Kate McKinnon Shows Off Her Gal Gadot Impression

Kate McKinnon Shows Off Her Gal Gadot Impression
Kate McKinnon shows off her amazing Gal Gadot impression and reveals what it was like to work with her on SNL.

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Kate McKinnon Shows Off Her Gal Gadot Impression
Kate McKinnon Shows Off Her Gal Gadot Impression



frank bonini - 2018-01-21
Say What You Will...Katie is a Stunning Woman

F**K YOU - 2018-01-21
He talks more than the effing guests!!!

Phillip the 3rd - 2018-01-21
when jimmy said 'mid western toads'

-_- waitingDAY - 2018-01-20
To do a gal gadot impression: 1st. Become gorgeous on a level rarely seen by humans.

D.J. Stylez410 - 2018-01-20
Oh my damn she is so fuckin fine!! I wish she was into guys. Buuuuuuut, then again, it does add to my fantasies.

fortknoxguy - 2018-01-20
She sounds a little like Gal but doesn't move or express herself like Gal.

Jimmy Cricket - 2018-01-20
Impression starts two minutes in and is terrible. Hahaha guise, she has an accent!

grell109 - 2018-01-20
Am I the only one that kept yelling at Jimmy to STFU throughout the whole interview??

Winston O'Dell - 2018-01-20
Time for Jimmy to go.

Ryan Campins - 2018-01-20
Kate McKinnone for Lesbian Queen with Hayley Kiyoko and Gay Kings Troye Sivan and Hozier

Dom Brunelli - 2018-01-20
Kate is great..With Trump, she's taken SNL back to the top.

845835ab - 2018-01-20
Fallon is the absolute worst at interviews like this. The guy's bread and butter is doing stupid things teenage girls enjoy, which is not a good thing because he is no longer the young man he was when he started on SNL. Now he's the older creepy guy at a wedding who hangs out at the table filled with the teenage cousins. The guy never developed into an adult who could hold his own when talking with other adults and watching him struggle to add in more Trump monologue because he has started to lose ground to Colbert is painful to watch.

smirch - 2018-01-20
I'm beginning to wonder if Jimmy will ever get out this new hyper active puppy dog phase of interviewing people and actually settle into a rhythm that helps the fucking interview. All he does is stomp all over everything they are saying and chortles like he's the new kid trying to win someone over with fake ass laughter. You got the job dude, stop auditioning.

Colin Maximus - 2018-01-19
Jimmy, you are secretly Kermit the Frog, aren't you?

I've never seen the two of you together at the same time.*dun* dun dun

Justin Demoude - 2018-01-19
McKinnon is awesome, I'm totally in love with her.

TheGodEmperorofMankind - 2018-01-19
She's actually pretty hot, she always looks like a lesbian on SNL.

Imani Gause - 2018-01-18
Kate McKinnon is hilarious πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

rob andone - 2018-01-18
Damn Jimmy sucks. Between the fake laughing and cutting his guests off, dude is annoying.

Neo-Xgray87 - 2018-01-18
That is a pretty good impression.

Rusty Cockering - 2018-01-18
Wow, like, I really though that was actually Gal Gadot.................no, not really.

SW Ee - 2018-01-18
This was recommended to me after watching Gal Gadot's interview.

Robert Cullen - 2018-01-17
Kate isn't funny at all.

Jane Simon - 2018-01-17
I thought she did a great Hillary but I can’t seem to find the Gal galdot her impression

Enoch Park - 2018-01-17
Wow. Mixed feelings.

Michael Duden - 2018-01-17

05PtVxUI - 2018-01-16
fallon sucks

Daniel Butler - 2018-01-16
Jimmy, by now you'd think you wouldn't make interviewing look so awkward.

Bryanna Basilio - 2018-01-16

Ivan Molokov - 2018-01-16
This lady not even funny. Hillary worried about this fool impression and not all the money she stole from Haiti.

raven winters - 2018-01-15
she's so cool and frigging funny

bill clay - 2018-01-15
everything she says is a prophecy lol. I bet!

Odins Spear - 2018-01-15
So she does a good impression of a LOSER(Clinton)

M. Ael - 2018-01-15
Jimmy, you're good, you don't need to be so fake.

S L - 2018-01-15
Is it just me or are Fallons laughs getting faker and faker?

Matthew Lands - 2018-01-15
Amazing Jimmy Fallon, you sir, are the master of knowing when to interrupt the flow of a funny story. You are a god of hosting while annoying guests and viewers.

Lois Geal - 2018-01-14
I now officially ship Kate and Gal. #bilifebeatshighlife

Adrian Ajvazi - 2018-01-14
Because Gal is special and you are so amazing stupid

Bidwellz9 - 2018-01-14
its crazy how unfunny she is without someone writing for her....she reminds me of kevin hart, while he writes himself its not funny because hes trying to be. you cant force funny, but clearly people will try their damndest

Mike Rojo - 2018-01-14
Jewish gals are all like their mothers.

Mike Rojo - 2018-01-14
What the heck is wrong with Fallon? Why does he talk like that?

Lightning Ray - 2018-01-14
She's funny-ish.
Too bad she's a liberal puppet.

Andrea - 2018-01-13
She's so bad 😍

Michael A - 2018-01-13
I like dateline, also

Rigsby 1 - 2018-01-13
So hot

EvilIntention - 2018-01-13
Isreali Goddess Kate Isreali

HEART BREAKER - 2018-01-12
Kate keeps getting sexier every time I see her!

BabeandBabe - 2018-01-12
Kate crushing on gal is me lmao

pookieesy - 2018-01-12
fallon pllleeeeaaaassseee juussstt shuuup up and let her taaalllkk... thank you

brianno27 - 2018-01-11
dude shut up! let her do the talking man! she is well funny! hahaha

Jonas Reiter - 2018-01-11
Cookie man complexity such name Senate paint significant French army emergency

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