Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri reviewed by Mark Kermode

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri reviewed by Mark Kermode
Mark Kermode reviews Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. The mother of a murdered teenager, angry at the lack of progress made in finding her daughter’s killer, erects three billboards outside town, calling the local police chief to task.

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri reviewed by Mark Kermode



Swodeyem - 2018-01-16
I was so impressed by this film. A rare instance of where if it had been, say, an hour longer I would have happily just sat and kept watching it.

Chris x2 - 2018-01-16
This film had me all over the place with its mix of humour and savagery.

Jimmy Dixon - 2018-01-15
It's very good but I think the praise has been slightly over the top.

noticeddamian - 2018-01-15
This film is fantastic,I belly laughed,I cried,the acting amazing.Best film I’ve seen in a while.

alexhrmn77 - 2018-01-15
Anyone else find some of the acting a bit cringey? And some of the comedy a little too lazy and generic? Frances mcdormand was great as always though. A film of two halves for me: some great aspects, but LOTS of subpar stuff.

John Galantini - 2018-01-15
Dyspeptic - What a fantastic word!!

Nayden - 2018-01-15
I Laughed, I cried, I cheered. It's a god damn Masterpiece imo. Impeccable writing, acting and direction.

Jockster - 2018-01-14
Simply superb-one of the best movies Ive seen in years. I love McDormand

d tea santiago - 2018-01-14
i thought it was average

TreeroyJ - 2018-01-14
which scene is it that's done in one shot? Seen it twice and not sure what Mark is referring to.

Symbioticism - 2018-01-14
This film didn't work for me. I understand people want to see a more complicated moral tale, but I didn't get that out for this movie. Some of the plot points were too on the nose, I didn't get involved with the lead, and, despite an excellent performance from Sam Rockwell, his character development was pretty silly (being born from a beyond-the-grave emotional ex machina). Since his was the only character with any meaningful character arch, I couldn't get too involved. It was like a tableau vivant that went on much too long and without any interesting ideas about its subject matter. This is a shame, because I really like the idea of a non black and white meditation on dealing with trauma and grief.

Skinny Ebert, Siskel with Hair - 2018-01-14
I found the film to be very witty and well-written but flawed especially toward the last 15 minutes. It is the very dark humour that gives it the punch but as far as vigilante films are concerned, there are much better titles. See SHAPE OF WATER if you want to see award-nominated films instead.

DodsworthMcGilicutty - 2018-01-14
This film screams of a SINGLE WRITER voice. All characters sound the same. Definitely too sweary. Whitesploitation (American) films have been quite theme this year (I, Tonya, Florida Project, Logan Lucky, 3 Billboards etc). A partially good film for sure.

johnulcer - 2018-01-13
I thought the performances were fine but the narrative didn't quite work for me. Some of the things that happen are just too unbelievable (like the police brutality part, it was so overboard and the way he's just sitting at his desk afterwards was ridiculous) and I found the behavior of some of the characters inconsistent. Maybe I need to watch it again. I love In Bruges.

Gil8ert - 2018-01-13
5:12.... what IS that?

Enrique Godinez - 2018-01-13
I think it's a great film but to me it shouldn't win best picture. Also the racial aspect of the film is the weakest part as opposed to everything else that's going on around.

CKGoldiing - 2018-01-13
this is a quite special film, and one that moved me deeply

Gaijin Deviant - 2018-01-13
Excellent movie.

Isabella Morris - 2018-01-13
Great screenplay and great lead performance but I didn't think it was the second coming in film form as many critics seem to. Still very watchable though and I will definitely be checking out In Bruges (which is on Netflix).

Martin T. - 2018-01-13
I feel fortunate to have seen a few months back, at a film festival, not having an idea about the plot at all. Excellent movie.

Adriano Vazquez - 2018-01-13
It's a brilliant film in parts. Great acting, some wonderful dialogue, heartbreaking moments and a teriffic ending. But, anyone that tells me that this is at the quality of In Bruges is crazy. That film has a perfect screenplay and all of the elements surrounding it support it beautifully. Three billboards has pacing problems in the first half, abbie Cornish can't seem to decide which accent her character is supposed to have, there are contrived moments that seem incredibly lazy, sam rockwell gives a great performance for an unnecessarily racist character with an unbelievable arc that is completely unearned. It doesn't seem to know what to do with its black characters in a film with racist characters, and it doesn't even try to give those characters a voice. The director Martin McDonagh never does more than one draft in his screenplays and it shows. Because this film needed at least two rewrites to be at the level of In Bruges

Sóull Mahesakkho-Seven - 2018-01-13
An excellent film.

