Steelers vs. Colts | NFL Week 10 Game Highlights

Steelers vs. Colts | NFL Week 10 Game Highlights
The Pittsburgh Steelers battle the Indianapolis Colts in Week 10 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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Steelers vs. Colts | NFL Week 10 Game Highlights



Joe Dirt - 2018-01-14
I love steelers

Braylan Mosley - 2018-01-01
If the Steelers did not kick that field goal it would be a tie

NameAndLikeness - 2017-12-13
Colts had this game but made some small mistakes that the Steelers took advantage of and converted into huge consequences.

Diet Water - 2017-12-10
Best two day late birthday present ever!

Candace Welder - 2017-12-10
Lets go colts

Ken Pool3 - 2017-12-06
Let's go steelers let's go

Forever Fashion - 2017-12-04
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ABDULLAH KHALIL - 2017-11-23
brown: 7:10-7:16
bell: 0:55-1:02

Mr Clean - 2017-11-21
The colts showed a really big improvement in this game. Almost had it

Julius Caesar - 2017-11-21
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Joseph Ikiba - 2017-11-17
steelers fan

Joseph Ikiba - 2017-11-17

affandi19 - 2017-11-17
If Steelers and Chiefs are the best AFC has to offer this season, then Patriots are back in the Super Bowl easily.

AUSTIN GIBBS - 2017-11-17
Steelers are 8-2

Evan Thomas - 2017-11-17
The kicker missed a 37 yard kick?

jerzy franek - 2017-11-16
It's hard to realise for the french ex-steeler fan i'm am but i feel completely emotionless while watching nfl. Politics killed it. I realised black player are a bunch of overpayed racist crybaby. I haven't buy anything from nfl since 3 month.

tristan murray - 2017-11-16
Concept miss life dialogue flesh helicopter virus punishment biological works ankle soft.

Connie B - 2017-11-16
Who you got, Steelers Juju or his college teammate, Adoree Jackson, of Tenn. Titans.? I know them both; I go with Adoree!

Sefa Gasu - 2017-11-16
An ugly win is better than a good loss

Rylan Sisel - 2017-11-16
Show some team sport

Mel Kitiona - 2017-11-16
A win is a win...get it going guys...mad love for my Steelers
#SteelNation #HereWeGo

Drew Wilson - 2017-11-16
Lowkey Pouncey was down field on that pass to AB but glad we won haha

Doug Fischer - 2017-11-15
6:38 did anyone else see that? not a fan of either team so no bias here...

l3R33S - 2017-11-15
The Steelers STOLE our thing. The Saints usually do a pose with a few guys when we get a touchdown. But the Steelers are stealing our thing! Come on, be creative Steelers! You're a great team!

Joshua Jacobs - 2017-11-15
Jacoby did his job with a terrible o line

fyukfy - 2017-11-15
if boswell had done his job we couldve won 24-17

Paulo Roberto Vaz - 2017-11-15
What a win!!!

Fox Mulder - 2017-11-15
The Colts always would find a way to win with Manning and now without him they always find a way to lose.

JermaineATL - 2017-11-15
this shouldnt have been as close as it was lol.

The Bambino - 2017-11-15
It's going to be VERRRY interesting to see how the Steelers play against the Titans on Thursday ! It wouldn't surprise me AT ALL if the Titans WIPE THE FLOOR with them . OH YEAH - just for the record I've been a HUGE Steelers fan since 1972 so let's just GET THAT STRAIGHT right now !!

DaeJavon B - 2017-11-15
Check out my junior year highlights on my channel please! 5'5 215lbs nose guard. Bench 325lbs squat 580lbs.

DragonSnowKing - 2017-11-15
For the Steelers are the way best team evere

thatboike louisiana - 2017-11-15
the Steelers stealing our celebration on defence,who dat nation!!!

MightyManotaur22 - 2017-11-15
As a Colts fan, while it's tough to see them lose a game they should have won, at least they're still on pace for a top 5 draft pick...

Michael Taylor - 2017-11-15
How is a vikings player wearing a pittsburgh jersey?

mrrusss - 2017-11-14
My question is, has Mike Mitchell ever successfully provided safety help over the top?

Mike Burns - 2017-11-14
great game

Amzi Fickinger - 2017-11-14
what a come back for the steelers

Luuri Gehtdichnixan - 2017-11-14
man it is so hard to be a colts fan :(

Not a Bandwagon - 2017-11-14
Iโ€™m so happy weโ€™re blowing these leads man. This year could not be going any better in the terms of us firing this coaching staff in 47 days

NewOrleanCeltics21 - 2017-11-14
If he kept running at 7:13 he would of scored

jakob higgins - 2017-11-14
Here we fo steelers here we go

Joshua Harvey - 2017-11-14

XxBlackHawk456 - 2017-11-14
I'm telling ya Steelers are so good

C C - 2017-11-14
If he looks at marty b the screen is there much easier than almost getting sacked and having ab make a big play but ill take 7-2 any time here we go steelers

J Doss - 2017-11-14
That was almost impossible for the Colts to lose. How did they not score on that awesome run! HOW DID THEY LOSE?!

JOHN PETTY - 2017-11-14
AY AY !!! CHECK IT!!!! I'M A NYG FAN ALL THE WAY......BUT FOR YEARS I'VE HAD A HEALTHY FEAR/RESPECT OF "BIG BAD BEN"!!!!! And in this game you just seen why!!!!

Peace Maker - 2017-11-14
for a man who dosent have cable nor nfl subscription watching my One and Only Favorite Team of All Time fight for the win almost made me cry. GO STEELERS (also my hometown)

A ugly WIN out ways a pretty LOSS any day of the week. Yes the Steelers need to get better REDZONE play and Yes Big Ben needs to be Big Ben 0f 2014 & 2015 to have a chance against the Patriots, lets just hope by then Ben and REDZONE play will back were it needs to be. GO STEELERS !!!!!!!

Espy 89 - 2017-11-14
I went to the game and the Colts fans in my section were very annoying at first! About the third quarter they started to get quiet. The 4th quarter they left before the game winning field goal was even hit! Such bandwagon fair-weather fans! Go Steelers!

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