Too Fast - 2018-02-10
truly amazing,...... everyone who has nothing good to say are just mad cause they can't do it. ha ha ha ha

robin convey - 2017-11-28
I absolutely love all the beautiful work's of art with fruits and vegetables however it would be more sanitary to take off all your nail polish. I've never heard of any chef's that allow any survivor chefs or prepers to have hands and finger nails like that ever

Take The Time To Relax - 2017-11-06

sadiya ali - 2017-10-31

shira israel - 2017-10-21
wow terrible video taking. i got so dizzy from it...so shaky and not stable

Conceicao Vieira - 2017-07-21
Muito lindo

lymarie espinal - 2017-07-10
Very Nice. The only thing i don't like its the Cat in the prep food Area. But she do a really good job!

Safwaan Khan - 2017-05-21
Very nyc

O O - 2017-05-20
Add a tajin on the basket pls. lol

Hmed Alami - 2017-05-13
bizzzzzzfffgf brrrrrabo

Iris Jean - 2017-05-10
Health code violation. Is that a cat in prep area?

Kelly Dolan - 2017-05-10
All I could think was....brown apples! 😱

Liz Almazán - 2017-05-01
Jajajajajajajaja le comieron la lengua los ratones

Rokkopg24 - 2017-04-30
no problem with music or non editing but she didn't even show it done!

Ranze Paez - 2017-04-25
Bello trabajo. Y que precio tiene la cesta. es un lindo regalo para el dia de las madres

April Brough - 2017-04-14
is that a cat in her kitchen oh WOW!!!!!

Shirlee Brindle - 2017-04-09
maybe some preprep?

Shirlee Brindle - 2017-04-09
get a plastic dispenser! boring! sorry, lost interest.

kma aai - 2017-04-01

Arsema Hagos - 2017-03-16
do you know what is wrong with you people, you're complainers. you have nothing nice to say, you probably do it with your friends, family and anyone you come across with. she didn't ask you to watch it. i enjoyed it. thanks for your time. peace to all of you

مشكور سهمك وصل - 2017-03-09
ههههههههه حديقه سوت ادري الي يريد ياكل شلون لو يخلي ويباوع عليه

soso j. - 2017-03-04
تننزرس ام

Nilaxsaan Pavalarasa - 2017-02-22
cake icing

YO MAMA WHAT - 2017-02-02
You almost cut your fingers off so many times 😱

Ludivina Umamos - 2017-01-19
you need a lot of patience to watch this...

adviser1 - 2017-01-15
once the fruits are cut, they need to consume asap. looks good but not sure if I would eat it.

Mas Merah - 2017-01-14
💕💕💕wow very beautiful.....superhand....

2011saja - 2017-01-11
The apple will turning brown

Aline Peletier - 2017-01-10

Maloly Mazerolle - 2017-01-07
OMG I never seen a lady so clumsy and damn lol

Mami Mi - 2017-01-04

Rosita Berta - 2017-01-02
You don't know how to hold the knife properly.

Faith Derek - 2016-12-31
This video irked the sh*t out of me. But, it did look good in the end.

Ida Loo - 2016-12-30

Maraka Racheal - 2016-12-18
what are those leaves called?the ones in aDIY bouquet

Bendrala Shareef 313 - 2016-12-07

Lance Linkhart - 2016-11-07
Omg that music lady... wtf was you thinking?? You had me for 6 minutes and I couldn't take it anymore and had ta skip through the video... Came out kinda cute...

Photography By Sayma - 2016-11-05
how did you stop the cut apples from turning brown?

yvr0604 - 2016-10-27
Too slow

Carlos Sanchez - 2016-10-21
maybe some explaining as well lol

PAtti Ruiz - 2016-08-29
Have u ever heard of edit and speed up ?? Would be great🎯

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