Stephen Malovski - 2018-01-13
If they wanna give the best picture to Three Billboards they will give it and Crash won't be the worst best picture anymore! it's a forgettable movie with some great performances that doesn't make any sense! We know that the police checked the DNA with all the possible suspects and there was strong evidence that the killer skipped town so that would make tge title billboards useless because in that case wouldn't be under chief Willoughby's jurisdiction but under the FBI

Anna Maes - 2018-01-13
Dependent instruction police iqqspk defendant opposition play pit desert treatment weapon climb.

Ova40 - 2018-01-13
Guitar @ 5.11 is surely a mistake?

Craig - 2018-01-13

mmmallory33 - 2018-01-13
This movie is trash. Nobody faces consequences for anything and I didn't find its treatment of anyone to be realistic. Its like trying to make Fargo again but less interesting, with bigger dummies, and lazy crude writing.

shane - 2018-01-13
Its very over rated, Sloppy writing and the ending is a cop out ! Oh and its a comedy. Its listed as a comedy drama

Joe Smith - 2018-01-13
Can't the BBC afford private broadcast booths anymore? What's all the racket?

Colorblind Dreamer - 2018-01-13
I can't believe how much praise this movie is receiving, an absolutely awful movie

James Collins - 2018-01-13
really thought that this script wasn't very smart, kinda disappointing. frances mcdormand is fantastic though

valkyrie40205 - 2018-01-13
Been a long time since a film triggered an emotional response in me, but Woody Harrelson's character arc was a gut punch.

Barney Allen - 2018-01-13
Saw tgis at a preview in December. The penultimate film I saw in 2017 & by far and away the best film I saw in 2017.

I'm going to see it again when it's on general release. I'll put money on it being the best film I'll see in 2018 too.

C S5 - 2018-01-13
"no...my ...my mother didn't...do that". aha so she did really eh?! proper subtle acting there. this film seems really cool, especially the overly long title.

FollowBetulas - 2018-01-13
This is what I've been waiting for. Saw Three Billboards back in Nov. Absolutely brilliant in its performance by all, especially McDormand. In terms of black comedies, this is very much vantablack comedy.

Jamie Powell - 2018-01-12
I liked the film but wanted a extra 20 minutes for an actual ending to the film ........ great film but no conclusion ....and the whole use your imagination to end it cliche is just an excuse, a film needs a beginning a middle AND a end

Papa Johns - 2018-01-12
A bit off topic, but does anyone else think Mcdounagh bear a striking resemblance to Sting?

Iggsy81 - 2018-01-12
why are there now only 3 reviews per week? what the actual?

Anthony Webster - 2018-01-12
Great movie,a little bit too quirky for me in places,but hey that’s just my taste.

Marcel Körner - 2018-01-12
it would be amazing if this movie wins best picture

breathingboy - 2018-01-12
that scene was not funny in the slightest. Very lazy writing. Hey Marty, why don't you throw in some more swear words, and convince reviewrs how chaucer-like you are.

Euan Smith - 2018-01-12
Sounds great. I'll be off to watch it, if only to see if Sam Rockwell manages to work some dancing in to his role.

Dogboy73 - 2018-01-12
Looking forward to seeing this. On a side note, I don't think Kermode has reviewed 'Downsizing' yet has he?!

14Tjester - 2018-01-12
Never in my life would I think to compare Chaucer to McDounagh in their use of language and yet the comparison is so apt. One of the many reasons Kermode is such a stellar reviewer. Said more in a sentence than many could do.

filmfan24 - 2018-01-12
I wouldn't mind Blade Runner 2049 or Call Me by Your Name not winning that many awards if Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri wins it for them.

BluRayMan12 - 2018-01-12
Fantastic film. One of the most challenging awards season films l of the past few years. Definitely worth your time. That being said I wasn’t sold on a lot of the third act. In particular the final scene. I get what it’s trying to say. It just didn’t work for me personally.

MaybDefinitely - 2018-01-12
Excellenet film, tour de force performances and best original screenplay for a long time. However, the film is a bit tonally inconsistent (which is intentional) and the third act doesn’t carry the same weight imo but the thematic messages still come across. Possibly needed another 20 mins of screen time to get some of the characters to their final arcs more naturally.

Max Oliver - 2018-01-12
This movie was great. However it didn't know when or how to end imo.

MsSupADope - 2018-01-12
Stellar story telling! If anyone has been through asphyxiating endless grief and remorse, this will resonate. It must be said that Francis McDormand is flawless here. Salute to talent!

Kobe Han Renobi - 2018-01-12
Laughed waaaaay more than everyone else at my screening. Maybe not as PC as I thought I was.

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