Mariyln Wellington - 2018-02-19
Thanks for the beautiful songs and movie musicals, Vic, you will live on as a legend in your own time,Love you and your music!!!!

Fred Tappin - 2018-02-17
Vic is one of the all time greatest singer. Had the privelidge seeing him at The Talk of the Town in London in mid sixties. Wonderful night Have signed LP as a momentous of that night. Got most of his stuff of course.

nbshannon - 2018-02-14
R I P Vic Damone.. Thank you for your beautiful voice that will be remembered for a lot more years to come..🍁

Eisen J Eisen - 2018-02-14
I remember seeing him on stage  in the Paramount in Times square NY and he sang some beautiful songs.

David Levesque - 2018-02-14
I know a photo is only a micro-second of a persons life, but I looked at the cover shot and I see a narcissist. Not that it's able to be noted in a flick of an eye. But Somehow, I, looking at it, think that. Is this mini first impression wrong?

CBSEye - 2018-02-13
You're breaking my heart because you're leaving. RIP dear Vic. - a fan from Jersey

Deborah Earle - 2018-02-13
RIP Mr. Damone.

Rosemary Ruffo - 2018-02-13
. . .You're leaving a slow dying ember. . .

Chris Dolmetsch - 2018-02-13
R.I.P. Vic!

1966lockey - 2018-02-13
Beautiful, RI.P Vic

Roberto E. Reyes - 2018-02-13

Isabel1956 - 2018-02-13

andre reed - 2018-02-13

Ruthann Alberts - 2018-02-13
RIP you will be always remembered by your wonderful voice...May God be with you

Milton Moore - 2018-02-13
All Damone fans
need to Google his appearance
as the "mystery
guest" on the the
1950's-60's WHAT'S MY LINE
hit TV quiz show.
Watch all 3 different appear-ances he made.

dntamuu76 - 2018-02-13
Rest in peace, Vic Damone. Thanks for the beautiful songs.

Milton Moore - 2018-02-13
For some reason
as the shorter
tribute comments
keep rolling in on
the event of Mr. Damone's death,
they are to be found far down
into the comment pages, rather than
at the beginning.
Oh yes! I plum
forgot about hitting the newest
comments first
button, to the upper right of the
screen AFTER you press an icon that is
comprised of short lines, at least on MY cheap Samsung smart phone.

Milton Moore - 2018-02-13
An exemplary performance from a man to be admired for all time. With my deepest condolences to his immediate family, and a hearty "distinti saluti" to his millions of loyal fans throughout
the world!

Thomas Damron - 2018-02-13
Such a powerful voice. I read that he was encouraged to launch a singing career by none other than Frank Sinatra.

Denise Mayer - 2018-02-13
RIP Mr.Damone.. your music will live on, but so
sad at your passing.

Thelegend899 - 2018-02-13
That velvet voice will live on to the end of Time. Thank you Vic from all the folks in Brooklyn and fans around the world. You live through those beautiful ballads sung from the bottom of your heart...RIP... God Rest Your Soul ...Arrivaderci for now.Your star will shine till the end of all time...🌠

John Wieczerza - 2018-02-13
Another great one gone, R.I.P.

Milton Moore - 2018-02-13
I very much imagine that flags
are flying today,
February 12, 2018
at half-mast throughout Italy
in tribute to Vito
Rocco Farinola, beloved son of
Italian immigrant
parents, as his
insuperable recording of "O
Sole Mio" is heard
throughout the
cities, villages,
and countrside.
Google the fantastic version
available on the
baroqer2 channel,
MY HEART on the
same channel.😃

Renato Nunes - 2018-02-13
What a great voice. R.I.P. Vic.

Wendy - 2018-02-12
Rest In Peace....a voice I loved, even as a kid.💕

harlan gaston - 2018-02-12
Beautiful song. RIP Vic Damone.

Joseph Carlone - 2018-02-12
RIP. VIC. !!!!

Jordan Kamnitzer - 2018-02-12

Radioheader - 2018-02-12

Alan Kaplan - 2018-02-12
He deserves all the praise. Sorry I missed him in Palm Springs 12 years ago

Milton Moore - 2018-02-12
Now, Tony Bennett at age 91, and Ed Ames, age 90, are the
final surviving members of that
fabulous fraternity
of incredible male
crooners of his era,
most of whom were of Italian heritage.

Vic Damone
You have broken
my heart by leaving us! I just
learned of the sad
news moments
ago when I was listening to this same song on another channel
and your death was referenced in
a comment that
had been posted
only one hour
earlier! God willing,
you are in a much better place!
《Switching to properly writing for the comment
audience, ironically, just LAST NIGHT after
watching a video
of "Anastasia" by
Pat Boone, I commented that
the three pop vocalists most
noted for record
charting performances of
great film theme
scores are Pat Boone, Johnny Mathis, and Vic Damone. And that
they were all still
with us. This was
written Sunday eve, and he passed away sometime Sunday
of complications
from a respiratory
Vic was the eldest of this iconic threesome. It
would be interesting to ascertain just
when Vic died to
see how close it
was to me posting
the comment about him still
being alive! Mysterious ironic
coincidence, to
be sure! I have been shaken up
to say the least,
hoping he would
make it to 90, and
even 100! If he
doesn't end up on
as he is eligible,
something is wrong! All things
considered, I rate
him as my favorite male singer
of them all, with
Johnny Mathis,
Tony Martin, Johnny Desmond, Gordon MacRae, Brook Benton, Mario Lanza,
Jim Reeves, Johnny Tillotson,
The Everly Brothers, David
Houston, Gene Pitney, Tony Bennet, Ed Ames,Jerry Wallace, Faron
Young, George Morgan, Billy Walker, David Rogers, Bobby Lewis, Claude Gray, Nat "King" Cole, Dean Martin, Dick Haymes, Jerry Lee Lewis, Englebert Humpdink, Elvis, Robert Goulet,
Bill Medley, Dick St. John, Jerry Vale, John Gary, Johnny Duncan, Frankie
Laine, Johnny Hartman, Mel Torme, Ray Price, Marty Robbins, Webb Pierce, Frank Sinatra, Pat Boone, Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Jack Jones and Steve
Lawrence basically right up
there with him in
this race to the
finish of iconic
musical thoroughbreds!》

