Number 57 - 2018-03-15
This movie had me laughing in some spots, a blubbering mess in others. I love it when art affects me on such a raw emotional level. And yes, movies are art.

TheBentwrist - 2018-03-11
It's not a bad film at all but suffers from a pace issue.

burdGIS - 2018-03-10
But that CGAwful deer!! As unnecessary as the fake baby in American Sniper

schmoab - 2018-03-08
I’m from Missouri and this movie gets the accents and behaviors spot on, thanks to the Oscar winning actors in it. It was the funniest movie of the year and had the best speech in a movie in a long time (early on at a kitchen table.) Should have won Best Picture, but too many don’t like films that have characters who are terribly flawed.

Kenneth McCrindle - 2018-03-06
Three billboards is a really amazing film. Both Frances McDormand and Sam "The man" Rockwell are always great actors and anything with Sam Rockwell is worth Watching, and the screenplay is one of the best I've seen. Peter Dinklage and Woody Harrelson are also funny and it's really funny too I enjoyed it. Well Done on the Oscar, Sam!

James Richardson - 2018-02-09
One of the best films I've seen in the last 5 years. Movies are so underwhelming to me nowadays....this blew me away. If you havent seen it - go see it NOW!

David Murray - 2018-02-09
Brilliant, Brilliant film. No other words.

Dom - 2018-02-09
Forgetting the supposed controversy (as we all should), this film is still quite divisive. I think it has a certain sense of humour and tone that you either get or you don't. I love it.

campbellf007 - 2018-02-07
A worthy best picture winner if it does win, would love to see Dunkirk win though and best director for Nolan but I reckon this will take it and screenplay. Hopefully Ladybird wins one of the big awards too it was great.

Emilio Arnau - 2018-02-06
what was the one-shot sequence?

Carlos - 2018-02-05
Movie is awesome. I think the best film by McDonagh yet.

DanClarky1 - 2018-02-05
Sam Rockwell owns this movie. I've never seen a character arc done better.

Demention94 - 2018-02-04
This film was a true tragic comedy. So much you couldn't tell the difference. At times I was saying to myself should I be laughing at this? Mostly because it's all to real.

Vicky Hau - 2018-02-03
Just been to see this. It was the absolute opposite of pedestrian. Moving poignant and eye opening. Frances McDormand was mesmerising.

Alasdair Dickson - 2018-02-03
SPOILER WARNING should be written before this revue; too much is divulged. Thankfully I saw the film before I watched this. Some great points made though :^)

Thomas Mackean - 2018-02-02
https://youtu.be/7hfQdL4V9Fo?t=433 - Peter Dinklage's character is wholly good

Dirk Boehme - 2018-02-01
Sorry to disagree. I found the film boring, dumb and, worst of all, reactionary. If this wins Best Picture I'll watch "Crash" on a loop for 24 hours to not go insane.

ROBERT EVANS - 2018-01-31
The Film was astonishing in parts with McDormand tearing up the screen accompanied by a lovely and tender turn from Harleson. Wildly uneven with to many themes over egg the pudding. The dialogue crackles especially when spat out by FM. Certain scenes are implausible and put in to further the plot but at the expense of credibility. Also, the Deer & talking slippers scenes are equally superfluous and preposterous but to cap that the glowing endorsement by Harleson of Dixon the Racist with serious anger issues is plain daft. The Audience was non-plussed by the end but have to say I liked the inconclusiveness and suspect a sequel in the wings (Apparently there is going to be one). The other incongruity is the harping on about the age difference between two of the secondary characters but no mention of the gap between Harleson and his Wife. Super soundtrack.

Craig Hutchings - 2018-01-29
Absolutely fantastic film. Oscars for the film, Rockwell and Mcdermond!

Gavinda jya jya - 2018-01-28
I enjoyed watching this film. It's one of those that doesn't rest and allow itself to get stale. This is simply the outcome of good bird song actors, good bird song casting and a good bird song story. Kermodes reviews are spot on everytime and in this case I knew exactly how I felt about the film but when I don't I'll come here and see what he's says and every single time he hits it directly on the head, he's one of the best critics out there in my opinion. Thumbs up.

Matthew Bailey - 2018-01-27
I hated this movie. It feels like the director has never visited the place he is making a movie about. The new sheriff walks up on a man thrown out a window and beaten in the street and doesn't arrest him? Nearly every character talks the same way. Suicide is even more charming and cool here than it was in "13 Reasons Why." I'm not offended by much, but how he treats Peter Dinklage in this movie feels criminal. That dumb diatribe against the priest. No one speaks that way except in bad movies. Are we a comedy... are we this... are we that? Ehhh...curse a lot even when its weird and misplaced. I could never figure out why people loved "Boyhood."  "This isn't as bad as that because its at least not mind numbingly boring.  But it's in the ballpark.   A movie that feels different, therefore, hey it must be brilliant.

