John Smith - 2018-02-13
Check out Keita Bates-Diop: https://youtu.be/lTxLjq1FiTk https://youtu.be/2uuM5ot9osA

CringeKid TV - 2017-12-13
where is Lamelo Ball this guy is fuckin drunk AF

Tcu Rose - 2017-12-04
Ummm Where The He'll Is Kevin Knox At

Cyrus ray - 2017-12-01
trae young trae young trae young

Taycuva Productions - 2017-11-28
Kevin Knox?

Legendary Duke - 2017-11-27
Damn bro I fucks with your videos . You need more subs yo . Real shit

Vincent Todd - 2017-11-14
Soo Jaylen Hands is done for right?

Abe Williams - 2017-11-13
Where's trevon duval

ASAP - 2017-11-12

Kenneth Rolack - 2017-11-11
Marvin Bagley or porter poty it's really between them two

Sergio Morales - 2017-11-09
Allonzo Trier

Benjamin Laureano - 2017-11-07

Mike Tan - 2017-11-01
4 years ago, we played 1 on 1 in my highschool gym as teammates. 4 years later, the dude's bouta be the POY

HSJtrey23 Channel - 2017-10-28
No Joel Berry

GoToKenny - 2017-10-28
Michael Porter Jr. will be the best of the bunch

Mortez Miles - 2017-10-27
Deng Adel Vj King

Hobbit Fan - 2017-10-26
Trevon Bluiett gonna shock the world.

larry brown - 2017-10-20
Dunno if they'll lose as many games as they'll need to , but i'd love to see the Pacers draft Bridges as a long term replacement for George , he & Tuner would run well together

Wyatt Knotts - 2017-10-08
Switch miles and gram

RockSmith1988 - 2017-10-04
Joel Berry man

Jason Sechrist - 2017-09-26
Duke has three that could win it, they are going to be scary good, very big for a Duke team, probably the biggest I've ever seen there.

Kentucky Wildcats Nation - 2017-09-24
1. Miles Bridges2. Marvin Bagley III 3. Hamidou Diallo 4. Alonzo Trier5. Joel Berry

The King-Danchie State of Mind - 2017-09-22
Bridges/ Grant and Malik Newman is a crazy backcourt duo! Kansas are major contenders for this season.

Jia Jiang - 2017-09-20
That's a cool beat. What is it?

Ryan Kalbfleisch - 2017-09-12
Miles Bridges!

A Walking Bucket - 2017-09-11
Alterique Gilbert... Stay woke

wiley schmitt - 2017-09-04
Great video and analysis! Duke sounds lethal this season, Michigan State too.

Karl Pilkington - 2017-09-01
Grayson will be 3rd best on the team.

Jowell YT - 2017-08-31
Once I saw Mpj at 5 I knew this dude was drunk

Tyquan Williams - 2017-08-30
I almost clicked off after brown smh lol

B C - 2017-08-30
Here's my list

5. Grayson Allen
4. MPJ
3. Joel Berry
2. Devonte Graham / Alonzo Trier
1. Miles Bridges

Btw I'm a Duke fan, also nice video I subscribed

Xavier Stamp - 2017-08-30
Joel Berry should be here and one of the Kentucky players

Matthew Fells - 2017-08-28
There is no way in hell that Bruce Brown should be on here over Allonzo Trier

ItsDannyBoyo - 2017-08-28
Allonzo Trier?

king So Shoota - 2017-08-26
Bitch trevon duval is the goat

Levi Cromwell - 2017-08-24
Isn't Lonnie Walker injured or is that someone else? I thought he tore his ACL or something

Thomas Henry - 2017-08-22
Allonzo Trier belongs on this list.

markv1 - 2017-08-21
Porter is 230 pound not 215...

knewwadda tha king - 2017-08-21
Look forward to your videos can you please do a 2018 draft video since Marvin Bagley will be in it..

Richard Lawrence - 2017-08-21

Listeroman - 2017-08-21
I don't like the ongoing trend where projected number 1 picks go to really bad teams just to have boosted stats. Don't they want to compete? I mean I would rather draft a guy who is a winner and who is able to adjust...not a guy who scores a bunch of points because he has the ball all the time.

jtgoheels - 2017-08-21
No Joel Berry? Dude has scored 20+ points in back to back title games and has been one of the top people leading UNC to back to back title game appearances. There hasn't been a more accomplished point guard the past two seasons.

Nik Burns - 2017-08-20
hamidou diallo?

Ballislife Next up coming - 2017-08-20
You need to drop more videos man

Joseph Karcho - 2017-08-20
Miles Bridges Baby!! #MSUNATION

Derek Mathews - 2017-08-20
Just glad they think that highly of Graham.

Corey Darko - 2017-08-20
Fultz is the. Best pure scorer since kd

Virgil Hawkins - 2017-08-20
Alonzo Tier

11/10 - 2017-08-20

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