Bella Thorne BRAVELY Details Heartbreaking Sexual Abuse Story for #TimesUp Movement

Bella Thorne BRAVELY Details Heartbreaking Sexual Abuse Story for #TimesUp Movement
We know Bella Thorne can be a bit of a wild-card sometimes, but we still love her. She keeps things interesting, and her recent Instagram post is nothing short of emotional and heartbreaking! Bella opens up and bravely reveals the details behind the sexual abuse she experienced at a very young age.

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Bella Thorne BRAVELY Details Heartbreaking Sexual Abuse Story for #TimesUp Movement



Thisbandsux - 2018-01-19
Bella thorne just need attentions cause she is not doing to good i hollywood so she jumping on the sex abouse band wagon while the getting good

momo glo - 2018-01-18
It's more than common knowledge that those in the TV, movie and music industries need to "pay their ounce of flesh" for fame. I don't envy these people. This girl was basically sold to the industry, like how most child stars are.

These people in the industry just don't "make it big" out of nowhere. Sounds like Bella was groomed from little on.

Craig Fox - 2018-01-16
This video was suggest to me for some reason. So I watched it. And I can't think for the life of me why anyone would follow this Chanel. Who gives a shit about any of this stuff ( celebrities)

Kevin Michael Kappler - 2018-01-16
i like bella because of her truthful caring and strong

Ruben T - 2018-01-16
I knew it. I knew it. Sometimes I hate being right.

lolaa - 2018-01-15
Stay strong Bella!❤❤

Her Ex-boyfriend dies because of an overdose,she got bullied her whole life and was sexual abused!

franz medi - 2018-01-14
bella thorne is a fucking whore who should be raped and murdered by 6 niggers 3 mexicans and her parents should be killed also.

Marice - 2018-01-14
This kinda makes sense. She didn't deserve it at all. Her parents have actually sexualized her for a long time. At the age of 7 she was posing for bikini photos that weren't regular run of the mill kids fashion. This happens in Hollywood all the time. The way she acts is an indication that she wants feel in control.

calm yoboner - 2018-01-13
I really thought Bella was a virgin

Divanati TheQueen - 2018-01-13
Well that explains everything

social warrior pony - 2018-01-13
She's a nobody. Well she should be, anyway

Don't worship false idols

Peace/LOVE 💟💟💟

LAH MARU - 2018-01-13
This actually makes sense besides going through the teen phase. You could just tell she had been through something bad. ❤❤ goes out to her.

Gemma Gabrielle - 2018-01-13
Guys, Ik Bella aint the best person in the world but seriously she didn't deserve anything like that. Plus she probably going through that same "I can be whoever I want" phase like Miley Cyrus, and shell probably grow out of it soon.

Brett Kimura - 2018-01-13
This doesn't add up to me... How could Bella be molested in the SAME bedroom Dani slept in? Doesn't that mean both of them were molested? And who was this SICKO who "did" this to Bella? Allegedly Bella said she was molested... Who could it have possibly been? Her father died when she was 9, her mother is a NOBODY, her older siblings were probably living somewhere else when the shit stopped, and how could Dani possibly NOT know? What was Bella's mother doing all those years?

Tobias Jones - 2018-01-13
You're all amateurs especially this trash channel

that crazy guy - 2018-01-12
Shes doing this for attention

that crazy guy - 2018-01-12

Love Hurts - 2018-01-12
Y’all need to stop hating what if that was you

lol - 2018-01-11
honestly wasnt surprised a part of me always thought she was abused, something just didn't add up in my mind and when i found out about this it like all my questions were answered

Per VIdar Gornitzka Anfinnsen - 2018-01-11
It does make sense that she's been abused having acted out the way she has. People who've experienced abuse have a harder time setting boundries for themselves than others. I know this from experience, growing up with an abusive alcoholic pill popping mother and having had to learn about my own and other peoples boundries as an adult.
Also, there's the empirical science on this matter.

Also, there's nothing in the way she's talked about it yet that resembles lying. She seems truthful. And she has my support.

deniz kazanann - 2018-01-11
She is telling her story and everyone is being so mean in the comments..sure that you wouldn’t want people to call you a liar or attention hoe if that happend to you! So back off and go live your life

amanda - 2018-01-11
When those Bella Thorne exposed videos came out on YouTube they'd always be showing her raunchy Snapchat videos and I called it because her behavior is a classic symptom. Nympho behavior. Sad.

Barbusie - 2018-01-11
Sounds like HOLLYWOOD to me...
These producers are always sexually abusing somebody..
Age has no consequence ....

Double Twists - 2018-01-11
I'm not saying she's lying, but to those saying "Oh, she would NEVER lie about this!" Or "Who would make up a story like this for attention?" are so dang niave. Honestly, Bella has lied on several topics such as cheating on Tyler Poser with Charlie Puth and had the nerve to call Charlie a LIAR. Also, why has no on realized: if her sexual abuse scarred her SO much, why the heck did she date a man who sexually harrassed women? Are you kidding me? In general, lots of celebrities are known to make up lies for attention. For those saying, "She has all the attention she needs, so why would she use this for attention?" This is the world of FAME. THERE IS NEVER A CONTENT WITH ATTENTION. She hasn't had THAT much attention on her in a while. This was the perfect chance for her to use this story. If she is telling the truth, I am truly sorry that she went through that. Despite all her mistakes, no one deserves that. If she's lying, all I'm saying is I wouldn't be surprised.

