gracemarie damone - 2018-02-14
All Vic Damones songs will be missed.
May he test in peace.

RareEnigma™ - 2018-02-12
This is my first time being aware of Mr. Sherman, I express joy that I have discovered this video. To see that there were individuals doing parody songs is enjoyable and provides more proof that what is seen in the present years are not new, but reintroduced.

Doonsbury - 2018-02-07
Just pure enjoyment watching these 3 greats have a ball!

NellsStuff - 2018-01-21
Aaaaahhh... those were the days.....................................

AD77 - 2017-10-28
Three of the great ones.

LakeviewGreg - 2017-10-17
Great stuff!

Sam Sheraton - 2017-06-28
What a great trio, OLD LANG SIGN

Jonathan Pinckney - 2017-03-11
This is funnier than WLITA.

Sheri Dildar - 2016-12-04

Heidi Myers - 2016-11-30
You do NOT get entertainment on TV like this anymore. That's why I've stopped watching TV.

Mistie Partin - 2016-11-09
This was so awesome! I need all the laughs and smiles I can get given the horror of learning Trump won...God, Allah, Buddha...ANYONE help the US!

Kroonerguy - 2016-07-18
Classic Allan Sherman.

meetthismeatbred - 2016-07-14
Does anyone know by chance where i can find the "bella lugosi" and "there's a gipsy" songs ? Either allans parody or the real songs would do.

Shindo Wolf - 2016-06-05
thank you

Mike Smith - 2016-06-04
"And remember guys and gals: Don't buy the Liverwurst!"

Shindo Wolf - 2016-06-02
what is name name of the one about teenagers ?

Chris Long - 2016-03-18
Wow surprised he could say orally.

alan dvorkis - 2015-12-02
When you go to Salt Lake, if you see Mrs Blake, that's a Mormon. What a brilliant man Mr SHerman was. Sad he left us so young.

Carol Wagers - 2015-07-14
this makes he absolutely HOWL!!!    So great.

Tonithenightowl - 2015-04-25
I laughed like an idiot all through this.  Hysterical. I grew up listening to Allan Sherman and thought he was fantastic and completely original. If you didn't laugh at his parodies you have NO sense of humor. :o)

Kimberly Weller - 2015-03-03

Greta Herron - 2015-02-04
Loved Allen Sherman, and had his greatest hits album. Even bought the sheet music for "No One's Perfect", and his salesman version of "Dear Old Donnegal".

Beatnut2k - 2014-12-12
When u go to the delicatessen store, don´t buy the liverwurst, don´t buy the liverwurst, don´t buy the liverwurst, i repeat just what he said before.......

So funny, hahahah, really nice

Charles Mazzarella - 2014-11-18
thank you for posting this.  I only heard Mr. Sherman's (Copelon's) 12 Days of Christmas

croonlover - 2014-11-08
and 2 great italiano!

djf 2451 - 2014-11-04

one of the great jewish comedians of the twentieth century
allan copelom aka. allan sherman
30 nov 1924
20 nov 1973 ~ age 48

ritwingr - 2014-10-05
When I was a kid I used to play my parents' Alan Sherman album over and over and over. Don't remember the name but it was the ones with the songs in the medley at the end. You can't imagine the flood of memories this brought back. Thanks.

Bam Carle - 2014-06-25
This is GREAT. Thanks!

chris ki - 2014-06-10

Mark Schildberg - 2014-03-20
+MrHypnofan Here is the lyric to Auld Lang Syne:

I know a man
His name is Lang
And he has a neon sign
And Mister Lang
Is very old
So they call it Old Lang's Sign

Mark Schildberg - 2014-03-20
@DarthRaukrist It's on the album "My Name Is Allan."

Max Ward - 2014-02-25

sven christiansen - 2014-02-01
Wow! 301 folks who have a sense of humor and 2 dense yokels who'd be right at home at a public hanging.

topper18x - 2014-01-18
I watched this entire video with a HUGE smile on my face.  Absolute entertainment!!

GSTR1DR - 2013-12-05
Allen Sherman..PURE GENIUS!!

englishare - engtur - 2013-10-25
Béla Lugosi and his vampire figure so good :)

Guy Sharwood - 2013-09-04
Vic joined in with Pop Hates The Beatles, but went on to do a cover of Yesterday?

agc812 - 2013-06-10
Oh, I laughed so hard! I played my Dad's Allan Sherman album over and over as a kid. What a great talent!

Rob McClain - 2013-05-10
Allan Sherman was one of the best parts of my childhood, and I could still sing his songs from memory 40 years later. At the breakfast table, in the car, anywhere is a good place to bring a smile to someone's face with a few lines from Allan's treasury of tunes. Weird Al created his own career, but Jewish Al probably made it a little easier for parody to be seen as a sincere form of flattery. I miss you, Mr. Sherman.

Bobby Mayo Jr - 2013-05-08
Thank You Alan !! Do You have any of the vic Damone show?

Harry Rabin - 2013-04-23
Thanks for posting this GEM

NolramNrets - 2013-04-14
They are both sagittarius

gary thompson - 2013-02-22
was urs but it takes time ..

verdatum - 2012-12-15
Child of the 80s, I've only ever heard My Son, The Nut before. Today I learned Allen Sherman is a hilarious genius!

trueblue914 - 2012-10-26
Thank u !

Johan Bengtsson - 2012-04-21
"Hello young lovers! You're under arrest!" 2:44 So funny!! :-))

dgoren121692 - 2012-03-31
Jonah Hill could definitely portray Alan Sherman if they ever do a movie about him.

samarroon - 2012-03-21
the was much professional envy around those who sold lots of records up through 1964, then didn't again once the Beatles hit the scene.

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