Jim Gaffigan Rediscovers His Flop Sweat Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Jim Gaffigan Rediscovers His Flop Sweat Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
The veteran standup and star of The Jim Gaffigan Show steps into Hot Ones inferno to test his American dad mettle against some of the spiciest sauces on the planet. Watch him suffer through the Scoville onslaught while settling the Shake Shack vs. In-N-Out debate, and explaining why he can never escape the infamy of the Hot Pocket.

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Jim Gaffigan Rediscovers His Flop Sweat Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones



Rage Casanova - 2017-09-23
That ramen burger is pretty good tho...

NatySpaghetti - 2017-09-22
I love jim gaffigan, hes the best ever!

Varkade Games - 2017-09-22
You should try my stuffed habaneros brother. Great show.✌️

Joey DiLuigi - 2017-09-22
Sean, it actually burns me when you gotta defend the authenticity of the hot sauces.
Remember that right now, as you speak there are educated people who believe that chemtrails are real and the earth is flat. Nothing should surprise you when we live in a world where we can't get three people to agree it's Monday.

Lilly JamGlam - 2017-09-22
I'm from Chicago, born in west Rodgers park. Listening to that Chicago neighborhood talk was fucking awesome.

chuckie14469 - 2017-09-21
This should be sponsored by Tums 😂😂😂

Eric Brown - 2017-09-20
Why? That's a fair question...

growing calidank - 2017-09-20
Hey how are your bowels after years of this???

JoshCarterComedy - 2017-09-18
when I do this show I'm going to go hungry. my spice tolerance goes way up if im starving. I'm also going to have a coffee milkshake on the side instead of milk and will also bring some bourbon and beer. when having fun, my spice tolerance goes way up

Ian Tusa - 2017-09-18
WTF I'm from crystal lake!!! I can't believe these guys are both from where I grew up.

Jarod Rosales - 2017-09-16
Woah he does look like NPH

Dustin Mayer - 2017-09-15
Wow, what a great show.

Also, I've been to Hackney's. Love that onion loaf!

† CTRAIN BEATS † - 2017-09-14
i got the money, i dont need CTE lmao

Christian Martinez - 2017-09-10
"you're a food guy" . . "is that code for your fat" Lol

Eric Piche - 2017-09-10
"Did he make love to these" hahaha

Lowek - 2017-09-09
fuck yea spongebob was the right answer

Bryan Fabian - 2017-09-04
bert is fat.

Isa Brown - 2017-08-31
shit Sean and I both lived in Crystal Lake

Errin Taylor - 2017-08-31
Hhhhhhhhhot pocketsssssssssss

Cameron Sipka - 2017-08-31
a cheeseburger on rye with an onion log. whut?

Grace Ford - 2017-08-27
FUCK yeah Hackney's that's where we have our family round up every year!

For Pern - 2017-08-23
Stoners must love this show

Brian Burnett - 2017-08-22
Get Burnie burns

jack stricker - 2017-08-22
Sean seriously said k-doba. That made me sad Sean

Jims - 2017-08-22
I thought I was watching Philip Semour Hoffman's death...

Bianca Nicole - 2017-08-22
The owner of jimmy johns is a big game hunter and has killed rare majestic animals in Africa. Please don't support him if you think lions/giraffes/elephants getting killed is wrong😔

le jefe - 2017-08-21
Louis c.k !

Jennifer Thomas - 2017-08-20
"Go up to a white guys and ask for a dollar and he'll give it to you"! hahahaaha

OpenG73 - 2017-08-20
wait, Tapatio is hotter than Sriracha on the Scoville?

Michael Earls - 2017-08-19
Get Katt Williams on Hot Ones!!!

thehtgrts - 2017-08-18
Lol after he put down the death mega sauce, Jim looks at his hands making sure that shit wasn't on him lol

First Last - 2017-08-18
If you don't go all the way through you don't get as many "internet points". But I do have to respect the foresight to say "screw this" and not be in as much pain as if you ate all of them

jill calderon - 2017-08-17
Get Bo

Amanda Krause - 2017-08-17
"Here's a quail egg and a bean." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jake Vockins - 2017-08-17
How do you only have 1.4m subs? Serious question. With such high profile guests, why is this not more popular?

strawberry.stitches - 2017-08-17
Best Line "I have other things to do today besides sitting on a toilet and yelling."

Tess Richards - 2017-08-14
"so that's made with what, poison?"

Victoria McDaniels - 2017-08-14
This is my favorite because jimmy says fuck

Linda Pozen - 2017-08-14
Crystal Lake fam!!! My home town!!!

LordKlek - 2017-08-11

FUTURE OFALL - 2017-08-11

ycart3285 - 2017-08-11
Damn, I forgot about Hot Pockets! I gotta rewatch that, it's been years

RJam204 - 2017-08-11

michael - 2017-08-10
"Jesus Christ, that's me" 😂😂😂😂

Theangryguy09 - 2017-08-09

Liam MacLellan - 2017-08-09
Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice. Make it happen Sean

InhaledPancakes - 2017-08-08
"a quail egg and a bean" MURDERED me XD

dango-san - 2017-08-08
get bill burr here

spite filled lungs - 2017-08-07
Jimmy john and subway both fall far below cheba hut

Jac Custer - 2017-08-07
He actually has the capability to be fit. Holy shit

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