Quickie: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri #TIFF17

Quickie: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri #TIFF17
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Quickie: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri #TIFF17



YourMovieSucksDOTorg - 2017-10-01
Hey guys! I'll be voice acting in the new Cyanide & Happiness game so show it some love! https://goo.gl/4iAuo1

Tiler Dördn - 2018-01-15
Sam Rockwell was absolutely fantastic in this film

Surgery Head - 2018-01-15
lucas hedges was fine you're so fucking weird man

a random guy online - 2018-01-14
fuck lucas hedges

Brutha - 2018-01-14
I liked the movie, I'll give it a 7/10 (I rate on my personal enjoyment,but the film making does play a big part). The only thing that I really didn't like was the ending. I mean Woody Harrelson did explain that cases can be solved on stupidity, so it should have been fitting that this one ended in one as well. It felt like they were going that route but then bitch slapped us in the face and said "No! Happy endings are for bitches! " I wouldn't have thought the ending was stupid because, for one, it was set up. Second, it really wasn't about the murder or the investigation; it was about how the characters dealt with it, so it wouldn't have been a letdown if that was how the investigation was solved because it wasn't the focus of the movie. Instead we get this ending where you don't really know what is going to happen next, making it feel unfinished. It wasn't a masterpiece, but it was good. It's just not my style of movie.

Gandalf TheBrown - 2018-01-12
If this movie got a 10/10 from Adum himself then it must REALLY be good.

Sam 454 - 2018-01-11
Cool Cat Saves The Three Billboards

TurtleHurdle - 2018-01-11
Just saw it, went in blind ad no idea what it was about just that is was good. Eh i dunno I didnt grab me. Might have to see it again bc its like a 7/10 for me atm i feel im missing somthing

Patrick Jensen - 2018-01-10
You keep bitching about Lucas Hedges, but you've never actually said what it is that is so bad about his performance in Manchester By The Sea. Are you just trying to be a prick, or do you any legitimate reasons to back up your claims? Stop acting like your opinion on his performance is the "objectively correct" view on his acting!

CeXmeveco - 2018-01-09
yeah... you didn't pronounce his name right

Brian Treanor - 2018-01-09
Seeing it Friday :)

Evan Bohn - 2018-01-09
adum was drunk when he saw this and doesn't remember it properly.
its unfunny sjw crap from a known plagiarist.
the film was boring, and is nothing more than hollywood's re-write of middle america.
peter dinklage was under whelming, but still the high point.
sam rockwell was moronically dull.
woody harrelson's cancer sherriff didn't make too much sense, but w/e.
abbie cornish's presence suggested she's fucking the director.
lucas hedges [see abbie cornish]
i'll cut to the chase and say the entire cast [good or bad] was wasted on a mediocre script from an over rated play wright [have you seen mcdonagh's plays? they're kinda meaningless rip-offs of john millington synge, even if you are from ireland]
in bruges was okay.
seven psychopaths was tragically underwhelming.
this is worse.
this director is going to keep getting work and its not going to improve.
as "irish playwrights" go, mcdonagh is the michael bay of irish playwrights, which is a far more accurate approximation of his talents than his previous label of being the "the irish tarantino".

Rossriver31 - 2018-01-09
This movie is so realistic that Mildred's estranged trucker husband drives a convertible and has an attractive 18-year-old girlfriend. After giving Mildred the house and no doubt paying alimony and child support. If that BS isn't worth ONE point off... I don't know what to say.

CometCourse - 2018-01-09
The dialogue in this film is fucking abysmal.

thatonedrewguy - 2018-01-09
I really enjoy all of his films. Seven Psychopaths was absolutely awesome. I hope he uses Sam Rockwell in everything he does from now on.

haganbmj - 2018-01-09
I'm surprised you weren't bothered by some of the over dramatic and very direct lines of dialogue.

Still a good film, it's just not going to be topping any of my lists.

Adriano Vazquez - 2018-01-08
In Bruges feels more complete to me. Three billboards has elements that feel half baked. Like sam rockwells character arc, which I don't completely buy. Lucas hedges. And I really don't like the way they just completely minimize the involvement of the black characters in the film. In a film that takes place in a small racist town and the black characters barely get a voice in it.

