robert shelton - 2018-01-13
Hang it from the tree it came from

robert shelton - 2018-01-13
Who not to give human apes power, it will run amuck and if you cant hid it past midnight legally and it' plays basketball or football it gets empowered and enables by its lack of personal equity and critical thinking skills

Mike T156 - 2018-01-12
Dan is right, the Steelers are the Drama Queens this season. They have been letting their dirty laundry go public. That's the sign of a bunch of cry baby millionaires that never grew up. I've been a Steelers fan for over 50 years, but between their disrespect for our flag, Tomlin's inability to manage the freakin clock or have Haley send in plays in time to run it, AND the cry baby players he can't control, I've had enough these idiots, from the coach to the water boy. No offense to the water boys. They're probably the only ones that show up without a chip on their shoulders.

Gary Davis - 2018-01-12
mitchell said that back several weeks ago not this week the media picked that up. you guys are full of it

Gary Davis - 2018-01-12
who cares they win

Collin Lawdermilk - 2018-01-12
I believe that Doug Baldwins shot was not at Russel Wilson, I believe that it was a shot at the offensive line if anything.

ReneRangelify - 2018-01-12
To be fair, Steelers eventually released James Harrison. Regarding Le'veon bell, an interesting stat from an article at ESPN says Le'veon Bell has 7,996 total yards through 62 career games, which is the most of any NFL player since the 1970 merger during that time span. He is worth the investment considering he is only 25.

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