Le'Veon Bell's Ridiculous Tight Rope TD vs. Cincinnati! | Can't-Miss Play | NFL Wk 13 Highlights

Le'Veon Bell's Ridiculous Tight Rope TD vs. Cincinnati! | Can't-Miss Play | NFL Wk 13 Highlights
The Cincinnati Bengals can't tackle Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell as he sprints down the sideline for a touchdown in Week 13 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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Le'Veon Bell's Ridiculous Tight Rope TD vs. Cincinnati! | Can't-Miss Play | NFL Wk 13 Highlights



Wafl - 2017-12-24
I would've won 500 bucks if he tackled him :(

tortuga388 - 2017-12-20
Le'veon Bell is lava.

francis1971 - 2017-12-20
At 0:27 a fast count!

Jacob Zentichko - 2017-12-09
I would love to see someone edit this with the John Travolta gif from pulp fiction

Jeremy Snell - 2017-12-08
Thanks for another win Cincy πŸ‘Œ

Tykeem Gadsden - 2017-12-08
they didn't care he was gonna go out of bounds but the bengals knew he was still running with the play still going

hotrodroc1 - 2017-12-07
I think Le'veon is a secret Uchida.

Trajche Brlev - 2017-12-07
Do You Watch Football?

Answer the question now to get NFL Redzone Package ---> https://goo.gl/akPJV8

Brooke Bellue - 2017-12-07

Justin B - 2017-12-07
Top notch tackling by the Bengals

TheBombayMasterTony - 2017-12-06
The celebration, haha.

Meme Iselfaneye - 2017-12-06
And they say defenders don't react realistically in Madden.

Marcus Mariota #MariGOATa #ProBowl2016 - 2017-12-06
Some people may hate on Jackson but you could tell he just didn't want to get a penalty flag for a late hit.

HecdudeH2O - 2017-12-05
"You get him!"
"No, you get him!"

Buster Fallah - 2017-12-05
bengals blew a 17 point lead

Aiden Andrade - 2017-12-05
Thats why u cant be scared in football

Coby Shelton - 2017-12-05
This isn’t Evans fault at all, jackson clearly should have made an effort to tackle someone.

Jonathan Rose - 2017-12-05
Even though the defense screwed up, that was still an incredible move and impressive balance to stay in bounds.

austinricky - 2017-12-05
As a steeler fan and Bell owner in fantasy, that had to be one of the worst offensive/defensive plays that resulted in a touchdown that i have ever seen in my 18+ years watching the NFL. somethings gotta change. and now. that was not a touchdown play.

Lance Cowan - 2017-12-05
Big deal !

David Bell - 2017-12-05
that's what NFL is turning to with all these flags and can't tackle anymore. NFL will be flag football in the future smh

Bob Curry - 2017-12-05

Marcus Mueller - 2017-12-05
You know, if they hit a guy the nanosecond he goes out of bounds the refs throw a flag. It figures stuff like this would start happening.

Bruh - 2017-12-05
James Harden plays better defense smh

Julio jones - 2017-12-05
Eat Up πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

XiSaulNBAChampiX - 2017-12-05
123 wwe

Unitary Rex - 2017-12-05
Call us the W machine

depressed steelers fan new coaching please. - 2017-12-05
Even I could of tackled better...

BADGER GAMING - 2017-12-05
Haha its not two hand touch evans

Steven Robles - 2017-12-05
Super Bowl 52 Eagles Vs Patriots

Justin Duncan - 2017-12-05
I Still Can't Believe That The
Steelers Came Back to Win,
in Cincinnati, @ Bengals,
Down (0-17).

StupidCamel - 2017-12-05

Pink King Kolton w - 2017-12-05
Ok lets have a talk you have to get lucky to get to get to January and the steelers have been the epidimy of luck this season but a win is a win. Go steelers

Arthur - 2017-12-05
Almost losing to mediocre teams will only take the Steelers so far, but not the Super Bowl.

Steffen Samlal - 2017-12-05
Bengals had this game gift wrapped and oh well u want sumtin done I’ll do it myself week 15 see u there! Good adjustment in the second half Steelers,

Live Grenade - 2017-12-05
Pay that man

Arthur - 2017-12-05
Bengals deserved that loss. Bunch of chockers. Get rid of that QB

Abraham Garcia - 2017-12-05

Justin Wilhelm - 2017-12-05
Yo burfict took one in the ass soooo hard lmaoooo juju is a beast

X-Ryder9 - 2017-12-05
Steelers are too good. From a Jets fan.

Unitary Rex - 2017-12-05
We always gonna find a way to win!!!

Steven Robles - 2017-12-05
We all know the the Steelers aren’t making the Super Bowl hands down

RebugClxtches - 2017-12-05
And just like that, we took the W

Unitary Rex - 2017-12-05

Kaylah G - 2017-12-05
heck yeah!!! go steelers!

Hippy Honcho - 2017-12-05
Comeback Kings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strong Mountain Runner - 2017-12-05
I would eat my words....

Good for the black and gold!!!

deonal - 2017-12-05
In flag football we still play to the whistle....

Michael Tate - 2017-12-05
this what happens when you flag everything

Pats Fans Daily - 2017-12-05
And the Steelers are going to barely scrape by with another one score game against a mediocre team and everyone is going to say they're the best team in the league...

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