Vince Staples Delivers Hot Takes While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Vince Staples Delivers Hot Takes While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Vince Staples has been requesting bottles of Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle for months, so it's only right that he finally stepped into the terrordome to battle the wings of death. Not only did Vince bring his own ranch (respect), but the young rap phenom—whose excellent sophomore album, "Big Fish Theory," is in stores now—also came through with some scorching-hot takes on everything from Chipotle, to the best gamers in hip-hop. 

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Vince Staples Delivers Hot Takes While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones



Simona Rodriguez - 2017-10-20
Subscribed because of Vince Staples. He so real !!!!

Sierra's Lisp - 2017-10-20
Hey man Mario kart got championships

DJ N Ross Weekly - 2017-10-20
Never seen a man tank this shit like Vince

Ethan15Ire - 2017-10-20
So from Black Panther Trailer, to Bagbak and to Hot ones... not just me?

Miky ॐ - 2017-10-19
seems a nice guy .. great job

Rr rr - 2017-10-19
Should've given him some Sprite to wash down those wings

Shayne McCory - 2017-10-19
He ate them wings like it was nothing 👌

Trilla Klan - 2017-10-19
".... Orange Juice?"

- Vince Staples

Karifa Kush ㄣ⃒ - 2017-10-19
too bad isaiah thomas on the cavs now , shout out kyrie

Jackie Osei - 2017-10-19
VINCE IS GOD LOL...now i wanna eat hot wings with him

Timi T. - 2017-10-18
Didn't even blink... Take notes, Khaled.

Kathleenie Kathleeny - 2017-10-18
orange juice?

Wyatt Sullivan - 2017-10-18
do ugly god

asq 97 - 2017-10-18
"they gonna go up and go "who the fuck is you?"" Lmfao

John Xin - 2017-10-18
Best Hot Ones ever, hands down(Up)

TZ4789 - 2017-10-17
that definitely sounds like a boston situation

Origami - 2017-10-17
Vince should have his own show

Jack Dillon - 2017-10-17
Dude I've slept on Vince until now, but this interview convinced me to check this out

Team 5 - 2017-10-17
Please have Tyler the Creator

Craig Kubicki - 2017-10-16
I agree with everything Vince says

Daniel Lopez - 2017-10-16
Vince u thirsty please grab a sprite!🎵

Clayman Clutcher - 2017-10-16
vince is the best rapper. earl is ass.

Nicolas Lara - 2017-10-16
Hot ones switched up their soundtrack and really tried to make some vince staples beats haha

Liam Mackay - 2017-10-16
"shout out to Isaiah Thomas"

King Neptune Nigga - 2017-10-16

TheIrishPinata98 - 2017-10-16
Lmfao the bottle said Dat Ranch on it

Mo Druliner - 2017-10-16
"...shit takes like poison" 😂😂 dead.

Nftg Tre - 2017-10-16
Now I gotta go listen to the album

jamesvzfighter - 2017-10-15
LMAO they be playing that cute shit lol

Dawbie Kwash - 2017-10-15
Probably one of my favorite episodes... really wanted him to talk about working with gorillaz

ThePhantomKing - 2017-10-15
Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler need to be here too.

Don't Worry - 2017-10-15
"Nigga, wassup with your mama?" 😂😂😂 I'm dead

buhlaid - 2017-10-15
my nigga vince put ranch on the side and thats a real nigga who eats wings without it

Buradanu - 2017-10-15
Who else thinks they should get Tyler, the creator on here

Dafina Simmonds - 2017-10-15

Kyle Chaivs - 2017-10-14
"Nigga what's up with yo mama"

Brandon Palmer - 2017-10-14
Started watching this channel when it was new and loved it ever since. Such a unique and interesting way to interact with celebrities on a personal level, keep it up Hot Ones!

Andre is Anakele - 2017-10-14
"A horror movie not supposed to have good lighting." Brilliant

Amanda Auguste - 2017-10-14
"Ashy ass hot sauce" 😂😂😂😂

Raloris MMO - 2017-10-14
He was so unphased by the sauces. He has to be on the top 10 on the power ratings, they didn't even touch him.

felipejuarez881 - 2017-10-14

deontay911 - 2017-10-13
Lol this nigga remind me of Hi-C 😂😂😂 crippin cuuuzzzzzzz

Jamilex Forty - 2017-10-13
Im not gonna lie I am not familiar with this dude but he automatically makes me wish I was about to google and listen tf out of him. Also now I really want to go to Boston I feel like I can trust him.

Cam - 2017-10-12
Is that what I think it is on his shirt at 0:19?

Ryan Rose - 2017-10-12
I'm grew up an hour away from Boston, i don't doubt his story at all lol .. shit gets crazy here, and Boston PD has some of the funniest, chillest cops i've ever interacted with in MA, he's so right. That was a dope shout out.

MEX_cuz_I_CAN - 2017-10-12
I like how he made fun of Bad Boy Records 19:23

Azzie Richardson - 2017-10-12
This man brought a bottle of ranch with him 😂 Vince the fucking goat

Sophie Beck - 2017-10-12
Hi mate ! ! inform i like this look surognsy balance :‑c

Raul Pina - 2017-10-12
My niga brought he's own sauce bruuuuh

Alex Harper - 2017-10-12
cant understand when his mumbling

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