Suzanne Campbell - 2018-02-04
I so admire anyone who makes there own path. Who is not a trust fund baby. Yet was brought up to believe you can do it for yourself. You do not have to have a man.husband. Just never giving up on your Dreams no matter how humble or high they may be. Stay true to yourself and work really hard. Yes we Women can. Just like any man....

moreno franco - 2017-11-11
Helen - as a soldier. You are just a soldier. Brave. Bold. Good job you do

moreno franco - 2017-11-11
I Love You Helen! You are a complete stainless steel rat! Just Like me. You are just incredible. Do Not Stop!

Joy MACLEOD - 2017-11-05
Ubuntu -Botho -you exist because I exist. African wisdom.

Nancy McDaniel - 2017-06-23
Yes, the volumne is waaaaay too low. One can barely hear it!

markusEuro - 2017-06-07
to procrastinate

Evan Tinney - 2017-05-31
So what you're saying Hellen Mirren is that you're a self-described feminist AND libertarian. Put off your leftist beliefs and come join us in real freedom. Just a suggestion... don't be a hypocrite; live what you preach.

Paula Legault - 2017-05-25
Fantastic actress !

Dale Pfost - 2017-05-22
recording audio is too low -- could someone upload a file with correct audio settings?  (turning up the volume works a bit but the file itself is about 1/4 normal volume)

mirrenfan2 - 2017-05-20
The part where she says that their parents have probably seen her play Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II. Anybody graduating from college today is old enough to have seen those movies, right? Or am I completely delusional about how old I am lol! Love Helen. Love the speech.

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