuses in the press con: "we made a couple little uncharacteristic glitches that we don’t even make in training that often". excuses, excuses. it's the actual performance that matters.

frank guerreiro - 2017-12-11
on the day you have my vote" love it"

Cherry Blossom - 2017-12-11
I love this program - for me it is entertaining for the first minute to the last. I especially like Tessa, I have goosebumps watching her at the beginning and I want to cry at the end, for me it is just beautiful ... I think she is now the best she has ever been - don't know about Scott though. I also like the French a lot, they are floating and it is like you are dreaming watching them and they really have their own style. But I hope they will stick around after the Olympics and will do something completely different - it's the third year now they are doing kind of the same contemporary dance.

Maho B - 2017-12-11
Just what exactly isn't good news for the Shibutanis, BESP commentators? The fact that they made mistakes and it showed in their score? That's to be expected. If anything, the fact that they still beat their relatively clean compatriots despite their mistakes is good news. That comment confused me.
Tessa and Scott were gorgeous in this program. I don't care what other people think about this program, I love it. Their skating skills are to die for. The top 2 teams are close enough technically that the decision comes down to personal preference I think.

star gold - 2017-12-11
The true champion.Dirty european judges.

London - 2017-12-10
Ick... CAN fans are kinda crazy, it seems. Attack anyone who does better than your representatives. Stop letting your bias blind you, and respect other competitors.

martha anderson - 2017-12-10
The music is not good . The way the music dictates to not good moves, however Virtue & Moir skated excellent.

misskit123 - 2017-12-10
I do genuinely like P/C, I don't want to begrudge them their success, but maaaaaaaan I can't deal with Sochi 2014 all over again. I won't be able to watched the Olympic FD live, I'll have a breakdown.

I love this program, the music of perfect. But Scott makes me nervous! He skates so on the edge always... I was right with the commentator's reaction to the 'moment' at the beginning.

Stephanie Senerchia - 2017-12-10
I love Tessa and Scott and I do love this program. There's just something about it that feels like too much. It's been said before but it's as if these two are selling it and the French are just doing what they do and drawing us in (drawing ME in anyway). I can watch Papadakis and Cizeron all day, especially their short dance. I love both teams but this year P/C are pulling me in quite a bit more. And I'm historically a huge V/M fan. What a year this is for skating.

Jean merdeMonreal - 2017-12-10
LOL what a shame all this whiners on this page..sure for all of you in Helsinki 2017 WC even by a falling and loosing the FD with a mediocre program V/M s gold was deserved ..LOL for monkeys no "underscored" comments about P/C s SD because no corruption about disgusting gap between french and your darlings before FD when SM don t fall....sure for pigs no corruption during 2016 SC when C/B deserved to win but are ranked 2...of course for snakes no corruption with the TV s earings this year and her overscored result for SC..for hysterical no corruption no questionings when judges don t see the SM s drunk twizzles at the last NHK gp..and top of the top no no comment by you when neurotics fans like you threatened French judge on his phone...all the pigs snakes and monkeys don t forget V/M don t deserved gold in Vancouver D/W were better by far...and don t forget after the Zoueva " bretrayal" in SOCHI V/M were whining in the media like you on YT..bouhou hou exactelly like you now after P/C s gold GPF 2017.... pathetic whiners...

Kat's POV - 2017-12-10
As much fun as this program is to watch, and I prefer it to P/C, I do feel that the theatrics of it distract from the skating for me. When it was over I remembered two of the lifts and that was all. I am underwhelmed by the P/C program but really remember so much of the detailed skating quality afterward.

Makar Lieberman - 2017-12-10
мурашки по коже! Лучшие!!!! ♥

Sarah Jeong - 2017-12-10
Virtue>>Papadakis, Moir>>>>Cizeron , score VM <PC

Zina M - 2017-12-10
There're FANTASTIC!!!

lawomann - 2017-12-09
Bravo!  I love these guys, but the French have a knockout free program this season.  Sometimes that happens - skaters of equal skill or less have a killer program.  I really wanted to see these guys earn the Olympic gold.  P/C are young and will be here for the 2022 Olympics, but V/M are retiring. However, unless Papadakis or Cizeron break a leg, I don't see it happening.

Run4Life - 2017-12-09
I really do think they deserved Gold here.

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