Natalia Stornello - 2018-01-11
Not "A majority of people wore black." EVERYONE wore black!!

Journey Jacquez - 2018-01-10
abused or not. it’s still not an excuse to be acting like the way she does. if anything it should help her be a better person and a role model to girls.

Savannah Ward - 2018-01-10
I idolize bella thorne!

Mike Hawk - 2018-01-10
It's not past the statue of limitations. How about she fucking reports it to the police ?

Easy Jump - 2018-01-10
Remember to comment below to “share your thoughts”.

Anthony Jonas - 2018-01-10
It must of been her dad.

GetRektUFag - 2018-01-10
I'm so angry about the people in the comments. I and about 90% of the people in the comments haven't been raped and haven't been bullied. We all have a chance to experiment and to try new things and find ourselves, but when Bella does it, it's disgusting? You people are sick and insensitive. She's a person. (and a beautiful one at that)

Carolina nelly - 2018-01-10
wow she’s so strong. being molested at 14 years old i cant even imagine who ever did his is disgusting

Maly Squade - 2018-01-10
Sexual abuse is actually more common than most think. I would honestly say 3/5 women I know have been sexually abused or assaulted in their lives.

Sasha Bengisu - 2018-01-10
I think she is who she is and people are too hard on her

lonely hearts club - 2018-01-10
there's no excuse to hate on someone who's been going through these kinds of things. she didn't deserve it and neither does anyone. support and love is what we need in this cruel world. <3

Ja'Mari Newell - 2018-01-10
Poor Bella I'm so sorry girl u are TRULY loved.💖💖💖💸💵

alli rose - 2018-01-10
I cant believe how much comments I see calling her a liar. She was a little girl when this happened. THIS IS WHY MEN AND WOMEN THINK THEY CAN DO THIS TO EACHOTHER AND GET AWAY WITH IT!! This is why girls and women are scared to tell people when something like this happenes because we have scum bags (men and women) saying that we're "liars" or "we're doing it for attention" or "she asked for it." Screw the people who are saying she did this to herself by having sex with men all the time. What, girls can't enjoy that? But men can have all the sex and its fine. You never should say someone's lying when stuff like this happens. Sexual abuse is such a real thing, and it takes a real fucked up person to make something like that up. Im not a personal fan, but she deserves love and support at a time like this.

Krakenhydra - 2018-01-10

Clyde Cromey - 2018-01-09
Reveal names. I'm tired of this Corey Feldman stay quiet bullshit.

X X - 2018-01-09
I think she was just made up a story for attention.

X X - 2018-01-09
Who abused her? Liar. She just want attention. She literally abused herself sexually by having sex with different dudes every other night.

Marie Lowe - 2018-01-09
I don't like Bella Thorne tbh, but she is a human who has done a very brave act and needs support with something as horrible as this. Stop saying she's looking for attention - would you appreciate it if someone did that to you?

paul the man - 2018-01-09
Just another advertisement seeking old meaningless actress with no future. She probably was masturbating in those days and she calls it sexual abuse. Was her mother the one? we don't see any names. Must be Bill Clinton.

Macario Patrick - 2018-01-09
No wonder why we she so fucked up in the head.

Radhuya - 2018-01-09
Whatever happened to her, it's real that everything she does or says now is made for attention. Plus she used to stand against bullying and many things this kind, why waiting 20 fucking years to talk about being raped? Like she wants to be evil and to talk about child abuse in the same time, to make sure she can be "credible". Ew.

I love horses 111 - 2018-01-09
Are people serious, we should be supporting Bella, some one in the comments said she " probley deserved it" no one deserves to be sexually assaulted, and yes she's done some pretty wild things but I don't think she'd lie about sexual assault.
Bella get so much hate for things that a lot of other celebrities do, maybe we should support her when she's obviously been through a lot.
Can people just stop being so insensitive and think about the fact that Bella was sexually assaulted and we should be supporting her not making jokes and stuff about it.
This is the exact same thing that happened to Taylor Swift when she said she was sexually assaulted people started saying she was a liar and it wasn't that bad and she ruined his career. Like we say we've gone forward a lot as a society but people who have been sexually assaulted still feel like they can't tell people because it embarrassing or they won't be believed or if they were molested or something be told "it wasn't even that bad I've had much worse happen to me" or if you were a male to be told " Men can't be raped" or " man up" there's also victim blaming, it never the victims fault. Oh and there's still racism in this society and sexism and domestic violence. I wish people would just stop being so mean to each other, people kill each other and not just with a gun or a knife either, who actually cares what gender or race or religion a person is why does it matter, why can't we all just get along?

John6yt - 2018-01-09

pro4BFF - 2018-01-09
How is this detailing?

Daniel Alejandro Martinez - 2018-01-09

Alex Santiago - 2018-01-09
hoe ha was asking for it

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