Entitled Ashley Judd Wants Guy Fired For Compliment, Gets Put In Her Place By Real Women

Entitled Ashley Judd Wants Guy Fired For Compliment, Gets Put In Her Place By Real Women
Entitled Ashley Judd Wants Guy Fired For Compliment, Gets Put In Her Place By Real Women

Liberals are always taking things to shocking levels in their attempts to implement their view of “political correctness” into societal law. Proving just that was famed actress Ashley Judd who posted a video demanding a man be fired after he complimented her – but that’s about the time things blew up in her face as real women everywhere put the entitled brat in her place with a brutal reply.

There’s no shortage of ignorance or the entitlement mindset when it comes to the left, but the worst part is, they don’t seem to mind showing it off. In fact, Ashley Judd just showed the world her ignorance when she took to Facebook Live in order to vent about someone giving her a compliment.

As it turns out, the famous celebrity was at an airport over the weekend when the most awful thing in the world happened – someone gave her a compliment. Of course, that wouldn’t be viewed as negative to any normal folk, but to a social justice warrior like Judd, well, it was completely unacceptable.

“I was coming through security and a guy said, ‘Hey sweetheart,’” she recalled during the clip. “And I said, ‘I’m not your sweetheart. I am your client.’” She wasn’t done there as she then went on to say, “Then when I was setting my things out he said, ‘Hey nice dress.’” The man also had the nerve to “touch” her amid the series of events which set Judd off completely.

Posted by Ashley Judd on Saturday, 
Sadly, the actress flagged down a manager in hopes of getting the guy fired, even though all he was doing was trying to be nice. In a later video, she said that she eventually received an apology from the man’s boss. However, not everyone was so willing to cave to her insanity.

Although she thought she was going to be lauded around the Internet as a hero, she would soon come to find out that she was sorely mistaken. In fact, just as quickly as the video went up, real women from across this country came forward to put the entitled brat in her place by slapping her with some pretty brutal replies, according to BizPac Review.

“You are truly what’s wrong with America!!” Heather Audis wrote. “Idiot liberals like you find something to be offended about every single day! Being nice is now offensive! You need to get a life! You really are a nasty woman!”

“You’re part of the problem as to why chivalry is dying. There is no problem with someone giving a compliment. Get real. Not everybody wants you,” Natalie Gebhard said bluntly. “Prayers for the fella you needlessly tried to get in trouble.” The non-stop influx of negative comments only continued from there.

Sadly, both of these women are right. The left wants to get offended over how everyone acts and what they say, and they don’t understand that their ideology is imploding right before their eyes. At first, their goal was for everyone to be nice to each other, but now, you can’t even do that.

Although Ashley Judd can pretend that she knows what it’s like to be an everyday American, that’s just not the case. Of course, coming off as entitled only makes her look so much worse. Maybe she should just stick to what she’s good at, keep her mouth shut, and entertain the public. She couldn’t be any further away from understanding ordinary life as an American, so it’s best she stop acting like it.

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Entitled Ashley Judd Wants Guy Fired For Compliment, Gets Put In Her Place By Real Women



Awenda - 2018-01-18
You’re a disgusting person. Fire yourself, OH WEINSTEIN already did. Who the hell do you think you are. Entitled little wench who didn’t day a word about (arvey touching her because quiet frankly, money is more important. You’ll never walk again. Can’t take a compliment- grow up. DON’T HIRE A DOLT.

Jack Bacic - 2018-01-17
she looks very old

Jim Stout - 2018-01-15
Hey Sweetheart...go back to Cuntucky...

Art Lady - 2018-01-14
She looks ugly also like a skull face.u

Art Lady - 2018-01-14
What an ass . She really should her ass.

PointlessSillyName - 2018-01-12
In a few years the unemployed/unemployable Judd will find her cash running out, move into a small apartment and surround herself with cats before dying, sad and alone.
Aah, feminism...

Steven J - 2018-01-10
Ashley Judd is truly mentally ill.

Myra Chestnutt - 2018-01-09
SHE is trying so hard to get attention, forget her

vinman1029 - 2018-01-09
He really should have gone back and apologized to her." I meant to call you a fucking cunt."

DOGMAN FORREAL - 2018-01-08

W John - 2018-01-04
Ashley, please get professional help, before they lock you up.

Annie Carroll - 2018-01-04
A typical "Nasty Woman". She and her kind are the reason women are not being respected and men are afraid to give a compliment. Thanks a lot Ashley, and I include your sisters in crime.

Nikulas Sphirro - 2018-01-03
Ashley is an ass.she can't talk sense without a script!!!she prefers Weinstein...maybe she liked to be Weinsteined!!!

DOGMAN FORREAL - 2018-01-03

frank rizzo - 2018-01-02
She is gone crazy from all the old fat nasty hairy dude she's had to fuck over the years to have a career

Richard rhodes - 2018-01-02
She's a" NASTY" woman!! Truer words were never spoken.

oni chan - 2018-01-02
It's not funny anymore the guilt and shame hucking by movie stars for the last four elections is in a word OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! They are by virtue of there chosen profession public figures and regardless of whether they are liked or hated there voices are heard there pet peeves and personal opinion is taken up by there fans and in more than a few cases when some of the whiny twats have put names out of people that they don't like and what they would like to see done to them fans have made it happen in so many horrible ways. But the celebrities were not held responsible the fan that did it was . It's just so damn wrong and it needs to stop.

