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About This Video:
In this video, I will provide the analysis necessary for you to make a decision to either invest in the facebook stock. I will my opinion on whether you can be bullish or bearish on the Facebook stock. Facebook shares have been climbing up nicely this year. It has moved quite a bit even if their market cap is huge.

Facebook has made key acquisition such as Instagram, Whatsapp, and Oculus over the year. Many people will compare Facebook vs Snapchat stock and even though Snapchat has a lower price does not mean it is a more attractive value. It is a good time for me to do some facebook investment.

Is FACEBOOK a BUY or a SELL in 2017? It will depend on many factors including your risk tolerance and if you can afford the stock. That is one of the reason why I made this video to provide key analysis on the facebook stock in 2017. I have been buying Facebook shares since 2013. Facebook stock future looks very good specially if you can see how the numbers have grown over the years. Now, Facebook outlook would look even better if they were able to reach those countries who have banned facebook such as China. The question will be to you โ€œAre you currently investing in Facebookโ€? If you are, at what point did you start?
If you are not, Are you interested?. In addition, keep in mind we will get some facebook stock news since they will be doing their earning call this week. I was buying facebook shares during the election times and even though they lost a lot of money, they were able to make it up. Make sure to have good facebook stock position in critical times. I see the facebook stock future very bright even in the bad times. FB stock is a good one in the technology sector. Also, the facebook stock in 2011 has been going at around 21% at this moment. 

The symbol ticket is FB for the Facebook stock. 



David Finch - 2017-09-03
Facebook is a must buy for new investors. Thanks for information

Leonard Bird - 2017-08-24
Thanks for the excellent information

tuan nguyen - 2017-08-13
I was invested in this stock when it drop down to $20 a share I bought and sell at $30 , yup sell too soon ๐Ÿ‘น. you think can you do a future video about when you likely to sell when investment go south ? What you look for in the income statement or growth?

Karl - 2017-07-15
This is an awesome video. Thanks for the superb information.

Phillippe Muanza - 2017-07-05
Thanks for the awesome video. I wish i had bought shares back in 2012.

Ruben Martinez - 2017-06-19
excellent analysis, thank you for the video

Kala Titati - 2017-05-31
where do u get all that info?

Kala Titati - 2017-05-31
wow, excellent work/information

UIBT- Uttara institute of business & technology - 2017-05-12

Robert. RT - 2017-05-12

Cassidy J. Herrera - 2017-05-11
i want to buy fb stock

Albert K. Harris - 2017-05-11
wow its a good viceo

iLivHipHop - 2017-05-06
whats your 10 year prediction for Facebook? i predict $500-$800 a share

Prestige the One - 2017-05-04
Thank you so much for all the information you provide. I'm new to the stock world so it's a lot to take in.

Walter Payton - 2017-05-04
fb has been a beast, thanks for the info

WSUS da best - 2017-05-01
I bought shares when you made the video. Thank you for having a great video

Yahaira Rodriguez - 2017-04-27
Thanks for the information

andrew mata - 2017-04-25
great information, I slept when FB was sub 140 now its over 140 and I see it staying stable then continuing a slow trend up.

Justin Berlin - 2017-04-20
I have been investing in facebook since 2013 too. Earnings are going to make the stock break the support line next week.

I liked this video way more than the amd video.I subscribed and thanks for the video.

Rene Torre - 2017-04-18
do you recommend this over Snapchat?

cTech Now - 2017-04-17
fb will go up more thanks for IG

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