Bella Kok - 2018-02-13
Bringing up the colonoscopy was her way of fishing for Jimmy to ask about the anal text message 😂😂 next time just come out and bring it up yourself 😂😂

Neon - 2018-02-11
Dumbest chick the world. She claims that the Dutch are good at speed skating at the Olympics, because skating is (according to he) an important way of transportation in Amsterdam. First of all dumb American clown, most winters in the Netherlands aren't cold enough to skate on these canals, secondly, even if it's frozen, people take still take car, bike, bus, streetcar, taxi or any other known way of transportation. Lastly, Amsterdam is a city, it's not a country, it's not even a large part of the country.

Best Tongkat Ali - 2018-02-10
Awesome! Anyway if anybody want to increase or boost sexual energy, go to my channel. This is no prank 👍

graham kehoe - 2018-02-09
Her smile looks like when you do that face, you know? Where you dry your teeth out like crazy and then roll up your upper lip

Cloudie 831 - 2018-02-09
Poor Amy always doing EXTRA. Guess she has to be extreme cuz God knows dirty bitch ain't funny👎Stop stealing jokes😒

Greg Massi - 2018-02-07
Katie Couric a worthless piece.

quantumperception - 2018-02-06
Now that I know that she does anal, I almost like her.

Rahul Brahmin - 2018-02-04
At least what'd her name who wanted to be president from Alaska ????? She still was beautiful katie ....

luvvinallmusik 57 - 2018-02-04
Between Lauer's firing & Colbert's blowin' up NBC must b feeling desperate. What will they do after the Olympics? Make This Is Us a daily soap opera?

BootlegFightVideo - 2018-02-03
Humblebrag she is working her husband over in bed every night.

Ashik Md. Rashid - 2018-02-03
Chicken Noodle News?!😂

amanda rose - 2018-02-03
thank god finally a story we've all been waiting to hear the end of.

john lee - 2018-02-02
Love that she is wearing tights..but wish it was heels so we can see her legs more

kk P - 2018-02-02
now I'm imagining her with a dick in her butt. Thanks for the imagery.

Lit Jutsu69 - 2018-02-02
NICE! Lol My type of woman!

Mtdmpls - 2018-02-02
Ah, finally some good wholesome anal jokes. A real throwback to the old Johnny Carson days. How late night television used to be. I hope my grandma was watching.

You get a car! - 2018-02-02
She's great!!

Me L. - 2018-02-02
Still beautiful. Love Katie!!!

John Billings - 2018-02-02
Katie Couric still sexy as hell

precious 55 - 2018-02-01
Hi guys check out + like https://youtu.be/C2V9jIUobiY if you like to make your day better

362chop - 2018-02-01
Granny never disappears.

Justin Garcia - 2018-02-01
Daym i knew i loved her for a reason...lol

Hoàng Nguyễn - 2018-02-01
No cut

Agent CodyBanx - 2018-02-01
I'd smash

Shane Elliott - 2018-02-01
“Where the fuck is Matt Lauer at? Somebody get Katie Couric in here”

Maennlein - 2018-02-01
As an europeean, the only reason I know Katie Couric is because Dawson Leery used to masturbated usually in the morning...^^

manguy2000 - 2018-02-01
The mentioned Colon's and then Jimmy happens to say "rim shot" right after. This stuff reeks

Kirk Gibbs - 2018-02-01
She is a reprehensible person.

Nicholas Borg - 2018-02-01
Amy Schumer sigh

derjoh1986 - 2018-02-01
She looks really different!

TsubakiiHime - 2018-02-01
I love her so much 😂

iSILDUR - 2018-02-01
Ehmm okayyy.. YIKES

Viva La Migra - 2018-02-01
I thought running Hillary was the anal prank???

Ska Punk Rarities - 2018-02-01
So that story basically confirms she and her husband do butt stuff

captainofc34 - 2018-02-01
I thought Anal was click bait...It’s beyond surreal seeing this side of Katie...what the world

You Tried It! - 2018-02-01
the audience do not like her. at least force a laugh for this ol' bag.

Jay C - 2018-02-01
2:50 she's just like "what? I love anal!"

You All Ready Know - 2018-02-01
I knew she was into butt stuff.

Vladimir Pejić - 2018-02-01
Drops? From where?

Gabe Newell - 2018-02-01
Damn, Katie Couric is still a fox ;)

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