Mac DeMarco Tries to Stay Chill While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Mac DeMarco Tries to Stay Chill While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Musician, hashtag expert, and Canadian icon Mac DeMarco may be the most laid-back Hot Ones guest of all time. But how chill can you be in the face of Sean Evans' hot questions and even hotter wings? Find out as DeMarco gets pummeled by Scovilles and discusses important matters ranging from his distaste for tour buses, to the exact reason why lighting a fart on fire is funny. Bonus: He brought his mom!

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Mac DeMarco Tries to Stay Chill While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones



Azfar Abu Bakar - 2017-06-22
i really think you guys should get an asian dude on here

gears ghoul - 2017-06-22
looks stoned as shit.

Caitlin O - 2017-06-21
I feel like there's some promotion where they use the same hot sauce every episode

Apoorv Ambardar - 2017-06-21
Loved the way he cleaned off the wings (unlike most of the guests).

I don't friggin give a HECK - 2017-06-21
his speaking voice is... deeper than I expected

Johanna Solis - 2017-06-21
he out here forgetting tyler man

AUS bos - 2017-06-21
im suprized he lasted 19 mins without a cig

Rob Laliberte - 2017-06-20

isabella nordgren - 2017-06-20
Sean: "You're free to cuss here on the internet."
Mac: "Oh boy"

Wesley Smith - 2017-06-20
No Eddie Murphy??

Justin Shea - 2017-06-20
At least spices can help clear out your sinuses!

Sylvia Herrera - 2017-06-20
"Oh dammit oh dammit."

Sylvia Herrera - 2017-06-20
"Oh dammit oh dammit."

clark cutler - 2017-06-20
mac demarco is a fuckin hoser

Cosmo Fitzgerald - 2017-06-19
As someone with a gap tooth
Shout out to my people in the gap tooth club and mac demarco

l w - 2017-06-19
hahahaha ant cig ad with a mac video

Jacob Rones - 2017-06-19
Okay why do i feel like he's Wayne from Wayne's World

timothy oblivion - 2017-06-19
oh fuck it's a real life Dexter

Willem Schellings - 2017-06-19
I don't think he wants to quit smoking

MangoExpress85 - 2017-06-18
this dude had me rollin 😂
This old Dog is cool btw

TheSlenderman - 2017-06-18
this show makes me want hot wings and i hate spicy shit.

Luke S - 2017-06-18
Loved this one, he turned into Jack Nicholson for a moment when he dumped it on the last wing!

dakota smith - 2017-06-18
I've listened to his music for a while but I would never expect him to speak that way it's really nice to tell the truth hahaha

Marleigh Sigler - 2017-06-18
The way he wears his sweater

Chinchillupa Guy - 2017-06-18
You guys should have antacids available for people before the show. Ulcers are a bitch.

THEAL - 2017-06-17
18:21 stop the video & look at his eyes daaaaaaamn

jo diggy - 2017-06-17
"Are we allowed to swear on this show?"
yeah it's the internet
"ooo boy"

NC Wyeth - 2017-06-17
We need MC Ride.

Jen Wombat Excelsior - 2017-06-17
Hold on… Sault Ste Marie is NOT in NORTHERN Ontario… … … .

Angel Sanchez - 2017-06-16
next guest should be me.. like this comment pls

Flan Chocoflan - 2017-06-16
He looks like a hilarious comedian

Chet Holt - 2017-06-16
The thumbnail looks like h3h3

TheThriceIsRight - 2017-06-16
I feel like mac is another type of being that was born in this age to save humanity

Eli Boyd - 2017-06-16
This man.

Matthew W - 2017-06-16
The way he reacted to the Tabasco made me proud.

Erin D - 2017-06-15
This show really is genius

Cornrow Kenny - 2017-06-15
fucking love this guy

Ana Avila - 2017-06-15
Besides his music and colonies I love his raspy voice, he seems to be a nice person! So does his girlfriend Kiera, they're a beautiful couple.

Lucas M - 2017-06-15
it's a little fucking sneaky guy

BurritoMcChomp - 2017-06-14
If you want to stop smoking just use e-cigarettes (juice variety)

M - 2017-06-14
Am I the only one that thinks he sounds like (humour me hear people) Ryan Gosling. like the cadence in his voice. I dunno.

Joshua Chavez - 2017-06-14
10:50 lol sounds like Mike Myers, Wayne's World 😂

Luann Grover - 2017-06-14
I love this!!

Jamntea - 2017-06-14
he looks like those little hedgehogs in the thumbnail

jordan osborn - 2017-06-14
Mac looks like a human spongebob 😩

Obi-Wan Kenobi - 2017-06-13
Fuck that nigga Jar Jar

Sean Monaghan - 2017-06-12
Great Video!!! 👍 love it

Justin Jamez - 2017-06-11
Am I the only one who thinks mac looks like Chris Benoit 🤔🤔

Patrick Chole - 2017-06-11
I love that Mac DeMarco. "I'll NEVER take a van!" Woot.❤️

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