Francis Alan Wormald - 2018-02-16

Izit Over - 2018-02-16
Just a beautiful rendition of this song. RIP, Vic.

Jade Zee - 2018-02-16
damone had a very good voice...just bland and had tony bennett and obviously sinatra in his way..maybe even bobby darin.....and dont forget the black singers....so...he got as far as he should have

Alvaro Serrano - 2018-02-14

Vance Phonograph Co. - 2018-02-14
Rest in Peace Mr. Damone :(

D Shey - 2018-01-30
He was born in June 1928. So, that means he was only 21 in this video. Amazing to be so mature in his vocalization of the song. He was my favorite singer from the 1940's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's until he retired. He should have been as popular as Frank Sinatra. Frank's scandals added to his popularity. Damone was much more private and low key.

Hugh Jones - 2017-12-18
He is much better heard than seen.

pds002 - 2017-09-15
I love this Cole Porter song and what a beautiful rendition. Just perfect. My heart has melted in the last three minutes.

MsJazmine8 - 2017-07-24
how wonderful,such a joyous voice-I've never heard him sing this song before, thank you so much for putting it up

Eisen J Eisen - 2017-05-31
I don't think anybody here can sing it better than that?

Robert J Holder - 2016-06-05
1949 Vic Damone So In Love.

John Carlyle - 2016-04-01
Amazing how he's still around.

ANU NAN - 2015-12-24
He just know how to express the tune ..well !!!!!!

Paul Reeve - 2015-11-04
His voice grew up (matured well), and he maintained a true style. I like the liberties he takes with this this (after all, it's musical theater!) to fit his style, but not lose anything important to the song.

frankenzie - 2015-06-05
wow, Vic the kid at 21, he stayed true to his style all his career. very underrated singer.

jeffrey a - 2015-03-30
So young and TALENTED!

David McDougall - 2014-09-06
The best rendition of this song   .....   love   it.

catman916 - 2014-06-03
 Frank Sinatra and Keely Smith did a great duet version of this song.

Philip George Harfleet - 2013-12-28
This has GOT to be best version sung live! What a powerful voice. Effortless. So very glad you have put this unique version on here. Many, many thanks.

Winfield8226 - 2013-10-14
Vic must have been in his early 20's here. I always thought he had the best voice of all the American Songbook singers. And he can still sing, even in his 80's. Amazing talent.

ghostwriter4567 - 2013-08-23
Vic seemed a bit nervous initially. Absolutely great post of a crooner long lost. THANKS for posting.

ponderosa1850 - 2013-06-14
amazing! thanks.

Jim Stark - 2013-06-14
marvelous restoration quality

snarkdetriomphe - 2013-03-26
yay morey, yay vic :)

Michael Friedman - 2013-03-26
Fantastic musical performance by Vic Damone on the Morey Amsterdam Show !

MattTheSaiyan - 2013-03-26
Yep, and among DuMont series it has a high survival rate, along with "The Johns Hopkins Science Review", possibly "Life is Worth Living" and reportedly "Night Editor".

Barry I. Grauman - 2013-03-25
This is from "THE MOREY AMSTERDAM SHOW" [DuMont/Thursdays, 9pm(et)].

Sebastião Veríssimo Da Silva - 2013-03-25
Vic Damone,Interpreta So In Love,Clássica do Romantismo ******

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