DUEÑA THE GAMER 15 - 2018-02-23
Love you 👍👍👍👍👍

beautybyerika - 2018-02-22
I like watching videos like this because it makes me hungry 😋

n3spro - 2018-02-18
instead of putting the salad put some forest moss

n3spro - 2018-02-18
it's great an as idea when you're invited to offer" BEAUTIFULL" :))

Isabella Rafael - 2018-02-15
soooo beautiful
n what a beautiful family you have blessings to you and your family.
n CNT wait to try this project 😋😊😍

God bless you

love your personality

lisa ann - 2018-02-13

Puchie Brown1 - 2018-02-13
Great job beautiful. thanks for sharing. lovely family. adorable baby. Great stage presence. Kudos

IlIBytesIlI - 2018-02-12

Moises Flores - 2018-02-11

Laura Jackson Miller - 2018-02-11
Thank you for this video, I am tired of the same ole candy hearts for my grand kids and going to make them these and I think they will love it!

Ingrid Hernandez-Santacruz - 2018-02-10
Smol baby toes :3
My pot!

Crystal Blake - 2018-02-09
This was very insightful....ty so much n hubby the evil chip monk giggle at the end made me n my daughter laugh.

imari883 - 2018-02-07
I love her the personality so great she seem so sweet and full of life 😍❤️you did good job and you're husband is great also

Sheba - 2018-02-06
Thank you. You made it very easy to follow. Lovely children. Be proud. Great personality also.

Erika Yanez - 2018-02-01
I love it!!!!

Rhonda Knox - 2018-01-27
My whole life just flashed before my eyes!! If I Was You I would just eat it all in front of the audience. Lol

khadija amin - 2018-01-25
How much time this bucket can survive without putting it in fridge?

Adam's Mom - 2018-01-19
Beautiful bouquet. You make it look so easy!! I am doing this for my son's birthday . Thanks for posting this!

Martha Jimenez - 2018-01-16
Loved your video a lot!! I will try this beautiful creation at the next party and I know everyone will love it!!

jammadamma - 2018-01-09
Got a birthday coming up for someone you absolutely hate? Why not tell them to go screw themselves by sending a giant Fruit Bouquet? With just a few clicks, you'll be able to send someone 14 pounds of unwanted decorative produce that will go bad within an hour of arrival! Hungry for a strangely-warm strawberry? How about a hard green wedge or a slime-glazed melon ball? Well, we have all these gross things. Order now and make someone feel guilty about throwing it straight into the trash six hours later. Fruit Bouquets: the rotting gift with flies on it!

Rosa Salmon - 2018-01-06
I like you🍎🍏🍄🍇🍅🍑 my life

Raisa Rahman - 2017-12-29
You're so cute I wanna hug you lolol

DesiréDontExpire - 2017-12-25
We get to save our freaking money .

Sonnie Johnson - 2017-12-13
I can't focus for the little sweet toes...

Shrinkhala Karmacharya - 2017-12-10
I'm gonna make it for valentines since my boyfriend thing flowers are waste of money and he absolutely love fruits.

Nadine Jameson - 2017-12-07
Good job can't wait to try this

cool candy girl - 2017-12-07

Melina's Adventures - 2017-12-06
Great job with your bouquet. Looks amazing

amor chase - 2017-11-25
You are such a treat to watch! My daughter is excited to make this for her fave teacher.

shirley otero - 2017-11-22
Very nice I love it

El Cid Campeador - 2017-11-21
Don't throw away pineapple skin. Scrub and wash your pineapple before cutting and use it afterwords to make awesome pineapple vinegar (you can use this vinegar to make delicious vinaigrette / marinade).
Use piloncillo sugars (make sure it's 100% cane sugar), it works wonders.
For a 1 quart Mason jar I use skin of 1 pineapple and 2 cones of piloncillo and cover with spring water (Crystal Geyser). Got to make sure that pineapple skin stays submerged at root temp. for about 2 days (skim off any gunk that'll float to the top). After 2 days strain it into clean Mason jar, cover with a 2 ply sheet of paper towel and closely cover with a jar lid (no need to tighten it). Cover with a towel or a large paper bay so light won't be killing good bacteria. I leave mine on the counter.
Thanks for the video.

Brandon Neal - 2017-11-18
U did a great job

LaTripper - 2017-11-18
If you do put oil in the white chocolate and do the drizzle with a fork instead of a spoon, it looks way better. The stripes look more professional and less chunky

lasha homer - 2017-10-24
Good job Michael!!!!!!!!!!!

Keisha Shepard - 2017-10-13
where do you purchase the big pretty strawberries

Paola Hiracheta - 2017-10-08
Thanks I love this!!!! I’m totally making this for my mom for her birthday this year!!

Nonna M - 2017-09-23

sharon martin - 2017-09-22
New subbie here, I checked out your channeland I really like the videos that are posted. TFS and can't wait for more videos.

jay perez - 2017-09-14
How can you keep your fruit fresh longer after its all cut up . I know usually like bananas and apples start turning brown how can you avoid all that.??

boulefrakh aya - 2017-08-23

Nancy Merrifield - 2017-08-23
Love your fun and happy personality and cute baby!!! Great video, I can't wait to make the arrangement!!!!

Ruby Avila - 2017-08-13
my first time watching your videos, I enjoyed watching this. oh and good job Michale on the editing !!

Gala in the kitchen - 2017-08-09
Beautiful fruit arrangement! Thank you for sharing!

ileyam2712 - 2017-08-04
The little toes are so cute! love how the little one grabs some the things on the side. love your video!

Amy Shiu - 2017-08-01
great job

Fusun - 2017-07-31

Mia Carter - 2017-07-23
Loved this video && your personality thank you thank you thank you

Diana Prince - 2017-07-21
wonderful ideas and im thankful you shared this, was hoping to find fruit for party and youve made it attractive ,fun and healthy! And nothing makes a meal feel clean like fruit after, its really how you present it. TY

octavia dondiva - 2017-07-18
love this vid.. I am going to try this tomorrow I am so excited thank you so much..

grisel robles - 2017-07-11
i love your videos and love your personality and happiness. the best thank you for share

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