Jim Thompson - 2018-02-12
Vic Damone's represents another irreplaceable loss in the world of voice.

Mr Alex - 2018-02-12
Another belter from the Voice Damone. RIP Vic.

Baron Münchhausen - 2018-02-12
RIP Vic Damone.

Сергей Чe - 2018-02-12
К сожалению умер

Manko Slayer - 2018-02-12

Александре Сафаров - 2018-02-12
Известный певец Вик Дамоне умер в возрасте 89 лет https://dni.ru/incidents/2018/2/12/391178.html

Kathy Green - 2018-02-12
Another Italian "classic" is serenading the angels. R.I.P. sir.

markmarky - 2018-02-12

robert burns - 2018-02-12
Rest in peace sir xx

Glen King - 2018-02-12
RIP, 2/11/2018 89 .

Coolrockndad - 2018-02-12
All the best, rest in peace in the new world. Thanks for the memories.

berzerker1100 - 2018-02-12

5Ring - 2018-02-12
Just announced that Vic has passed. Sad news and beautiful music. Just love all the old-school standard singers like Vic, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole Et Al. This music needs to be saved by the younger generations.

Jo - 2018-02-12
Rest in peace you slick motherfucker, you will be missed.

Milton Moore - 2018-02-09
Vic and Tony Bennett are the only remaining old-school pop
male singing stars
of Italian heritage.
Once they go, THAT'S IT!! If you
enjoy Vic having included some Italian language
in this song, as well as others, you
must google Franco Bonisolli, RIGOLETTO,
(by Giuseppe Verdi.
It's a 5 minute aria.) You will
never hear Italian
sung so heavenly
as this. Damone
and his fellow Italian immigrant
vocalists, barring
Mario Lanza, just
couldn't elocute as native speakers
can, who absorb the language beginning in the
cradle, and they
have it stronger in
their genes, particularly the
silver-tongued trilling of the letter R. You won't regret

Milton Moore - 2018-01-20
Oh! Those gorgeous Italian
mandolins! For you mandolin lovers, the most felicitous employ-
ment of the instrument I have
ever heard is in
"I Te Vurria Vasa" by
Connie Francis, which is my favorite recording of hers.

Superior Troodon - 2018-01-06
You're breaking my heart 'cause you're leaving
You've fallen for somebody new
It isn't too easy believing
You'd leave after all we've been through
It's breaking my heart to remember
The dreams we depended upon
You're leaving a slow dying ember
I'll miss you, my love, when you're gone
I wish you joy, though teardrops burn
But if some day you should want to return
Please hurry back and we'll make a new start
Till, till then you're breaking my heart
[Foreign content]
I wish you joy, though teardrops burn
But if some day you should want to return
Please hurry back and we'll make a new start
Till, till then you're breaking my heart

Milton Moore - 2018-01-02
Never a song
more romantic
than this; there
are only rivals.
Speaking of rivals, I notice
that many fans
of Johnny Mathis, and I am one, place him on a pedestal as the
most glorious
voice and greatest interpreter of romantic ballads of
all time. To them, Mathis is
on a pedestal beneath which
exist every other vocalist that has ever lived. I would
recommend this one performance, among many,
to debunk this
opinion which
Mathis fans aver is a card inal truth; it cannot be any other way but the way they view it. It is first class
stupidity to attempt to rank
an order of beauty as to who is the most
beautiful film
actress ever, what is the most perfect
piece of sculpture or example of architecture, what is the greatest novel,
poem, or symphony, etc.
The great ones
are all great in their own ways,
and one can only have FAVORITES based
on their own subjective opinions. I especially don't
like to pit these
immortal vocalists against eachother. Johnny Mathis'
favorite vocalist
is Nat King Cole, and I daresay a humble gentleman like
John Royce Mathis doesn't
think that he himself is the
greatest of all,
nor would he
condone his fans averring so. I feel confident that there is certainly no
male vocalist
that will EVER
come along and top him, but he has rivals equally as fantastic,
Mr. Vic Damone being
among several,
including Tony
Martin, Johnny
Desmond, Nat
King Cole, Jim
Reeves, David
Houston, Jack
Jones, Brook
Benton, George Morgan, Steve
Lawrence, and
Faron Young.
Looking forward to Vic
Damone reaching his 90th birthday
this year!

Oscar Reis Pereira - 2017-12-04
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