moreno franco - 2017-11-11
Helen - as a soldier. You are just a soldier. Brave. Bold. Good job you do

moreno franco - 2017-11-11
I Love You Helen! You are a complete stainless steel rat! Just Like me. You are just incredible. Do Not Stop!

Joy MACLEOD - 2017-11-05
Ubuntu -Botho -you exist because I exist. African wisdom.

Nancy McDaniel - 2017-06-23
Yes, the volumne is waaaaay too low. One can barely hear it!

markusEuro - 2017-06-07
to procrastinate

Evan Tinney - 2017-05-31
So what you're saying Hellen Mirren is that you're a self-described feminist AND libertarian. Put off your leftist beliefs and come join us in real freedom. Just a suggestion... don't be a hypocrite; live what you preach.

Paula Legault - 2017-05-25
Fantastic actress !

Dale Pfost - 2017-05-22
recording audio is too low -- could someone upload a file with correct audio settings?  (turning up the volume works a bit but the file itself is about 1/4 normal volume)

mirrenfan2 - 2017-05-20
The part where she says that their parents have probably seen her play Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II. Anybody graduating from college today is old enough to have seen those movies, right? Or am I completely delusional about how old I am lol! Love Helen. Love the speech.

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