Teens Are Doing The Tide Pods Challenge - Dank New Memes 2018

Teens Are Doing The Tide Pods Challenge - Dank New Memes 2018
Teens Are Doing The Tide Pod Challenge and the results are not pretty! Whatever you do, don't eat Tide Pods!
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Teens Are Doing The Tide Pods Challenge - Dank New Memes 2018



Don Drone - 2018-01-16
Anymore that eats laundry detergent and thinks it’s an Internet challenge should eat rat poison unbelievable

T-Bone - 2018-01-16
Proof people are getting dumber

The Garbageman - 2018-01-16
Let them eat

Matt Archambault - 2018-01-16
Can't wait till morons start dying from this

Blooky - 2018-01-16
Dia horr ia

Connie Bonnie - 2018-01-16
"Parents are very concerned" Well they should be if they have raised kids with no common sense and are stupid!

#IUsedToBeReal - 2018-01-16
Parents are concern instead of being concerned tell your grown as teenager not to eat washing detergent.

QUAG - 2018-01-16
darwinism in a nutshell

Nakoruru The Extra Terrestrial - 2018-01-16
Let Darwin handle this one.

aliendisco12 - 2018-01-16
Anybody else noticed the only teens eating tide pods are white teens !!! ouwww i love it so far

Gus Wagner - 2018-01-16
Hey, it's the person from Life's biggest questions!

Thomas Crawford - 2018-01-16
Why would someone do this??... I really do not get it at all.

jessyluvsyew - 2018-01-16
ive yet to see a video of someone actually doin it? i see fake vids but i dont see anyone doin it

White Gold - 2018-01-16
0:49 intense cringe

Victthequick - 2018-01-16
little kid in me lost it at the diarrhea joke

Evelyn Lagnese - 2018-01-16
Fam, some of us just want to die of dehydration from diarrhea through a memey way. Excuse me for leaving.

Vman - 2018-01-16
She says here obviously not to do this challenge, but it's so blasé that it almost seems that they aren't even condemning it, but rather supporting the challenge. "Make sure that if you do choose to do it, you chug some water afterwards and seek medical attention if you're feeling weird." How about just not participate in this ridiculous challenge in the first place?

Peke - 2018-01-16
where’s the videos tho?

Msasianchic - 2018-01-16
😐 there are no words...

internal screaming - 2018-01-16
Mmm yummy

Brian Emery - 2018-01-16
I say. Let them eat it. Swallow too. Hopefully these idiots can kill themselves off

Kitty Kat - 2018-01-16
Stupid. Glad my generation is smarter than this 😂

Crystal Maldonado - 2018-01-16
Dangerous 😱😱😱😱

eliboy1977 - 2018-01-16
this channel is the bomb bruh and it’s slowly growing

Emerged Birch - 2018-01-16
And this is what I call Natural Selection

SkeletorRises - 2018-01-16
Wish I had a snack for this video.

Snoopy2K - 2018-01-16
Is it possible to undo a nut?

chef boyardee - 2018-01-16
delicious man

Booger Johnson - 2018-01-16
I'm losing faith in my generation..

DufariDubstep - 2018-01-16
Hell yeah i did it tasted like ass

fat bitch - 2018-01-16
Tide pod-chan is taking over

Elkin Shiner - 2018-01-16
How about we just let them eat it, and let natural selection do it's job.

Nowl Wane - 2018-01-16
Darwin Award

Armani Rodriguez - 2018-01-15
They make candies of the this.

Cameron Dodson - 2018-01-15
Dank as shit

Dark Days - 2018-01-15
Natural selection if the person is over 12.

DawnOfTrueSteel - 2018-01-15
this was so cringe

Icypenguinbeak AJ - 2018-01-15
Oml furries

Wario7793 - 2018-01-15
If people are stupid enough to eat these, then I guess that deserves a Darwin Award.

luna gamer - 2018-01-15
Oml they showed Majira!!!!

Rae Traversari - 2018-01-15
I wont eat one mom xD

Andrea Reyes - 2018-01-15
Just leave it for washing not for eating..

BreeBoraPotato - 2018-01-15
I always worried about our generation, but now they’re going extinct.

Hirad13 - 2018-01-15
i already ate one

blackbarb Johnson - 2018-01-15
This generation is dumb asf y? Because kids are having kids

TheLifeOfAbbie123 - 2018-01-15
Guess what I’m gonna be for halloween:

TMP On da track - 2018-01-15
Can we have more challenges like the invisible box challenge like more non dangerous

Miss B - 2018-01-15
Charlotte looking like a snack!😍

TitanGaming HD - 2018-01-15
Give us a line of powdered detergent and 3 bombs of tide. Cleaning out my soul 😂

Zergling - 2018-01-15
Furries invented this...

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