The Unindicted Coconspirator - 2018-02-11
Delicious and a killer buzz. What's not to like?

Tide Pods Help Center - 2018-01-17
Fuck the government

sindessa orellia - 2018-01-14
See , If we would issue those signs we could keep a better eye on people .

BlueHeartTheOG - 2018-01-13
how retarded is this litterally one stupid kid does it then the rest the company decided to redisign the whole thing for babies to not injest it and worst of all teens are now having the iq of an infant where has america gone

Lemon Bleach - 2018-01-13
Well no shit...

Tide Pod - 2018-01-13
P.s im not poisonous im yummy

Tide Pod - 2018-01-13
My challenge will NEVER die!

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