Slootyboot - 2018-01-06
Best movie of 2017. Martin McDonagh is my favorite director, easily. However, I'd probably give this movie a 9/10 because I was really disappointed with the ending. It's hard to describe it without spoilers, but I'll try... Everything in the film had a payoff, everything felt like it had a purpose, but the ending really just gave me blue balls. STILL, best movie of 2017


There was a shit load of buildup towards the end with Dixon (Dickson?) and it really just ended on a flat note in my opinion when they were in the car driving towards the "rapist's" house. It also didn't make much sense... He was in Missouri at the time, what made them think that 1-7 days later he'd be back at his house...? Just a really shitty ending in my opinion, but fortunately it's the only issue I had with the film.

Adithya Prakash - 2018-01-05
Sam Rockwell is destined to win the Best Supporting Actor. He blew me away

Monty Datta - 2018-01-04
HOLY FUCK this movie blew me away

Lucielle Reche - 2018-01-04
Almost Famous was garbage

Oof 2.0 - 2018-01-03
Just now saw it it’s great

Dappskee - 2018-01-02
prob best movie I've seen in quite some time.

Jeremy Mclean Films - 2018-01-01
Lucas hedges was pretty shit in this, the rest of it was excellent

DDK - 2018-01-01
Best movie of 2017

Anthony Rivera - 2017-12-31
This movie was average at best 7/10

CabinDoor - 2017-12-28
I really liked it, but not the ending. And the trailer was really misleading, it gives you the impression the movie is about a corrupted police force and a scorn woman going to war with them. It's not that at all.

Dan Brennan - 2017-12-28
I haven't seen Manchester by the Sea but that kid was terrible in this. He wasted every line he was given, including what could have been one of the better lines in the film. "What are you moving out?" That door slam WAS cringey as fuck, especially the way it's edited, as if he waited until they got inside the house before abruptly stropping off to his room. He felt like he was playing it as a little kid, and not just when he was angry. I've seen this twice and both times been thrown off by how excited he gets when his dad arrives. He practically hops up yelling "Daddy! Daddy!" Like how fucking old is this kid supposed to be?

Mikey Proctor - 2017-12-28
It's pronounced mac-donna

DeL Keyes - 2017-12-23
"I swear when this movie comes out in November, there'll be a bunch of Reddit threads of people saying this is one of their favorite movies in a long time...and years from now, people will see this as a classic".

...if only he knew. To be fair, I'm only scoping on twitter, but at least Adam didn't say he's a prophet.

Anthony Gillis - 2017-12-22
I walked out on this movie less than thirty minutes in. I have never asked for a refund on a movie in my life. I am a fan of Martin McDonough. I have a great deal of respect for Francis mcdormand and many of the other actors from previous Mcdonough films. Don't take the tremendous hype to this movie as a sign that you will definitely enjoy it!

The movie is incredibly preachy and maeopic. The main character is a bad person who we are made to empathise with, but I couldn't bring myself to sympathise with her. There were scenes where she could have acted in a morally justified yet hostile way, but she chose to drill a hole in his finger instead. (You know what I'm talking about if you've seen it) The morals of the main character are the completely backward and stupid. This is a film for angry liberals with no brains. I will give it a chance if/ when I can watch it for free, but the movie is terrible and cheesy.

eric - 2017-12-21
i feel like im the only one who didn't get this movie. i appreciated the moral grey tones and general premise with no easy answers. great acting, mostly. but the whole tone of the movie gave me constant whiplash. maybe this is my internet-induced autism acting up but when you go from a family trading quippy barbs to each other to an ex-husband choking his wife, or a small town that zeroes in around Mcdowell's perceived insult to cops but completely ignores the slapstick "kicking a bunch of minors in the junk", i just can't find a tonal center.

i also watch a bunch of dumb shit and have bad opinions and am generally a dumb person so i dunno

Adriano Vazquez - 2017-12-19
Spoilers: What did you think of the controversy surrounding this film and it's redemptiom arc surrounding Sam Rockwell character? As well as the way the film deals with racism and the use of the black characters in the film?

