Michael Salisbury - 2018-03-18
a lovely lady eternal beauty great actor

BlueTaurianBull - 2018-03-10
Service open for MEN ?? PLEASE???

Yan Lee - 2018-03-06

Shadow Heart - 2018-01-30
I wish I was there when they pitcher her this. XD

What an awesome person Helen is.

hookahsmokingkat - 2018-01-12
For those who feel like they must see more of the chimp and the cat:

Debiprasad Kundu - 2018-01-10
Waaaaat daaaaaaa fuuuuuuukkkkk!!!!!!! SNL IS INSANE. I LOVE IT. IT'S MY HAPPY LIFE LINE

**Mr Light** - 2017-12-17
I wish I could fuck her she is still fuckable 😍😍😍😍 !!!!

FoghornWaghorn - 2017-12-14
Filthy dike and queer promoters.
Helen - you are a whore sell-out.

Ivan Johnson - 2017-11-29
I've been told that wearing my balls like a nose cozy is very comforting. Maybe I'll find out if the yoga pays off. :) <3

Kbitch Kal - 2017-10-11
I love that she patted her boobs basically after motor boating them ha classic Wiig

raven winters - 2017-09-22
That was awesome lol

Lennys12 - 2017-09-10
this is the greatest video on the internet

Putul Maity - 2017-09-09
i magine george clooneys dick/ brad pitts balls.

ADITYA SHARMA - 2017-08-15

HOE OF BABYLON! - 2017-08-15
They should have used men.

jjdecani - 2017-07-27
That would certainly make my day significantly better.

Fin Jan - 2017-07-01
That Mia Khalifa chick is hot

Rex Mortem - 2017-06-13

LordAaronus - 2017-05-16
was expecting a man to come in last... and get punched or something

Eamon Ahern - 2017-05-14
this video pleases me

Π‘Π²Π΅Ρ‚Π»Π°Π½Π° Ким - 2017-04-30
+10 for that film with Michael J. Fox

and, well, is there a whole skit with Bobby dressed as a bee?

Your Bae - 2017-03-29
"Mirren, Mirren... on the woall"

Yoshiki G - 2017-02-11
what the....

theweightofdarkness - 2016-12-20
Kristen patting Helen Mirren's boobs in the end is the best part :D

ATOM - 2016-12-11
DAME Helen Mirren.

leniel dela torre - 2016-11-20
unearthly comfort

MegaSmk - 2016-11-02
LOL Helen Mirren - gotta love her!

ASindyMR - 2016-10-21
Is Andy Samberg wearing Kalle's wig?

bring it on - 2016-10-16
Back when SNL was funny.

El Toro - 2016-08-11
it's quite weird how i see the exact same sequence of images in that exact order anytime i touch any boob

Ken Zy - 2016-08-05
Came here from 9GAG :v

grande thirlwall cabello lovato - 2016-05-14
Posted On My Birthday πŸ˜‹

Paul McEwan - 2016-04-10
They would make any bad day better aaaaaaaaaah

N.T. - 2016-02-25
That must've been hilarious to shoot :'D Especially Kristen's part ^^

Sean Mcguigan - 2016-02-12
hells bells looks swells!

Amparo Badenes LΓ³pez - 2016-01-30
😰😰 What is that!!??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

SickMetalAddict - 2016-01-14
This woman understands how we all feel xD

nested bird - 2015-12-31
I don't get it...

Shirley Naylor - 2015-10-16
Total girl crush. xxxx

MrVercettti89 - 2015-10-16
Who wouldn't want to get in bed with her

Metro Artyom - 2015-08-25
Helen Mirren is so vulgar sometimes

Tyler Durden - 2015-06-29
all tits are magical

Windows Sux - 2015-06-06
SNL sucks big time ... Hello? Yes? Can I touch your butt? But of course my dear, you can even do some fingering while we're at it ...If an idiot called Bush got elected twice then no wonder a shitty show like SNL is still on

Terry Washington Washington - 2015-03-09
I posted a comment on my reaction to this clip over at ComicVine under my nom de plume "Paracelsus". Some responded by calling me crazy. I'm going to reply that a lot of posters on YouTube(woemn as well as men) seemed to like it and that as the old saying runs- of all the sexual aberrations known to man, chastity is surely the strangest!

Terry Washington Washington - 2015-03-08
Who CARES how old Ms Mirren's boobs are?What matters is that Nasim Pedrar and Kristen Wiig LOVE to touch or kiss them. I wonder what Ms Mirren felt when Wiig not only buried her face in her bust/bosom but nuzzled it as well?

Terry Washington Washington - 2015-03-07
I for one was so struck by this short that I missed Mass just because I couldn't stop rewinding it. I was particularly surprised by how calm and matter of fact Dame Mirren was when she permitted Nesrim to put her hands on her bosom-look at the expression on her face almost as if having someone(admittedly another woman) touch her breasts is no big deal. The part where Kristen Wiig buries her face in Mirren's bosom made me want to laugh- I wonder if she kissed her heart as well

tamas varga - 2015-02-07
i'd give anything to motorboat helen mirren

frogradar - 2015-01-03
this feels so wrong just for the fact shes DAME Helen Mirren

Ilona L. - 2014-11-08
Omg, how amazing is the fact she was ok with this and was so calm about it? :D I love her :D

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