rhomar nexus - 2018-01-14
Lakers is a mess without lonzo initiating the play.

Paul John - 2018-01-14

BAMBAMKAM#31 - 2018-01-13
lmao gonzo has zero defensive positional sense

Deepsoullive - 2018-01-13
Lonzo his doing a solid job. The Lakers flow is better when he's in the game.

TheDeadPunch - 2018-01-12
Your boy Brook Lopez for the Heat-check!! Lmao. Knock em down big fella.♨

send me stuff plz po box n is listed thx - 2018-01-12
Does Zo not shoot the ball because he doesn't have time to get his shot off? I know it's "ball movement" just seems like he doesn't shoot unless he drives and gets a lay up or he's wide open and has time?

James Perry - 2018-01-12
Damn Walt SUCK as a coach.
They was killing them tell he pulled Lonzo early

LakersWillRise - 2018-01-12
Zo is a rookie and his 3 point shot will eventually start to fall as it did against the Warriors where he shot 5 for 6 from 3. This is the reason he keeps taking them because he is use to making them. Now a person who can't shoot will not take them because they know they will never make them. And an example is Ben Simmons who shoots 0% from 3's and no one says anything about his shooting form or anything. Why can't he shoot?

And that's why I have more confidence in Zo hitting the 3 than Simmons. Simmons never shot them at LSU and Zo shot them well at UCLA. Hitting the 3 was Zo's specialty. Now, what Ben has, that Zo doesn't have right now, is a 240 pound body and 6'10 height. So he can score easier in the paint by bullying his way to the basket. But if he didn't have that body, teams would force him to shoot the jumper. Good defensive teams will do that, push him out further using a big defensive player. Zo is still developing his body and we haven't even seen where he will be. Based on his frame, I think Zo will grow significantly. He is already filling out.

And why are we judging the shooting ability of a Zo, a rookie in his 1st year, to Veterans like Rondo and Rubio who are at the end of their careers. We know at this stage, they will never learn how to shoot and couldn't shoot at the beginning. Last year Brandon Ingram was the worse shooting rookie. He shot just like Zo and improved the 2nd half of last year, to finish at 40%. But he was in the low 30's for the 1st half. Did it have anything to do with his "form" or just adjusting to the NBA? I think it was adjusting to the NBA and the same for Zo. Low Iq analyst can't seem to understand that. They keep saying Zo is Rondo or Rubio. If Zo was Rondo or Rubio, he would have never been known as the BEST shooter coming out of college draft. He shot 55% from 2's and 42% from 3's, better than every single draft pick. That's not a player who can't shoot. Also I've never seen Rubio or Rondo with a 42 inch vertical jump, completing alley oops and tomahawk dunks.

Kristian Siordia - 2018-01-11
No tacos

Alex Martinez - 2018-01-11
Lopez > Curry

PaoloDiCanio문재인박근혜처럼부패된시발놈아 - 2018-01-11
I liked Lonzo's attitude, he is playing for the team, he delivers free baskets to his mates, he doesn't desperately try to score like so many other trash, he doesn't play for his personal stats. He can be a great player if he keeps that attitude and doesn't become a cocky selfish piece of shit like most of players in the nba.

clarix808 - 2018-01-11
Why cant they always play like this? That ball movement was fuckin GOLD.

Derrick Martinez - 2018-01-11
Kings are worst then the browns

Israel Ornelas - 2018-01-11
Okay im wet 😋

jj50087 - 2018-01-11
Clarkson is waving to Laker ?? Didn't see him on court

Dank Cali - 2018-01-11
Is Brandon Ingram running like dirk or is it just me. Dang hope he only gets better wit his game

Shakur - 2018-01-11

Gilbert Quirven - 2018-01-11
3:59 What an ugly pass

Imad Bouraima - 2018-01-11
they need to pass lonzo ball more

Andri Bawono - 2018-01-11
this team will be a monster in few years, especially ingram.

Mark Bay - 2018-01-11
The 2nd team comes in roaring! Lakers have a team now!

LakersWillRise - 2018-01-11
For those saying Zo only had 5 points, you do realize he could have gotten at least 6 more points if he wasn't playing so unselfish. On the backboard pass to Randle, he could have just got the 2 himself. He did that 2 more time with Ingram and Nance. Zo's iq is so high, he doesn't care about the points. He cares that his teammates are involved and having fun themselves. As Lebron said, Zo knows it's a TEAM game.

Alejandro Baeza - 2018-01-11
no freaking tacos!! jerks

Pablo Ramos - 2018-01-11
What happened to all the buddy hield hype ???????

