Kevin's corner breaks down Trump's Norway comment

Kevin's corner breaks down Trump's Norway comment
The liberal media loses it and claims that Donald Trump is races because he called 3rd world countries crap wholes.  But was that really races?

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Kevin's corner breaks down Trump's Norway comment



L Willy - 2018-01-18
Immigration: Descendants of slaves are the only ones in the USA through no fault of your own. SH'thole countries: No country ever came to rescue DOS, apologized for their failure to advocate for our return to make us whole. Yet, these countries send their best and brightest to take your slots and reap your benefits on you struggle with blood and skin in the game, to reach back to help their own. STAY WOKE. " BREAKING BROWN" ON YOUTUDE

Veronica Clark - 2018-01-18

Veronica Clark - 2018-01-18

Valeera - 2018-01-18
i dont see anything wrong with importing all white people , if you do then your probably racist

Valeera - 2018-01-18
i did missionary work for 2 years in haiti and africa , ad ppl was robbing and killing each other daily there , they are a shithole , trust me you dont want those ppl here ruining our country , they have no skills whatsoever

Nedrumboi - 2018-01-18
I'm Norwegian! Anti-Trump people call us / me white.

They judge Trump to be racist. But it's ok for them to describe Norway as white people. (we are not just white)

I don't want people to see a color, I want them to see my personality.

Stop talking about it.
- Morgan Freeman

(Love your video btw๐Ÿ˜Š)

Clark Guerrero - 2018-01-17
omg. you arte so right...I laugh my [email protected]@ off. .you rock

bumiker - 2018-01-17
Exactly, Trump did not name Norway because of its white population or because he's racist. Trump used Norway as an example because it is in first place on the UNs Human Development Index. The HDI ranks countries on a set criteria regarding quality of life, and Norway has been in first place for 12 years. It has also been ranked as the most prosperous place to live for 7 years.

Incidentally, except for Singapore, the top ten countries are predominantly white. Haiti is rated 163rd out of 180ish countries. Not surprisingly, most African countries are pretty low on the index. Even lower than Haiti.

Trump asking "why" people from "shithole" countries have a better avenue to America over someone from other countries like Norway is a legit discussion. Why is that?

If you look into the immigration requirements of other countries, I can't speak for them all, but most countries strictly regulate who can move there, requiring that anyone wanting to immigrate have a profession that the country has difficulty filling, AND that you have a job before you get there. I personally have friends from European countries who currently live here on a work Visa and they not only had to fulfill those requirements, but they are only here because their employment is in support of a tech business located in their home country. They can have a spouse visa, but that spouse is not allowed to work.

Limiting chain migration, ending the Visa Lottery, and being tough on illegal immigrants is the only way I can see to get a handle on the situation. It's not about race.

Casonova 42X - 2018-01-17
Spoken like a true black monkey ass COON

bumiker - 2018-01-17
And now Democrats complaining that talks have broken down. Shocking! A meeting occurred behind closed doors and they broke the confidentiality of that meeting, and now they wonder why talks have broken down?

Jerrell Hoggard - 2018-01-16
U don't know what the he'll u talk in. Bout 45 hates your black ass

Scott - 2018-01-16
Trump is an asshole

donna hansen - 2018-01-16
Already suscribed yer awesome kev

Master Wong - 2018-01-15
Well said! Can you be an advisor for Trump?

Cheryl Stout - 2018-01-15
The Demo- litionist party are people who lie, believe lies, they live lies, they speak lies, and assume everyone will believe the lies.

Gods Knight - 2018-01-15
Totally agree

Clarrissa Zamora - 2018-01-15
side note: people of Norway themsleves that they are soon going to be a shithole nation because of the muslims and the raping and the no go zones and many many other problems the muslims rapefugees have brought with them. just saying

Jennifer Puhl - 2018-01-15
Kevin i am so sick of the rascist comments!!

Jennifer Puhl - 2018-01-15
He never said what all the libs think!! I love you dude because you are so to the point!!

J_ G_ - 2018-01-15
race baiting is a racist act

Meesee black - 2018-01-15
How much money are you getting from youtube to hate yourself?

