Mac DeMarco Tries to Stay Chill While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Mac DeMarco Tries to Stay Chill While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Musician, hashtag expert, and Canadian icon Mac DeMarco may be the most laid-back Hot Ones guest of all time. But how chill can you be in the face of Sean Evans' hot questions and even hotter wings? Find out as DeMarco gets pummeled by Scovilles and discusses important matters ranging from his distaste for tour buses, to the exact reason why lighting a fart on fire is funny. Bonus: He brought his mom!

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Mac DeMarco Tries to Stay Chill While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones



claudia - 2017-07-22
the way he talks is EXACTLY like my dad

Soviet Toaster - 2017-07-22
new fav episode

Bop Bop Perono - 2017-07-21
I find Mac's whole vibe very endearing.

Randy Larson - 2017-07-21
"It's a little fuckin sneaky guy"

Justin Gillett - 2017-07-21
that last bit of advice really resonates with me

TheVerucAssault - 2017-07-20
This guy may be too Canadian.

Desert Storm ChefNice - 2017-07-20
"Mhm." - Mac DeMarco

Jayden - 2017-07-20
"am i allowed to cuss on this show?"

Fiona Mei - 2017-07-19

odpihd ss - 2017-07-19
lmao he looks like he'd have tourettes at the end😂 love him

Dria - 2017-07-18
I swear everyone with a gap between their teeth those that with the hood behind their ears haha

Jesus Aguinaga - 2017-07-17

maya - 2017-07-17
a slow morph into the drunk guy at the bar (17:30) who for some reason has infinite wisdom

Lostlife656 - 2017-07-17
I don't know who this guy is

Andrew Kamen - 2017-07-17
It's like Mac is talking to a robot...

Cameron Baker - 2017-07-15
No Melanie Martinez on the gap list. :/ lol

N3wAge0fStup1dity - 2017-07-15
the hotter these things got the more his Canadian side came out

vintage babe - 2017-07-14
do lana del rey lmao

Chris Jensen - 2017-07-14
never heard of Mac but going to check him out now.. what a chill guy.

Rick Clark - 2017-07-13
Holy tight wad Bat man!! LMAO

sometype - 2017-07-13
fuck im hungry now

Drenaia - 2017-07-11
"oooo dammit, oooo dammit" 😂😂😂

MelonMan/RomanScrub - 2017-07-11
"It takes away all the bits, all the chunks. You need that, it's good for you" Quite weird coming from Mac DeMarco

mxsxkxcrc - 2017-07-10
17:00 is why we watch

CAFFIEND! - 2017-07-10
Canadian AF

Roman Martinez - 2017-07-10
how could you forget tyler the creator he has a gap in his teeth to

rae xoxo - 2017-07-10
mac daddy :^)

Valen :3 - 2017-07-09
papa blesh

sophia lambert - 2017-07-09
the guy interviewing him is annoying as hell

Joaquin Alegria - 2017-07-08
Why is he so stingy and into saving money

ranch - 2017-07-08
best guest yet

wobob - 2017-07-06
ay what is that brand of hoodie i need me one of em

TiradeBabe - 2017-07-05
Mac looks like my uncle Frank.

EREE REYES - 2017-07-04
Whats with the hoody?

l Alecks l - 2017-07-04
I Lil sneaky

Samuel Elijah - 2017-07-04
my hero

beastboyoa - 2017-07-03
I love this dudes voice it's so quiet he should make a bob ross type show

wesley pottridge - 2017-07-03
anyone else just get their mind blown by that crazy shyt at the end dawg

digitalbowie - 2017-07-03
Anyone else think that Mac kinda reminds you of Charlie, from It's Always Sunny, in this video?

EinsteinOf Rap - 2017-07-02
mac soundin like macho man oh yeah

yulogarcia - 2017-07-02
I will be alive when Run the Jewels does Hot Ones..

Phillip Wickenheiser - 2017-07-02
i laugh like him... i think im canadian

Zinnia Quack - 2017-07-02
Woah, Mac has a gorgeous voice , wtf. He is my kind of woman.

Skate Boards - 2017-07-02
These guys clearly aren't drinkers....

Mduduzi Sibisi - 2017-07-01
Wait! So Canadians do find farts funny.

Sean - 2017-06-30
"Thats all right, ill still pound it"

Cash Gardner - 2017-06-30
You need to get the Red Hot Chili Peppers

victor - 2017-06-30
"you do all these strange things, run on treadmills."

Sam Brownjohn - 2017-06-30
Put your fucking ears away!

Squeaker boy183 - 2017-06-30
Mac: Am I aloud to cuss on this show
Sean: Ya its the internet
Mac: Oh boy

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