Ricky Larchston - 2018-01-26
A film with dark humour running all the way through it, and a disturbing plot line to hang it all together. Maybe not as good in the emotional stakes as Call Me By Your Name, but a brilliant film nonetheless.

aaroninky - 2018-01-26
the characters may be complex and involved in a web of complications, but the dialogue and storytelling were anything but complex. heaped clichés, greeting-card platitudes, unbelievable exposition and totally unreal monologues. some of the scenes were cringe-induging (thinking of the scene with the sheriff's wife in the gift shop). the grand sociopolitical themes were shoehorned in and came across as shallow and one dimensional (we have police brutality/black lives matter and, oddly, catholic sex crimes). i spent the entire film trying to figure out if the exaggerated tone and hokey lines were intentional, as part of some sort of fabulist-style storytelling; but actually, compared to how tight and lean the script to 'in bruges' was, i think this is just bad. some of the scenes were very funny, but funny mostly because of the trademark use of swearing-as-punctuation; it seldom evoked genuine pathos or sadness for me – too much ludic comedy. it was like a clumsy Fargo.

alienanxiety - 2018-01-26
Frances McDormand reminded me so much of Willem Dafoe in this movie.

Cinemonkeystein - 2018-01-26
A great, great movie. Check it out for a small reflection about Sam Rockwell's (Dixon) character: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_k6VsKbSP4&t=2s thanks!

Brutalearll - 2018-01-26
the comedy in the film was like laughing at the family gathering after a funeral. there is pain behind it, its doesnt feel joyless, but something is lacking. thats how the comedy in this film hit me. loved this movie, it broke me many times, but i walked out like yes! finally a movie that will stick with me.

MrDavey2010 - 2018-01-25
I’ve always been a fan of MK as in the past until recently he’s got it right. But recently he’s not been on the money at all. He’s not a fan of The Darkest Hour for example but likes movies that aren’t good.

Dave Byrd - 2018-01-25
i've just watching this. it was fantastic. very funny and very emotional.

paul lyness - 2018-01-25
Best film ive watched in many a year a classic,great review Mark

old3nglish _ - 2018-01-24
This movie is a messy cartoon buoyed only by its skillful actors.

MovieBuff - 2018-01-24
this movie is what movies should be more brilliant acting and story and less razzle dazzle

skchalivetlnd - 2018-01-24
man...what a great movie!

Z1000Jeff - 2018-01-23
Brilliant film. I’ll be surprised if I see anything better this year.

Arkansas Family - 2018-01-23
I loved this movie until towards the end. I guess it got a little too unrealistic for my taste (not saying others might not enjoy it). I think I was wanting it to be completely based on a true story. It made me want to find the story based on the three billboards the creator saw that inspired him to make the movie.

kenzoking - 2018-01-23
This movie was TRASH

David S - 2018-01-22
I really enjoyed it, highly recommended. And I agree - In Bruges, great film, 7 Psychopaths, not so good. Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell play great characters. And it's online to watch free in HD :o)

imageaware - 2018-01-21
Frances McDormand is excellent but the film is very clunky. It has lots of set piece scenes but they don't flow together very well....and the ending is stupid.
P.S. Molotov cocktails do not explode when you throw them...except in Hollywood.

Lostframe - 2018-01-21
Darkest hourv is great movie, we from Europe know that.

Dana Leigh - 2018-01-21
I usually listen to Wittertainment so I never realized how boring this must be for Simon.

Jonathan Bell - 2018-01-21
Watched this film yesterday and I had such high hopes for it but I walked out of the cinema totally underwhelmed. It has very strong characters, some very solid scenes but absolutely no cohesion.

Tim Pallarino - 2018-01-21
Not even close to Call Me By Your Name. The tone is so confused and the writing is just so painfully out of touch. Almost had to leave the theater before it picked up in the second half.

Keiser Sozey - 2018-01-21
Watched the film last night. I wasn't disappointed. It's simultaneously funny, moving, heartbreaking, scary in places. Arguably Shakespearean in its use of language and it's masterful juggling of themes. Loved it.

Ol' sinbad - 2018-01-20
do ya think that Jason Dixon is a reference to the Mason Dixon line and dixon's own civil war within himself

tweakiepop - 2018-01-19
I thought the deer bit was beautiful and sad, and Dinklage was excellent, currently watching everything hes in. The Station Agent is ace too

The Evoker User - 2018-01-19
I saw this yesterday, i thought it was good. It was unpredictable and ambigious with many great performances and dark comedy, but at the same time I thought it was rather ordinary and standard as well.

Cotictimmy - 2018-01-19
Do not agree with Mark Kermode's comment that the town is totally lawless, but I agree with almost everything else he says.

Massey's Movie Madness - 2018-01-18
I found the story good, the script mediocre. A film that WANTS to be brilliant a bit too much, and as such didn't feel brilliant at all. It dragged in the middle, and the dialogue was perfectly average.

MrJuicekrew - 2018-01-17
Not even breaking sentence stride whilst the studio is ransacked around him. Yup, that's our Mark.

bobshark123 - 2018-01-17
The plotholes ruined it...

gary abbot - 2018-01-17
Watched it. Weird clash of childish jokes and systematic tender parts to remind us that it's also a serious drama. Mildred acts like a mafia hit woman with no repercussions, which is fine stupid movies. Woody's character is in the end just disposable. If was OK at best.

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