turryx5 - 2017-09-23
oh my gosh you are sooo beautiful! i love your style

Destiny Mason - 2017-08-18
Can you do a how to style with go go boots ! I have a pair and I need some inspiration.

Αγγελική Δημητρίου - 2017-08-03
hey Hitomi, do you have an instagram account?

Madison Sharp - 2017-08-01
you have the most beautiful body

Jason Blaha Fitness - 2017-07-31
You need some more squats for those pancakes. Non Negotiable

The Vice - 2017-07-29
Dat last # U had on.....#badNbojee......I coulD c U kiCkn it iN da hOod w/ mE lyKe dat....all thAt iz msg iZ @ 40 Oz in uR haYndE.....XD

~ egp III

The Vice - 2017-07-29
#decent....uuuuhhhh....sure, sure, sure....let's go w/ dat....XD

The Vice - 2017-07-29
.....anD then.....maYbe....let u do the sAmE 2 mE......XD

~ egp III

The Vice - 2017-07-29
I would literally just LOVE 2 hang out w/u....pick ur brain....understand ur frame of mYnde....acQuyRe ur outLOOK on lyFe....

~ egp III

The Vice - 2017-07-29
It is imperative that you simply pursue the Art of....being YOURSELF....You are You...and no 1 can do You like You....don't wast anymore tYme tryIng 2 b lYke any1 else....X-plore Ur-SELF....and then PROMOTE it.......

~ egp III

The Vice - 2017-07-29
The black jean look....Girl....that was fYre 4 me....I have been obsessed with jeans l8lE myself...living out of my car....change of clothes provided by the local thrift store.....dat iz da lYfe of the dRyftr......U da best....

~ egp III

alhorne - 2017-07-22

Ruby Condon - 2017-07-21
does hitomi have a snap?

geanni toscano - 2017-07-14
That thrifted red bag is everything !!!!

alyandvic - 2017-07-12
love the red trousers nd tee combo so much!!! xx

Maya Light - 2017-07-07
such a goddess!

Yves Cloutier - 2017-06-30
I could watch this woman all day.

C and E - 2017-06-20
uggh i want your closet you look so bomb in everything!

Ophelia Lane - 2017-06-19
This actually is the best song!!! I listen to it when I need good vibes. Makes me so happy :))

Kelly Li - 2017-06-09
haha what is that song you're always using at 1:25?

mikaila - 2017-06-07
i've been vegan for 2 years & how does one get that body wtf I look like a sack of bones and lard in comparison

kooksgurl kimjeon - 2017-06-06
You are absolutely beautiful.

Elf Glitter - 2017-06-05
Hi! what is the size of the Japancakes tee you are wearing? I love it.

Caitlyn Britten - 2017-06-04
Cheap vintage women's clothing at https://www.etsy.com/shop/dankdenim

emyy rr - 2017-06-03
Omg I loveee the first outfit

hunohlulu - 2017-06-03
i just love watching you

hunohlulu - 2017-06-03
You're so beautiful woaaah

D Eags - 2017-06-03
What's on the back of the top at 3:57? looks like a security tag?

Lindsey Jones - 2017-06-02
your outfits are so cute and you have an adorable figure!

Woo Woo Wic - 2017-06-01
you could throw on a plastic bag and you'd look like like million bucks... you're gorgeous outer shell matches your insides😙😍 stay curious and growing💖

Melissa Run - 2017-05-30
Where do you get all your tubes top?? I just love it

leoneschokopastillen - 2017-05-29
girl crush <333

Kathryn S - 2017-05-28
you and lexi lambard should be friends, your both in NY and you guys have similar vibes

ni na - 2017-05-27

Anne Camilleri - 2017-05-27
when you wear an outfit like the top skirt and boots one you look elegant af but if I wore the same thing I'd look like I needed some serious fashion counseling

Angelique - 2017-05-26
In love with those gogo boots and all of these outfits girl!

Cassidy Jones - 2017-05-25
The scarf on the purse was honestly genius your so creative <3

Pia Santiesteban - 2017-05-25
The scarf and the bag! Thank you!!! I recently thrifted a bag and it doesn't have a strap and I haven't been able to use it. So I'm definitely going to try that out.

Camryn Yaros - 2017-05-25
SUCH CUUUUTE. Slaying every single look <3

Jupiter Turquoise - 2017-05-25
Soo sexyy goshh 🙄

cat salas - 2017-05-25
omg i wanna be u im cryin

Lalealyn - 2017-05-25
LOVE EM ALL! You are gorgeous ! :)

The Real Vaporeon - 2017-05-24
so much inspiration. it's really motivating me to draw more characters and the looks are just great overall.

Blk.magicwoman 123 - 2017-05-24
You are so beautiful!you can put anything on An look great !!!

Caleigh Nicole - 2017-05-24
Watching this video inspired me and made my day :) thank you Hitomi

Paris Cortez - 2017-05-24
your body is sick! you're blessed lol (: love all the looks!

Lily Franck - 2017-05-24

precious g - 2017-05-24
Ur style is stellar much love

99centstoreful - 2017-05-24
yo DM me girly

David W. - 2017-05-23
nice videos

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