Make Life Special - 2013-07-14
Nice presentation! I'm a new subscriber! Thanks for sharing.

Stupid_You - 2013-07-10
hi! alan, im just wondering how to make the chocolate cover strawberries without the flat top when you pout them on the baking sheet

yeahchris - 2013-04-27
Remind me to not start searching through youtube when I happen to be really hungry.

grey tarifa - 2013-04-27
están muy bueno me encanto

grey tarifa - 2013-04-27
estan muy bueno me encanto

linda masogo - 2013-04-21
muyhermoso todo y gracias por compartir con nosotros recetas

MrTipptiger - 2013-04-04
looks quite good, but I'm afraid not so easy to do

Sherley Caro Alonso - 2013-03-12
me gustaria aprender adecorar las fresas

awesomeU-KISS - 2012-12-29
how did you make that one in 0:19

JustDoItRaw - 2012-12-28
those are really beautiful !! i love the tuxedo ! for more ideas checkout my fruit Christmas tree video =)

berenice anzurez - 2012-11-29

Kate K. - 2012-10-19
Can you order to Switzerland? Is it possible? Cost of example ordering two flower bouquets and two boxes of decorated strawberries...to Geneva, Switzerland. Can anyone tell me? And how long for delivery? They are SO BEAUTIFUL! Yes it does look like hard work, but it also looks like A TON OF FUN! Its ART!

mario lopez - 2012-10-16
pero la gracia e3s saber como se hace esto

therapeutics23 - 2012-08-13
very nice....love the last bouquet in the video

Pamela Alvarado - 2012-08-02

Valerie Nguyen - 2012-01-21
now i would luv da bride n groom choco covered strawberries man i was droolin

cjrocks9902 - 2012-01-16
Here comes the bride all fat and wide here comes the groom as skinny as a broom .

Tenacity - 2011-12-10
Damn these are AWESOME!!!

keritako - 2011-12-09
I love those strawberries!!

ButterFingerandTwix - 2011-09-05
I like the one @ 1:14

mgblue - 2011-09-03
omg the prices are insane...

Jaclyn11495 - 2011-07-13
wow you guys are really good at it

Lavenderrose73 - 2011-06-27
Man, I need to learn how to do that for Church events, especially Family Promise, they'd LOVE THAT!!!

Xuan Thi Cao - 2011-05-26
Sie haben sehr gut gemacht!

customcartoons - 2011-05-23
mmmmmm ... tuxedo strawberries!! P: Best of luck to your business! :)

pokemonrule88988 - 2011-05-20
Those chocolate covered strawberrys looked soooooooo good.

TB - 2011-04-23
Damn. Kinda looks like fun to make.

food luv - 2011-03-05
very nice. i actually purchased one for my mother on her birth date in place of a cake. she love it and was very happy that i decided to get something healthy for her instead of the cake. good healthy choice and life style.

Allegra Albanese - 2011-02-26
anyone can do that!

iqra shaikh - 2011-01-12
what type of person can unlike this?

karin H.T - 2011-01-06
tres joli

gorgana5 - 2011-01-03
wow at least you can eat this without feeling guilty. very creative thanks. as far as i know we don't have that in australia

L Beg - 2010-12-25
where are the marshmallows??!

Βασίλης Τριανταφυλλίδης Φωτογράφος λήμνος - 2010-12-06
awesome arty pressentaion

Alan Bunyan - 2010-11-06
@Erika78520 Hi, The M/C that melts the chocolate is called a 'temperer'. You can find suppliers on the Internet.

arianne villanueva - 2010-09-09
ang galing

Alan Bunyan - 2010-08-15
@06constablec - It is but very rewarding when you deliver.

Christopher Constable - 2010-08-15
that must be quite labour intensive

pamela Chavez - 2010-08-07
do yall show how to do dem

surferdudette19 - 2010-08-03
Strawberries <3

AnimeFanDeluxe - 2010-06-27
@Lanmark12 i tink im gona order one :D

AnimeFanDeluxe - 2010-06-27
hmmm strawnverry chocolate marshmalows XD im geting my chocolate fauntan!!

Alan Bunyan - 2010-06-14
@zacapu234 - Thanks for your comment

SketchBook - 2010-04-30
lol 1:51

HunterValley Hampers - 2010-04-18
Great little clip, like the fades and of course the product looks fine!

10thStreetBlvd - 2010-03-20
ahh, all that stuff looks so good right now:D

Cosmiq Latte E.X.O - 2010-03-12
this are awesome my sister got one for my mom last year it's incredible delicious and beautiful

SydsLife - 2010-03-07
pretty and yummy!!

Silvia Scott - 2009-12-19
Yum YUM YUUUMMMM Yumyum yum yum yum tasty yum yum yum yum yum

reba field - 2009-04-29
i would like to see how they do such beautiful fruit baskets like this!

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