Truly Made - 2018-01-10
I don’t see the point of trading Randal but then again I see in some plays where he doesn’t share the wealth

richard luzon - 2018-01-10
Rapid highlights > Ximo Pierto

Maurice Malone - 2018-01-10
Nba player Jamil Wilson being sued by woman for sexual battery. He suppose to sign with the Lakers 🤦‍♂️

Illuminati Jones - 2018-01-10
3:55 Imagine if Randle was Lebron

Joey Montes - 2018-01-10
Luol Deng is looking good

Seducio Sefretini - 2018-01-10
It is inarguably, undeniably and unquestionably so that MAGIC JOHNSON is getting sufficiently GOOD results from this Lakers team full of neophytes. CONGRAUTLATION to Mr. Johnson, for his endeavor/strategy in putting this young ballers together as a TEAM. I believe that his strategic moves lie ahead of any measure of success his team has had ...based on raw talent! At the beginning, LONZO had been spurned by MANY who thought quite the antithesis of him. They did NOT take into consideration that "experience is the best teacher" and the FACT that one needs TIME to LEARN form what experiences teaches. Many CONGRATULATIONS to the LAKERS' young players who building needed CONFIDENCE to showcase their innate bb abilities! I hope LOZO's dad remains QUIET and simply enjoys the success of his son...no matter how slow or fast. In fact, he needs to do what LONZO has been demonstrating...attributes of calm and a humble disposition. Yes, a father can LEARN from a SON! From a psychological standpoint, Mr. LAVAR BALL continues to create STRESSFUL situations for his own son...every time he opens is BRAGGING jaws as wide as the Atlantic Ocean. LONZO, I wish YOU all that is good on a basketball court!

Bloody J - 2018-01-10

thatstress1 - 2018-01-10
Good win Lakers

TROY XING - 2018-01-10
lonzo improves his shooting he gon be a tripple double machine

Gilberto Dejesus - 2018-01-10
We cannot win games just by shooting, we need defense down low and in switch-ups.....even tho we won there's a lot of work to be done in our defense area!!!

Kingslayer - 2018-01-10
"There have always been some doubts about whether the Lakers could truly sign two max players this offseason. To do so, they would have to shed salary cap space almost perfectly, avoid the draft, and scrap a good deal of depth on the team. And if they do those things, is a team of Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and several minimum-level players very attractive to the likes of LeBron James?"


Pimpin' ain't easy. Magic has better chance dying of AIDS than importing free agent stars this summer. There is no Wilt, Kareem, and Gasol trades to save them. Nothing similar to Shaq's FA signing. CBA is so different now compared to before.

Abelardo Barcenas - 2018-01-10
Lol where are the fox fans lol 😂

Proppa Music - 2018-01-10
Brook Lopez is the Superstar on the laker to let ya know.. y'all decide who comes next after brook but Brook the go to guy

Proppa Music - 2018-01-10
Brook Lopez got better range than Lonzo Ball

Proppa Music - 2018-01-10
How The fuck Vince Carter still playing good like that at his age.. that was a strong good dunk for his age.. that dude definitely one of the BEST

Kingslayer - 2018-01-10
James Goldstein is proof that you don't have to root for the Lakers if you're an Angeleno. Chris Paul and Skip Bayless aren't from Dallas but root for the Cowboys. 🏈

I hate the Lakers and the LA crowd anyway. I lived all over LA County to know. Rude and racist fuckers. OC for me. Lakers organization has been garbage since 2011.

Jeffrey Vences - 2018-01-10
Lakers need to get Buddy for Clarkson, Hart and Ennis... Hehe 🔥🔥

Will White - 2018-01-10
Lonzo needs to be the next State Farm assist guy.... CP3 retired i think.... let Cliff pass the torch. lol

in reality though Lopez won it for them

Lonzo shot is bad but he is learning defence and his passing is OK and he's big for a handler so he has potential if he fixes his shot and sharpens the rest

Carlo Mendez - 2018-01-10
season high 25 TURNOVER ,. LOL.

HolyJosie - 2018-01-10
So turns out lonzo is Fox’s dad in the nba

Jordan Mejia - 2018-01-10
Ennis is the weakest link

Lavar's Balls - 2018-01-10
Oh so Lonzo is back?

Lakers = WIN

KennFTW - Latest Gaming Trailers - 2018-01-10
Vince Carter it's about time for your old ass to retire

kiyonexus - 2018-01-10
Lol no longer see Lonzo Ball hating comments... He is really good at knowing where the ball is and making great passes

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