Jim Gaffigan Rediscovers His Flop Sweat Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Jim Gaffigan Rediscovers His Flop Sweat Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
The veteran standup and star of The Jim Gaffigan Show steps into Hot Ones inferno to test his American dad mettle against some of the spiciest sauces on the planet. Watch him suffer through the Scoville onslaught while settling the Shake Shack vs. In-N-Out debate, and explaining why he can never escape the infamy of the Hot Pocket.

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Jim Gaffigan Rediscovers His Flop Sweat Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones



Angelo - 2017-07-22
Saddens me!😩

Cameron Baker - 2017-07-20
I'm sorry jim but Lou Malnati's is TRASH compared to giordano's.

Erik Hinds - 2017-07-19
He really is very pale

Jeremazing Randomness - 2017-07-17
I am 22 and I still watch all the Disney and Nickelodeon shows like The Thundermans 100 things to do before high school Jesse I loved i Charlie The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck were awesome too

Michael Ian Ross - 2017-07-15
Sean's accent is so strong I didn't think he was from the suburbs!

Kaden Winters - 2017-07-15

Wallace Wallace - 2017-07-14

Alex Sweeney - 2017-07-14
1. Bill Burr must do this show.
2. He is so eloquent with his reactions to the heat.

Faye Squatch - 2017-07-13
I wanna be on the show!!!!!

Knowledge Knowledge - 2017-07-13
That's unnecessary

MimikOctopus - 2017-07-05
Evanston represent!

LastbutNotFirst - 2017-07-03
okay, i think we should get the hot pocket fucker on this now. worthy interview

vaszka44 - 2017-07-03
pussy puss.

vaszka44 - 2017-07-03
donut burger.Kurwa mać.Who's the quest anyway?

Caity Wylie - 2017-07-01
Holy fuck. Jim was hot in high school

Bun Squish - 2017-07-01
Waterbuger > in and out

Nick collinet - 2017-06-29
Any luck getting bill nye? Definitely would be near Neil Degrass Tyson awesome.

Tyson Judd - 2017-06-25

kdoeone - 2017-06-25
boourns. dude can't hang

DEAN SHIELD - 2017-06-24
Damn he was so close...

DEAN SHIELD - 2017-06-24
What hot sauces do you use that is on the shows?

zacharydoepp - 2017-06-24
Did anyone else cry laughing when he was joking about the mega death sauce?

Dave J - 2017-06-23
This is one of my favorite episodes. This show is my new obsession

Zoe Zoe - 2017-06-23
Love Jim Gaffigan! Such a good episode😃

Kieran Boughner - 2017-06-23
Jim Gaffigan is what happens when HGH doesn't work.

Devil Gene - 2017-06-21
did I hear that right? 4 hours for pizza?

Brendan Leadbeater - 2017-06-20
Tony Romo!!!!!

Matt Liebau - 2017-06-20
jimmy johns is fucking trash. I've had better food form a gas station

Sarah Lippert - 2017-06-19
The northern IL nostalgia is ON POINT in this interview

Kyle Hunt - 2017-06-19
Jim noooo :(

Lo Carb - 2017-06-19
" I have other things to do today besides sitting on the toilet yelling."

Mike Basso - 2017-06-18
love the show. A fan of hot sauce. Have you ever thought of having a fan challenge where 3 fans face off to eat your wings and winner gets to interview your next celebrity with you?

jo diggy - 2017-06-17
You look like Jason Bateman, probably been said before

Jake Mikolas - 2017-06-17
These guys grew up literally in my neck of the woods. I'm from the Algonquin area! So right near Elgin, Crystal Lake, and Barrington!

Will Craig - 2017-06-16
ugh how could you say that Jimmy Johns is better than Subway.
So much bread and Mayo

John Smith - 2017-06-16
Damn, he's the first White guy that gives up.

amazingblur - 2017-06-16
Jim Gaffigan is a hack. I went to see him do stand up a couple years ago and every single joke was verbatim what it was in his most recent album. In fact the only joke he did that wasn't from his album was another more previous joke that was actually requested by some moron in the audience. I remember after about 10 minutes in I realized he wasn't going to do anything new and I just watched the rest of the show in rage. Every now and then he would look at me in the audience and cringe, once I realized he was aware of me I could tell I was on his mind the whole performance. I should've yelled, "do a damn joke that isn't on your most recent album!" After the show he was signing in the lobby and I thought about approaching him, he looked at me and he looked really nervous and serious. I decided just to leave. So word of warning, don't waste your time or money ever going to one of his pathetic stand up shows. Even if you like his joke, only a hack performs material he already released in an album, and I swear it was word for word and even in the same order of the album. You can like his jokes, but as a stand up comedian he's an absolute disgrace.

Frank15982 - 2017-06-16
damn I'm from Elgin. I didn't know Jim was from there.

Dylan MacKinnon - 2017-06-15
Deep dish pizza isnt a pizza

Frozen Deity - 2017-06-15
JimGaffigan has the same mannerisms as my dad!

IETCHX69 - 2017-06-13
He should rub hot sauce on his lil ole vagina...

chu y - 2017-06-12
get the thot pocket guy to fuck a chicken wing with megadeath sauce

Symbiote Synapse - 2017-06-12
puts on ASMR voice "That's wrong, that's a sin against humanity. God is not happy with that."

Kelly Gluckman - 2017-06-09
oh yeah, more chefs too. But less athletes.

Kelly Gluckman - 2017-06-09
More hip hop artists, more comedians, more females! Less athletes...

Robbie Shields - 2017-06-08
who would think this is fake? i mean its impressive that he eats all that shit everytime, but its not like its dangerous or anything...its food, whats so unvelievable about eating food on camera?😂

Ipfreely31415 - 2017-06-07
"That's not a skill, it's sticking food in your mouth

zerious1016 - 2017-06-06
I would love to eat wings with Sean. He seem to be a cool guy to have wings lunch with.

Raven Vinnie - 2017-06-05
"I'm out, fuck that shit" OMG XD

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