Roger Balcer - 2018-01-02
I once thought she was the sane one in the family...what a cunt !

L L - 2018-01-02
Poor Ashley she’s completely lost.

Yalila Gonzales - 2018-01-01
Ashley is nothing but a stupid Hollywood libtard. Nobody gives a shit about her.

Alan Senzaki - 2017-12-31
your stupid right wing breaking news channel. your slightly russian accent is a dead giveaway...also your high "like" numbers.

peppermint butler - 2017-12-30
Wat a fucking first class POS.....he should have slapped the privileged cunt straight in its stupid lookin face

Sheila Burk - 2017-12-28
Ashley needs to go back home and cry to her mom and sister. I have never watched a movie she was in and will continue to pass by shows or movies that are on!!

Dennis Lucas - 2017-12-28
What a nasty cunt .

smile-tweetybird - 2017-12-27
she has sooooo much "plastic surgery " her insides are coming out!!! and she wants to hide them!!!!!!!!!! ONE U G L Y - NASTY CREATURE!!!!! DISGRACE FOR A PERSON WANTING TO BE A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        ugly, and nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh C - 2017-12-26
This is the bitch that did the nasty blood tampon poem

James Copeland - 2017-12-26
Some people should just shut their month. (Ashley is one)

fuque yu - 2017-12-23
I call the girlies I meet over shop counters "Dahl(ing)" as a matter of routine. That's just the way I talk. Not once ever did one of those delightful young ladies go off her nut at me. Thank God Australian women outside the capital cities are still normal. You can't really say that about privileged fat white city bitches though. Some of them, especially the talking windbags on TV, are every bit as fucked in the head as this obviously disturbed woman. Feminism is a sad and pathetic sickness.

Marie Tajalle - 2017-12-22
Ashley Judd needs to be placed in mental hospital. She's a wack job.

John Douma - 2017-12-19
Asshole Judd who knew ?

Frank Ciamillo - 2017-12-17
I feel sorry fur the guy. He must have problems with his eyesight. There is nothing about Ashley Judd that's complementary. I've seen more complementary things in a bushel of maggots.

Patricia Redick - 2017-12-07
She is a delusional, psycho.

art vandelay - 2017-10-29
Sadly she did get the man in question into trouble with management, and as a result he resigned.

lucy bond - 2017-10-13
Looking old these days Ashley. Harvey Weinstein would'nt even want you now. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Deya IV - 2017-10-12
She may be taking very strong medication, eek! Wonder if she was like this her whole life or if this is just suddenly behaviour.

Gadon Johnson - 2017-10-03
Hey ashley..guess what?..Your shit stinks to..

Marianne Pool Shooting McGee - 2017-10-01
This old bag is a wack job, there is something wrong with her! Never knew she was in movies, never even heard of this mutt before!

jen scheib - 2017-09-30

YLVA TAYLOR - 2017-09-29
What the hell is she got in her mouth? She's so worried that her lipstick is perfect. MESS

John Metzger - 2017-09-28
She needs a tall glass of fuck off.

radar 211 - 2017-09-22
Hey sweetheart, has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like jigsaw?......I want to play a game.....

Don Fitzgerald - 2017-09-19
another stupid bitch actor. What an asshole. To many entitled assholes really think their shit doesn't stink. Fuck this has been actor.

Space Ghost - 2017-09-07
Who the fuck is Ashley Judd?

Matthew Casserly - 2017-09-02
I think she would prefer you tell her she looks nasty

Horace Debacle - 2017-09-01
This is nonsense. It is meant to illicit comments from the right wing. It is simply hair.

If somebody called my wife sweetheart and touched her I'd break his fucking jaw, and so would every other guy whether they are big enough to admit it or not.

radar 211 - 2017-08-30
What's that puppets name from saw? Ashley is looking more and more like that, and if she continues with her wacked reasoning, I'm pretty sure one of these days she'll open her mouth and say, " I want to play a game".

Jonah A - 2017-08-26
shes worried about people worrying about her appearance and
complimenting it yet gets so much plastic surgery and has a mouth piece
for her teeth to try and be a more attractive woman. FFS.. Liberals are
mentally ill people.

wayne messitt - 2017-08-23
Victim hood will get ye nowhere!!

Anne Nameless - 2017-08-17
Hey all..... Ashley Judd is desperate for the attention that she is lacking, and this is her only way of receiving it. Ms. Judd do us all decent women a favour shut up and get an education to know that the doohicky you're referring to is called, a conveyor belt. Even I as a woman know what a conveyor belt is and it's purpose. The reason why this gentleman was touching was to make sure you were carrying anything that should not be on the plane or if you are hiding something that could cause harm to anyone. I guess you don't listen to common sense and what happened on 9/11 because you were in denial. Please do us all decent women in America a favour, stop making a fool out of yourself, get educated and zip it. Thank you honey bunch!

eogg25 - 2017-08-17
Ashley has mental problems.

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