maha Sa. - 2018-03-20
Ikon πŸ˜‚

Alasia Gonzales - 2018-03-10
I remember listening to this in class and it was turned all the way up, so I couldn't help but sing this out loud and boys were just staring at me with there cheeks redder then a tamateo

Mary Fowlkes - 2018-03-03

Melody Sanger - 2018-02-24

Rocket & Groot - 2018-02-09
I forgot about this song.. πŸ˜…

Oooooh.. memories.

TheShadoes4321 - 2018-02-05
Ray Lewis Hall of Fame 2018!

Fatima THE DOCTOR - 2018-02-03
skam anyone ?

Ms_Princess Of Attitudes - 2018-02-01
2018 anyone?

MarcsThug - 2018-01-28
Man's not hot

iiBelieve - 2018-01-24
Yum Lonnie

Hollywood undead Hollywood we're never going down - 2018-01-13

Francisco Filho - 2018-01-06
Pharrell's Masterpiece

Katie Lolz - 2017-12-17
It's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes

Carter Paulson - 2017-12-16
LOL i heard this on a school bus

Edward Whittle - 2017-11-30
Ass up bitchiest

Yvette Watkins - 2017-11-29
I don't think anyone else came here because of this,but who else came here because of Songs In Real Life Style 8? I you haven't seen it on YouTube, you HAVE to watch it it's called Songs In RealLife Style 8 and there's this other one called Songs In Real Life style 7 that's even funnier and they're both made by these Youtubers called TheKidSquad so check them out they have other hilarious videos on there too!

Jessica is my name - 2017-11-25
Me: Goes in room, depressed and tired
Also me: Goes out of room, feeling lustful and sexy

Embyrlyn Martinez - 2017-11-19
Legit my mom sings this when we say it's hot in the house 😐

818pablito - 2017-10-15
I was like...Good gracious oh Lord Jesus!!!

Emilee Mae - 2017-10-09

Blake Dell - 2017-09-16
Yall got a snapchat

Entry Fragger - 2017-09-12

Fluttershy Plays - 2017-09-11
its getting hot in here! so keep on all clothes! girl: i am getting so hot, imma turn the fan on!

Sheldon Stewart - 2017-08-24
It's geting cold on here so put on all your close I'm getting so cold i need a pumpkin latte

Jordan Buczynski - 2017-08-17
Anyone listening in 2017??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Daniel Cormier #1 P4P G.O.A.T - 2017-08-04
Jon Jones

Cade Jepson - 2017-07-31
Out comes #52 Ray Lewis

Hope - 2017-07-12
I was 12 when this song came out but me and my friends use to blast this EVERY single time it came on the radio! Shoutout to Pharrell man!

SomberCarnage - 2017-06-24
(Comments just to make 1k)

This was in the latest porn I watched

so uh.

hi I'm Dreemura. I'm a fucking retard

by the way, the moment you was waiting for is 1:11

sacvuvgefuis - 2017-06-23
this takes me back to highschool tryin to get wit all the bitches wit no shameπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

blackmale90 - 2017-06-03
The AOL days loool

spyddaa s - 2017-06-02
This song really does want me to take off my clothes!
100 likes and I'll post a video of me stripping :P

cavatis - 2017-05-29
I got this song from lele pons vine

Benjamin Rogers - 2017-05-28
when your stuck in a hot car

Iverson J. Loew - 2017-05-26
Anyone laugh because he says in the beginning to check out his single on aol and you think about how no one uses that anymore then cry a little bit because you're getting old? I did.... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Cesare Capo - 2017-04-27
Who's here for Austenland?

Cade Harrop - 2017-04-10
Agent Cody Banks anyone?

fairlyaudrey - 2017-04-05
Glee brought me back here lol

Zoya Paes - 2017-03-29
im here from zaiko....but i remember this song from long ago

Rainstronaut - 2017-03-28
I asked my sister to sing me a lulluby, this is what she gave me.

Rowan Peck - 2017-03-25

Rowan Peck - 2017-03-25
it's getting hot in here

Scribble - 2017-03-24
When i was younger i tought this was bowsers theme

yo_its_ya_girl - 2017-03-22
Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. my babes sang this song so I'm Here lol

conor lynch - 2017-03-20
If the lyrics are wrong at all it's pointless. If you're singing it wrong, you know it at some level and it doesn't fit (At least if you've actually listened to the song). Fix em up homie ✌

Lillith Sternin - 2017-03-17
"Welcome to AOL" at the beginning of the video. Like a lifetime ago.

Alexis Rosa Franco - 2017-03-14
i came here from adam saleh and hamzah

Shaiyino Mendoza - 2017-03-14
Lmaooo this is a serious tb πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

kenzie Kenz - 2017-03-13
*here not herre

Aboss 23 - 2017-03-10

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