Showan - 2017-12-17
this movie fuckin rocked

Flora Posteschild - 2017-12-16
Thank you for the recommendation! Still thinking about this film.

One problem: yes, Lucas Hedges did suck, but the character of the daughter sucked also -- think it was the writing rather than the actress. It would have been better to leave her a mystery rather than write in a generic rebellious teen. And those lines mother and daughter exchanged; not good.

Vision the Dad - 2017-12-15
I just found your channel and i think im in love with your voice

The Slimer - 2017-12-14
I am truly shocked that I have not foubd a negative review of this movie. I have never walked out of a movie as I seldom see them in theaters but if my brothers had not persuaded me to stay, I would have been gone.

Hans - 2017-12-13
I don't usually react aloud except for laughing when it comes to videos but... I just instinctively said "wow" at the 10/10. i wonder if it'll be showing in UK cinemas near me..

puddle - 2017-12-13
I saw this last night and it was awesome! Looking forward to discussing with others :)

Skull Kid - 2017-12-13
damn I envy you, I want to see it in theaters so bad but it probably won't be playing near me because I live in a fucking sink hole (not literally)

Max Rowe - 2017-12-13
Wtf Adam, just got back from the movie and it totally sucked. CGI deer, CGI blood, CGI fire. Every single character was annoying and didn't progress at all, no arcs. The main character was completely unlikeable and you're never on her side. Most importantly the movie is completely predictable In the short term and overall has terrible pacing and no narrative drive. 6/10

Sean's Myth - 2017-12-11
Every character in this movie is bigger than life. That's my main problem with it. Then it's the overly-gratuitous violence. You can make your point to the audience without beating them over the head with it. Mildred just always seemed to me like Shirley Phelps with a bad attitude. Which character were we supposed to like or at least identify with? Her? For me it was the guy or gal who may or may not have shot him or her self halfway through this resolution lacking train wreck. I didn't hate this movie though, I just hate the fact that it's sooo damn overrated, which many indies tend to be, probably because it baits people who are sick of the mega-budget Hollywood crap that's so pervasive these days. Maybe I just wasn't in much of an "ass-kicking" mood the day I saw this film. Idk.

Walsh Cooper - 2017-12-09
I think you might just have a grudge against Lucas

rome8180 - 2017-12-09
I got to say that while Adam is my favorite critic, I'm not really agreeing with him lately. I was pretty disappointed with this movie. Great cinematography, good acting..terrible script. It had some well written moments, but there was so much that was over the top in the dialogue -- going for the cheap laugh or pseudo-profundity, etc. And then there were two major plot points that defied basic logic. The fire hydrant scene stands out the most.

Not sure how you can criticize any of Lady Bird's far superior script but like this. That's the movie that needs to win Best Screenplay.

MrioXZ - 2017-12-07
Really really surprised to see you give this a 10.

Thomas Thirlwall - 2017-12-05
You gave DAMN. a 7 but Three Ebbings a 10???????

eric20ike - 2017-12-04
I saw this over the weekend. Probably the most overrated movie I've seen in quite some time. It had the potential to be something really special, but the sloppy writing really held it back. The more I think about some of the stupid shit that happened in this movie that we're supposed to just accept, the less I like it. Also a lot of the humor surprisingly fell flat, and certain characters were wasted or serve almost no purpose. I will say Francis McDormand gave an Oscar worthy performance, so I hope she wins that. But the movie itself... it's 7 out of 10 for me.

Ben Wang - 2017-12-04
I didn't see Manchester by the Sea, but I totally get what you say about Lucas Hedges shitting the bed.

The Movie Maniac - 2017-12-03
Just saw this last night and highly agree, and while i don't think Hedges sucked in Manchester I didn't think he was all that great, but he TOTALLY sucked in this film, like you said thank god he didn't have a lot of screen time.

skimpiff - 2017-12-03
I finally got to see this and it was so enjoyable. Rarely do films have such a great tonal balance, and the screenplay really did go ways I didn’t expect. Also, Hedges was even worse in this than he was in Manchester.

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