Selena Gomez SHADES Demi Lovato, Bella Thorne's Terrifying Sexual Abuse Story -DR

Selena Gomez SHADES Demi Lovato, Bella Thorne's Terrifying Sexual Abuse Story -DR
Selena Gomez is cleaning out her social media closet, and it looks like Demi Lovato was on the receiving end of some serious shade. Also, Bella Thorne takes a stand against sexual abuse by recounting her own story. This and more in the Hollyscoop Daily Rewind.

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Selena Gomez SHADES Demi Lovato, Bella Thorne's Terrifying Sexual Abuse Story -DR



Casey Hardy - 2018-01-18
Also, who has time to check the people she follows and unfollows like that’s sorta weird don’t ya think. Maybe we should talk about actual issues like North Korea wanting to bomb us instead of stalking someone’s Instagram

Casey Hardy - 2018-01-18
I love Demi but why is it such a big deal that she unfriended her? It’s not something to be shocked over and to be a news line. We don’t know all the details so let’s not assume. Selena is a really genuine and caring person and she isn’t going to purposely offend people or cause drama.

Chip - 2018-01-13
Bella just sees that people are getting attention with the sex stuff so she makes up some molesting crap to get attention too.

Night Rain - 2018-01-12
It's a sad thing that this world has come to validation by folk online. If she wants to unfollow someone that is completely fine. We don't know what their relationship is like. We never will know the full story. So what. None of our business. I get this is how ppl make money by gossiping but I think they should check themselves every now and then

James Noonan - 2018-01-11
That is so real. I love Bella

Samantha Mendez - 2018-01-11
I think she unfollowed people who she is close to, because she has a secret private account. Where she follows people she she is actually friends with. Her public verified account is just for show. That way she can keep part of her life out of the public and still share it with her friends. Why would she take the time to comment on Demi’s Instagram if they have drama. Also Demi like Selena’s picture and still follows Selena.

Scarlet O'Hara - 2018-01-10
Let's just talk about how beautiful Selena looks and I feel for Bella,

We got your back Bella

Lu :3 - 2018-01-10
I think you guys are so un aware , do your flicking research bleehh you are you two are that attitude, blehhh great reporting on nothing , no it all kno nothing,,. chunties little punkies sorry makes me mad people just obsessing, over these people when all they do is dance sing and entertain , nd is acting really a good thing..?! really.. " your a great actor," who ever sez that just as a normal day , oh wwwoh you so great at faking your happiness and your tears nd these people actors can train for months before a movie , show, and then continue that act for another 1-2-3-4..!? year , these people are payed exactly what they deserve sorta... exactly enough , to keep them distracted or consumed with consumption, that money any way your mental health is fixable, we hav all seen how money can do nothing for your psyche, only you get to do that , your choices and decisions.. please do some other research on some other channels, assuming these people aren't ritual demons . #1 story of our enslavement #2 the truth might scare you. and then maybe just to be aware asap whats really up, handlers and the abused , mk ultra type any celb and mk ultra, we all need more awareness of the nature of our environment we have let happen , it starts of as little as a celeb to as big as war. COUNTRIES LOOKING AT US AS EXAMPLE WANTING TO BE OUR LIFE STYLE THEN COMING HERE !! living our .. bacon and egg, tv , game box, ipad, I pod tv aint nothing!! aint enjoyable aint comparison to there brothers and sisters nd we force them to fight fo this, TELL ME THIS IS CIVIL !! civil war hasnt happened since a.d if ever , if people just cared and just thought there own thoughts a little, you could take back control, and everyone thinks there nobodies or nothing , its friking sad and hurtful, enough should be enough we have seen many people so much youth die?!.. become mental sick!!? become mean!?. becoming a useless emotionless, consumer of consumption. that is our culture and like no culture before us , we wil accept this culture, knowing should know full well there is better there is, places for each everyone of us , not at the top of the food chain, alpha male, best , best, I got tommy Hilfiger nerd sacks, to realise we arnt here to destroy, pollute, consumer, make plastic in massive factory, make massive mall to buy plastic, nobodies has any order everyone is just living for the next day.. thats not living.. think about who the queen is why she in the position she is the Vatican actually own,the queen but all pf the most high of ranking people of this planet, tell me what are they doin with that power they deserve all of what they have that comes with it.they are evil soul, you relinquishing your power with acceptance #beingniceKills

lizzy sten - 2018-01-10
Demi and Selena were friends when they wete teens. It doesn't mean they hate eachother it just means they are friendly

Kil Akechi - 2018-01-10
So if it's shade that Selena unfollowed Demi but I guess not shade for Camilla, her friends, her cast of 13 reasons, and cast of Wizards of Waverly place....NOT SHADE...I don't get it...

Moonlight Cookie - 2018-01-10
I just unfollowed around 50 people.. oh god.. what a shade, when am i getting my article about being fake and shady towards people...?

