Financial Information - 2017-04-19
Stock Review Episode #2 is available to view. You can access the video at

Karl - 2017-07-15
Great call in the apple contract with AMD. It is starting to pay off

Don Dressel - 2017-07-03
Check out nxpiGreat growth to come

interests10 - 2017-07-03
does the net income, its not making money??

Adam Marawi - 2017-06-22
I just purchased AMD on my robinhood account. Its looking strong to me right now, stronger than when this video was released. I just made a video about my robinhood stock account where im starting with only $1k, check it out and its progress if youre interested.

Juliet Maginot - 2017-05-06
So, do you keep some AMD stocks?

Anaiptol ir Akurat - 2017-05-05
I am expecting great sales with new AMD Ryzen

paziurim - 2017-05-02
AMD was always my favorite company of IT, nice to see video about it

ClassicRaids - 2017-04-19
This is literally the biggest rip off the financial education channel...

HodorTarg - 2017-04-16
Hey I am holding 500 share of AMD since $9 price do you think I should sell some to take profits and keep half for the run?

paciouno1 - 2017-04-16
a fcking buy what do u think.

Margoth Marquies - 2017-04-12
the stock has gone down a lot

Rene Torre - 2017-04-10
do you think it can reach 25 before the end of the year?

Lottery Channel - 2017-04-10
Great video on AMD. I bought a lot of shares at around 9 dollars.

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