Brian okore - 2017-10-20
Who else thinks Nymeria can kick Ghosts Ass..she's a freaking Alpha

Jef Suarez - 2017-10-16
A girl is no one, then

Kriss Kross - 2017-10-13
She cant leave the pack, the pack needs her too ;(

Diego Cobo Sánchez - 2017-10-10
Someone said about this scene: "I cried. You cried. The whole universe CRIED"= SO TRUE 😭😭😭!!
PS: Thanks so MUCH for this scene, GameOfThrones 👍! It has to be one of the most stellar⭐-heartbreaking ones💔 of the whole show (which is saying a LOT)!

Jaih S. - 2017-10-07
Watching this with tears in my eyes. This was heartbreaking and I think it really represents how different Arya's life is and how she is completely separated from her younger self

Sam Garcia - 2017-10-05
What is ghost and nymeria breed i know it sounds weird but its for the best so the legacy of the direwolf wont be gone theyre huge unlike nymeria's pack

Giulia Giulieri - 2017-10-05
Nymeria 😢❤

Sokratis Dalakas - 2017-10-02
Dire wolf is big as a freakin horse. Tears me up to see this. Good for Nymeria.

JessSoShutUp - 2017-10-02
I felt the same way seeing Drogon fly to Dany that night in Mereen I think after she hadn't seen him in awhile, and he flew away. :(

Timothy Wilkes - 2017-10-01
Wouldn't work without the great music

Sierrah Soto - 2017-09-30
I think nymeria will be their when the big war with the wight walkers will happen in season 8 . Nymeria doesn't follow any orders from anyone and she ain't afraid that's why arya named her after a badass warrior princess well queen . "That's not you" is referenced when arya told Ned in kings landing "that's not me" she doesn't wanna be a lady she wants to be a strong fighter the director and writer even said so . :)

House Stark - 2017-09-28
Arya avenged the red wedding

Andrew Burton - 2017-09-28
MAN! I Nymeria came with her wolf pack then the Starks would've been so much more powerful. Oh well.

Gökçe Çelik - 2017-09-23
Nymeria +1

Michael Sharoyan - 2017-09-22
Am I the only one that tears up from this?

Awesome pawesome - 2017-09-16
2:27 Nymeria: Call me when you have a bigger CGI budget and then we'll talk

Shira Hatuka - 2017-09-16
Is it just me or they look like the other Stark's direwolves?

Jussy Moriarty - 2017-09-14
I still cry watching this

whajoo an - 2017-09-14
oh..that's not you..

Emre Turkmen - 2017-09-11
what an emotional scene.(((

Rachel Lee - 2017-09-10
Nymeria was like, I saw what happened to all those other dire wolves, bitch bye.

MsAnomandris - 2017-09-10
This is what GRRM said in 2014 at a charity event "You know, I don't like to give things away." says Martin, a grin spreading across his face. "But you don't hang a giant wolf pack on the wall unless you intend to use it."

AnArmy0fIguanas - 2017-09-09
Dire wolves are trash

Lulu Calliope - 2017-09-08
Nymeria: Sorry, my agent only gave me enough bacon for one day of shooting. If you don't pay me up front, I can't do more episodes.

schwarzfalk - 2017-09-06
I just hope nothing bad happens to Ghost & Nymeria they killed enough doggies :'(

odephraimchai - 2017-09-05
will Arya wear the face of Jamie

Trevor Antram - 2017-09-04
Its unclear was that nymeria

msa1985 - 2017-09-04
No rrason not to have ghost in a few scenes. Perspective, green screen, come on. Its doable. Peter jackson msde 3 movies of hobbits using just perspective tricks

Jack Thompson - 2017-09-03
It's going to be great to see Nymeria & her pack appear once again to defend Arya against the White Walkers. I loved it when Drogon appeared out of no where to protect Dany. I believe the same will happen with Arya & Nymeria.

UnknownOne - 2017-09-03
I was wanting Arya to apologize to Nymeria, to explain why she sent her away. It would've made for a powerful, emotional moment. I hope we see Nymeria and her pack again.

Carlos Andrade - 2017-09-03
We haven't seen nymeria since episode 2

Kenneth Lien - 2017-09-02
All these fucking onions.

Josh Robinson - 2017-09-02
Nymeria will be back in season 8 hopefully and she helps with her pack against the white walkers.

Sootiro - 2017-09-01
if only Nymeria licked or sniffed arya's fave when she was approaching for a touch would have made the scene feel more.special

Lucazede Ma birth - 2017-09-01
Nymeria will show up and save arya somehow in S8 against the White walkers I bet ya

Kazuma Kitagawa - 2017-09-01
The 3 minutes of Sadness.....

Roan Dillon - 2017-09-01

Dominique Jacques - 2017-09-01
Someone should have come up with the idea of a grass roots fund for the Direwolves. I get that they are expensive and everything but I miss them especially Ghost. Don't get me wrong, the dragons are cool but I miss my albino direwolf..not seeing him as the series draws to a close sucks.

Kira1Lawliet - 2017-08-31
I feel like this was one of the scenes that GRRM told D&D about, rather than one they made up themselves. I feel like if D&D had to construct their reunion, it would be something cliche like Nymeria rushing in to save Arya from a band of thugs or something, but instead the scene here was very poignant. GRRM tends to write scenes more like that.

Amjad Saleh - 2017-08-30
I hop she and ghost show up in season 8

demonangel918 - 2017-08-30
I also like Nymeria's pack has wolves that resemble her siblings. Maybe not entirely but just enough to make me more sad

Thorny5718 - 2017-08-28
What does Ayra say at the end of this scene anyone?, please

Deniz Demir - 2017-08-27
They killed all the direwolves in such stupid ways that I was praying for Nymeria not to come back

Michael Reeves - 2017-08-26
Imagine if she came to the gate of Winterfel with a pack of wolves and she's like "If this doesn't prove I'm a Stark nothing will."

panos tsagkas - 2017-08-26
We want to see Ghost too

Sam Galloway - 2017-08-24
Nimeria can tell that's not really Arya... that's another faceless assassin using Aryas face...

karadanianoI - 2017-08-23
i think nymeria will be tasting little fingers flesh in a matter of time

Eren Jaeger - 2017-08-23

Lapz - 2017-08-22
Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Piggy Oink Oink - 2017-08-22
Then in the finale she returns as a wight wolf and mauls her former master

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