Life As Mary - 2018-01-10
and peopel say slenea is a feminist "SeLeNa Is A ClAsSy QuEeN"

Honeymoon Vocals - 2018-01-10
Did you just say "Graten"? Omg its Gaten... bye

Misulka Pindorouva - 2018-01-09
Demi lovato :)

Macario Patrick - 2018-01-09
I wouldn't call it a universal front. Most of the people at the Golden Globes were women. Disney probably fucked her up too. Playing social justice warrior when you're 12 years old is damaging. Later in life, you realize that isn't how the world works. Sex abuse can't be reduced down to a hashtag. It's not a good thing that real life issues become a hashtag. It doesn't do anything to help the issue, it only brings more attention to the issue without any results.

Sky - 2018-01-09
She unfollowed her two seconds after commenting “FIRE” in her IG post.
This bitch is the fakest person I’ve ever seen...

REXYWILLO I - 2018-01-09
They probably agreed to "hangout" just for the camera but still made things worse
My opinion

VIXX STARLIGHT - 2018-01-09
WHAT Shade? she just unfollowed her....u are making it into much drama -_- and anyway she unfollowed 300 others...SO IT WOULD mean SHE shade every single one of 300 XD please

Maricela Montiel - 2018-01-09
Y'all make a big deal. she unfollow 300+ on insta. Why tf does it matter. It's her life ❤ still love her tho

Lina :3 - 2018-01-09
yet bella thorne dated sam pepper -_-

Pink Champagne - 2018-01-09
Explains why Bella is so fcked up. Why she is so attention hungry and slutty.

Mariana Lissette Escala - 2018-01-09
Selena is entitled to unfollow whoever she wants at whatever time it pleases her. you two blonde bozos are such annoying groupies. Like, Omg! I'm a Demi fan and unfollowing Demi is a NO NO! STFU already!

Jackie Griffin - 2018-01-09
It doesn't make a deal who she unfollow it is choice

hermelinda rodriguez - 2018-01-09
I don't think Selena gives a damn on what people think of her unfollowing Demi, they haven't been friends for years there's no drama besides the ones people like you are trying to start, she unfollowed over 300 people does that mean she shaded all of them?

Hana'a F. - 2018-01-09
I did a social media cleanse too its good, you stop being part of fandoms or inactive accounts fill up your list. It is unnecessary and sometimes you just don't care, it hasn't that you hate a celebrity or have beef with them but you just don't care to see their posts or to keep up to date with them. I think Selena thought the same thing so eh

winter brooke - 2018-01-09

Jamel Jones - 2018-01-09
I just think Selena unfollowed ppl who she isn’t close with anymore I mean I do it all the time. I was close with these two girls we kind of lost touch and everything became awkward so I unfollowed them both. Who wants to waste time on ppl who aren’t in your life anymore

hasan alatas - 2018-01-09
Stop making bullshittt

Breen WR - 2018-01-09
Ugh Selena has become so annoying and pathetic, end her career already!

Sophie Smith - 2018-01-09
i hate these stupid bitches so fucking much. what was that "no i definitely think it's just a friendly thing." like ok no one was trying to make drake out to be a pedo so where did you get that from?

Natsu777 - 2018-01-08
Maybe that's why she behaves the way she does. 😳

민중 - 2018-01-08
I thought we was leaving drama in 2k17????

Zyon Maneafaiga - 2018-01-08
Oh I totally read that wrong, I thought Selena was shading Bella’s story omg

Demi don't need this DRAMA so please shut up

Daniel Alejandro Martinez - 2018-01-08
Omg Bella!
Oh Selena..
Haha Drake

Sony - 2018-01-08
Selena even unfollowed her mother its not a big deal if she unfollows someone and gigi unfollowed selena so that is okay demi i dont know if she follows selena but lets not make a big deal and make drama just for unfollowing someone like what the fuck
And Selena is following only 37 pages on ig and most of them are her fans

Andrew Lucas - 2018-01-08
I have a feeling the “Shake it up” director had something to do with Bella Thorne’s sexual abuse.

Allison Chen - 2018-01-08
Haha I unfollowed a lot of ppl who I followed cus they didn't follow me back

rose - 2018-01-08
i unfollowed a shit ton of people this year because it kinds forces me to back off of social media and actually talk to people in person versus looking at a screen to see what they are up to.

Elif Akgül - 2018-01-08
You are bullshit , selena and demi cool stop starting fight .

Yasmin Druijts - 2018-01-08
The title doesn't make any sense. Selena just unfollowed Demi, and many others btw. So she SHADED nobody...
and who cares anyway? Demi's better off without Selena anyway. Love u Demi❤️

I hate fake people - 2018-01-08
She didn't just unfollow her but other friends too

Shakirah rabiu - 2018-01-08
Why do I feel like you guys are twisting the story or lack of story....just saying (abt Selena Gomez BTW)

calmilk - 2018-01-08
y’all already creating drama out of nothing

Pinter pine - 2018-01-08
Well it's not just demi it's like 300 other people to no need to make it so personal

Emo Introvert - 2018-01-08
I thought we were leaving all this bullshit in 2k18

Leyna Phan - 2018-01-08
I always knew she was, being a victim myself. I saw certain signs and I’m proud she’s finally speaking out!

QCOVERAGE - 2018-01-08
Demi better off without her anyway

Jesmin Gini - 2018-01-08
Hi I'm early!! Yay

Snow Cheetah - 2018-01-08
Why dose it matter if she unfollowed Demi 😂 no need to make it a big thing damn.
(Btw I love both i just don’t make little things like this a big deal)

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