Blob Fatterson - 2018-01-18
Fake news from a man wearing makeup. Effeminate wussbags aren't to be trusted. Fake MSNBC bad reporting. Fake outrage. Not believable.

Sharon Schubert - 2018-01-16
If Trump has been transparent to the American people, and working to help America, Why would he try stopping the publication of this book? He’s as corrupt as they come.

Alexander Hamilton - 2018-01-15
Trump is not fit to clean Laurence’s septic tank with his face.

elaine goad - 2018-01-15
the post-great movie ! I was in my 20's working a few blocks from Nixons' white house when Nixon went down! I'm waiting to celebrate when Trump goes down !

Millie Stevens - 2018-01-15
Just a reminder...Seth Rich was the DNC leak. He was murdered, and his murder remains unsolved to this day. He wasn't Russian, and neither is WikiLeaks.

Ti Bi - 2018-01-15
Ash??? What about the past administrations?? Were they acceptable?! Has the cheeto head broke any laws since he has been on the taxpayers dime??

mick readdin - 2018-01-15
"Excellent health"?

May I suggest that the Doctor go for a check up!

sohaib agouba - 2018-01-15
Trump presidency is sooo exhausting

kinn grimm - 2018-01-15
"all presidents lie" true, yet IQ45 does it more often then any other ever seen before.

Sparckman - 2018-01-15
WHOA! this reminds me of Frost Nixon. That movie was friggin Amazing. Doesn't Donald realize when a movie is made about his presidency he's the bad guy. LOL

paul chisholm - 2018-01-14
No their not new, in fact thee greatest president ever Washington used the same ideologies as Trump.

John - 2018-01-14
Many could argue that Nixon and Trump did what was a basic pilot action to seek out a simple judicial action. The Courts are defined in the basic dictionaries as having the capability to set up a [Injunction] by the judiciary method, that could command an action. … Reasoning that a higher court could place an injunction on the sale of a book [Fire and Fury] till further review… in cases of internal security violations. Lawrence O'Donnell needs to say nothing new and nothing wrong was done in that action… not doing thus, shows how deep the media avoids the true statement.

Marilyn Simmons - 2018-01-14
,A lot of Republicans can't recall an awful lot of things!

specimenden - 2018-01-14
happening right before our eyes in real time

Timothy B - 2018-01-14
Adolf Trump is a unfit President, Kick Him Out!! Kick Him Out! Kick Him Out!

HB2017 USA5447 - 2018-01-14

James Humphrey - 2018-01-14
hmmm bernie sanders doesn't lie ='s voters like to vote for liars......

Junior Harry - 2018-01-13
Hi Lawrence. 👋.
Exceptional, accurate reporting. 👍👏👏.
Patience democrats, patience.

TX Beachbum - 2018-01-13
What is new... Stock market records. Lowest unemployment in 17 yrs. Violent gang members deported. 80% of Americans get a tax cut. Cutting regulations. Terrorism being destroyed. Police/military being respected. Home ownership is up. Wages going up. Companies moving back to America. And so much more.

David Copperfield-not the magician - 2018-01-13
Quite a slam to be compared to Nixon. T you have a namesake.

Joe Cain - 2018-01-13
Dianne Feinstein turned over the GPS Fusion GPS documents which proves that Donald Trump is not in collusion with Russia the Democratic party made it all up

rick grimes - 2018-01-13
Meanwhile, the protesters against the evil Mullahs in Iran are thanking President Trump. Trump is God's Gift to Freedom around the world.. LIE?? LOL.....The Clinton Foundation Stole over 3 Billion dollars from Haiti....WHO IS THE REAL RACIST ? MSNBC MUST SUPPRESS THE TRUTH !!!!

the street61 - 2018-01-13
Trump does all he can for warriors that defend the right of this entertainment channel to create treasonous content. Maybe support our warriors also.

cedar29pi - 2018-01-13
Stop the hammering!!!!! Crazy liberal loon jaja I love watching snowflakes go insane...MAGA

Mali Yojez - 2018-01-13
Another film that twists some of the truth for cinematic effect. I get it, movies have to be engaging, but changing important moments in history, and therefore the public’s perception of those moments, for the sake of a better story is no better than lying / propaganda imo. But that’s standard Spielberg.

Red Carvette - 2018-01-13
trump is not for all the people's only for the morons dummies who voted for him he's a disgrace to this countrie.

Bruce Haddow - 2018-01-13
'The Post' Proves Shithead's Methods Are Not New | The Last Word | MSNBC

Carlota P - 2018-01-13
Wanted to hear the rest of what Josh Singer had to say

A Cool Million - 2018-01-13
When time's that short, Lawrence should just shut up and listen.

Hillary for Incarceration - 2018-01-13
Fear not Liberals, indictments for Obama and Hillary Clinton for their many well documented crimes, will soon be forthcoming.

Ash Roskell - 2018-01-13
America HAS TO WAKE UP?!? The “damage” is DONE! Sure, it can get FAR WORSE, but just fixing the damage that this administration has done to our institutions, to the rule of LAW, to our Constitution, etc, WILL TAKE YEARS. And regaining America’s standing and influence in the world, will be EVEN HARDER. We MUST REMOVE TRUMP. Staunch the flow, BEFORE, America bleeds out!

Richard Baker - 2018-01-13
Americans, please stop this neo-nazi and his GOP cronies. Remember Germany 1933!

Fixa Troll - 2018-01-13
To journalist world wide. Keep up the good fight. A lot of us know how important you really are. Thank-you.

funibay crowhatt - 2018-01-13
the descent into madness is accelerating

Christian M - 2018-01-13
❤Trump Fantastic to witness such an amazing kind hearted wonderful president!! God Bless Trump!!

Traitors4Trump Dumpty - 2018-01-13
President CHIMP is a traitor who attacks America and everything that makes America great.

John Wisdom - 2018-01-13
great movie

3LD - 2018-01-13
DJT Repeatedly babbling "No Collusion, No Collusion" is like Nixon declaring "I am not a Crook"- DJT, the end is neigh!

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