PRODUCE 101 season2 [최종희] Super Hot Final 데뷔 평가 무대 170616 EP.11

PRODUCE 101 season2 [최종희] Super Hot Final 데뷔 평가 무대 170616 EP.11
[최종희] Super Hot Final 데뷔 평가 무대

국민이 직접 프로듀싱하는 국민 보이그룹 육성 프로젝트 <프로듀스101 시즌2> 

그 동안 프로듀스101 시즌2를 시청해주신 모든 국민 프로듀서님 감사합니다. 
PRODUCE 101 season2 [최종희] Super Hot Final 데뷔 평가 무대 170616 EP.11



Putri23817 Putri23817 - 2017-06-22
i love kim samuel

Fresh Carrot - 2017-06-22
Can you imagine how happy Seungcheol was seeing 3:19 this?

Thanh Hà Trần - 2017-06-22
Where is Hwang min huyn?

Bảo Ngọc Hoàng Trần - 2017-06-22
:2:34 =)) look Daehwi =))) so cuteee =))

Pwincess Strawberry - 2017-06-22
Love the first part where Ha Seungwoon's reaction as a center. So cute! 😋

Jiminion Super Babana - 2017-06-22
2:01 my favourite part :v

Jiminion Super Babana - 2017-06-22
Samuel 've choreographed a performance that everyone in team can have chance to shine ! ''Super'' love for ''Super hot'' !
ps : Samuel's voices is so beautiful <3

Miles Morton - 2017-06-22
Can we start a petition for MNET to debut the remaining 12-20 trainees? Is that something we can do? And 9 trainees is like, a perfect number. WE NEED TO DEBUT THOSE BOYS.

Ihda Anisa Alifia - 2017-06-22
Lim Young Min 💕

potato eggyyutayoona - 2017-06-22
can anyone tell me what sungwoon said at the start, i think in english or something. i could only make out the words "Are u ready? Its showtime!"

blueecy - 2017-06-22
why don't the top 20 debut together omg please debut seonho😭

Alice Chan - 2017-06-22
Samuel really did the great job! Support!

Mike Jericho Rosal - 2017-06-22

gc1002 - 2017-06-22
❤️I will follow wanna one because of u...하성운😎

Aigerim Ulan Kuzu - 2017-06-22

Aigerim Ulan Kuzu - 2017-06-22
God job

supernazu - 2017-06-22
i miss bugi.

Aliah Zakirah - 2017-06-22
Will mnet post an individual cam of them??

asvptiffanyy - 2017-06-22
i was crying my eyes out watching this live omg but is no one going to talk about ha sungwoon T^T

ohn Suga - 2017-06-22
they deserved it... but whyy??why did samuel n jonghyun not in top 11??

su jee Kim - 2017-06-22
i love when lee daehwi raps(sings) on 2:19 . I just love it right there.

ohn Suga - 2017-06-22
everyone agrees that one of their fave moments is jonghyun and samuel's dance break part

not to be that person but i still cant grasp the fact that they didnt make it to top11

Jisoo Hong - 2017-06-22
minki's visual thooooo

buddies 96 - 2017-06-22
i want to know did the final line up in pd 101 s1 was also made us shocked like happen in pd 101 s2?

cc: for who was watching pd 101 s1

Chen Ny - 2017-06-22
oh =))) SUPER HOT is more views than HANDS ON ME. Two songs seem like interfan and korean fan

Tifany - 2017-06-22
I love how everyone just smiled in the end and not try to wink or do other stuff (especially samuel and jonghyun), it's like they were saying, "we did our best, finally it ends" :'D

Vivian Santiago - 2017-06-22
i'm seriously so obsessed with 2:10 my replay button is broken

TIEN MI - 2017-06-22

beauty beauty - 2017-06-22
everyone knows samuel deserves to debut, just like how somi had to try again after she was eliminated in sixteen, samuel should try again 💗💗

giggmaster - 2017-06-22
Cheerfull song. Always smile while watching this :)

dean chiang - 2017-06-22
does anyone actually know what sungwoon said at the start? this is all i caught:
woah woah woah this is produce101 stage show(?) ..........
are you ready? its showtime

Syusaki - 2017-06-22
This choreo is always a pleasure to watch. I can watch it so many times that I actually noticed Seonho doesn't do the 2nd dab (1:32) and also squeezes in flower aegyo (4:37) what a perfect maknae I can't even.

classy.stache - 2017-06-22
2:23 jonghyun sounds just like jhope!!
2:47 damn daehwi sounds good

Indita Nathani - 2017-06-22
Ha sungwoon is doing a good job as a center. Proud of you 😘😘 I've cheered you since day one of produce 101 ! Ha Sungwoon fighting !!

fujima4kenji - 2017-06-22
l'm so happy to see Youngmin's smile! He was so down and sad after Open Up performance, being burdened by the rumors, but after receiving his penalty, he is back! l really love him here! He really shines, his rap is addictive, and he's definitely SUPER HOT!

Seongwoon's vocal is loud and clear! ln fact l could only hear his voice during "Super hot, she's super hot" line. l was so happy he was the center, although he barely got the "center spotlight", only his voice singing the killing part can be heard tho. l think it's because Samuel was busy making chore with memorable moments so everyone could shine. Or maybe because half of this song consists rap. Compared to Hands on Me where BaeJin is ALWAYS on the center like 60% of the choreo.

Ron Anf - 2017-06-22
At first I was really mad at mnet bc the final rank but think about it, I feel it's already fair. Though baekho, ren, jonghyun, samuel, etc. couldn't debut as wanna one, they have big fanbases already. While the wanna one members mostly new trainees those haven't debuted yet and not all members have big fanbases so it's chance for them to shine more in kpop industry. Apart from it, we'll have nuest's comeback, Samuel's debut, jonghyun's individual cf, and many more so let's support wanna one's debut and other produce101 eliminants activities

Rara 1991 - 2017-06-22
mnet. I have you realise the performance version from every performance without including audience reaction. like what you do on HSR, the full performance version and editing version

tra giang - 2017-06-22
samuel very very good <3 i love youuu

Reinita Kusdarwati - 2017-06-22
I am so sad watch this performance, jonghyun deserves to be one of the top 11. It is heartbreaking TT

edawn's shoe - 2017-06-22
samuel did such a great job with the choreo !!! i will always be cheering for you ♡

Ji Yun Kim - 2017-06-22

sting who - 2017-06-22
You guys, Hello from Nu'est is nominated for #1 on Inkigayo after 4 years of released, let's stream the MV on their official MV to give them their first win with a OT5 song. It's time to show that international support we couldn't make at the program.

Charles' Channel - 2017-06-22
I think this is seventeen's style?

bắp bơ channel - 2017-06-22
samuel is the best😭😭😭

qq jelly - 2017-06-22
all my faves are in this team...what could have been. T^T

eniger lee - 2017-06-22
have you seen Jonghyun after his part at around 2:46 😍

eniger lee - 2017-06-22
have you seen Jonghyun after his part at around 2:46 😍

IdontCare - 2017-06-22
can't wait for Wanna One members come to year end award and yeahhhhh 😍. I can't wait for other artist enjoyed their performance on the stages yeah😘💅

Daniela Morales - 2017-06-22
I still can't get over this 😭😭

Larez 2Z - 2017-06-22
no one's appreciating 3:10 Sungwoon perfectly turning to and pointing at the camera? he slayyyyyyyed that!

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