DEREK LUSZCZ - 2018-01-15
My brother,if everyone that have made a comment on this page agree with you.Then they as ignorant as you sound with all your run on sentences that aren't making no sense at all.Remember,he said "Africa" which clearly lets you know that your not wanted neither.But,i forgot you are not African,instead what I should of said is Black American that's lost in the field.

andrew bergstrom - 2018-01-14
The population of Norway is about 5.5 million, Its hard to compare it to the US.

andrew bergstrom - 2018-01-14
Norway is the 3rd richest country per capita.

andrew bergstrom - 2018-01-14
Kevin's Corner
You're a good man Kevin, I will support you.

Linda Hinojosa - 2018-01-14
Thank you

Jack Lewis - 2018-01-14
โ€œIf the president says some places are shitholes, heโ€™s accurate,โ€ said Prince, reflecting on time he served in Haiti in 1994 during Operation Uphold Democracy:

I know the president was beaten up even on comments he made about Haiti, and I can speak firsthand about Haiti, because as a young Navy SEAL officer in 1994, Bill Clinton decides to invade Haiti. I was there. My SEAL team ended up sending two platoons, and we actually planned for 100 percent casualties, not from enemy fire, but because of the water quality. We had to swim ashore, and the water was so bad because there were two and a half million people with untreated sewage flowing right into the water that we were going in. We had to get so many shots, so many vaccinations, that none of us could donate blood for six years afterwards.

So if the president says some places are shitholes, heโ€™s accurate. Literally.

Vintagecoilylocks - 2018-01-14
The problem with the DACA people is that coming here illegally are in direct competition with an american child who was born and has to now grow up and get ajob. They did not choose to be here either but it is the only country an american is going to be able to work and live. If you notice they are bragging about how theses DACA people are working great jobs and about to graduate college ready for great jobs put them in direct composition to american people looking for work and graduating colleg needing a job. They need to go back to their countries with all this education and be a force for good. We do not need so many illegals to make our country strong. Besides they send 150 billion out of the country annually which under cuts u.s. buisnesses and economy. I hope you realise alot of the tax cut was to limiit the millions of dollars refunded to illegals who list children who are not even in the country.

iao69 - 2018-01-14
Kevin, very interesting, logical and truthful commentary which I am sure flew over the heads of every Leftist. I have two comments to make about your list of places to live. First, there were not one Muslim country on the list. The country of Norway was listed as first. As you know it borders on Sweden which was not on the list and which was once consider an Utopia. Why is that? The reason is that Sweden has let in way too many Vermin Muslims from the Middle East countries. The Vermin do not assimilate in to the culture. They only are a drain on the culture and will change it into the shit-holes that they came from when they are the majority in the population. There are two countries on your list which are on the same path as Sweden. They are Denmark and Germany which is led by the Communist Merkel. She once was in the Communist Party in the former East Germany. You can take the woman out of the party, but you cannot take the party out of the woman. As I said before the Muslims will change the country in which they are living through population growth. I live in Germany and I have never seen a Muslim couple with less than two children. They reproduce like mosquitoes or rabbits take your pick. One would think that Great Britain would be on the list, but unfortunately way too much Vermin has been let into Great Britain. Hell, they have a damn Muslim as the Mayor of London. You might know that four countries of the EU, an organization run by unelected Communists in Brussels, has refused to accept the Vermin immigrants. They are Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovenia. You have seen no terrorist attacks in those countries. As I said, I live in Germany and am waiting for the destruction of the EU in the soon future.

Teacher TRX - 2018-01-14
Kevin, Trump denied using that word. Someone in the room said he said it. It's not even proven that he really said it!

Fred Winslow - 2018-01-13
he absolutely is talking about the country not the people
the American country and all its people are different โ€œraces โ€œ
kevin you nail it and you are growing something real here !!!!
hereโ€™s to 50k subscribers and up. up. up

Master of the Universe - 2018-01-13
I love facts!! You are an awesome man!!

wmfrow - 2018-01-13
LOL so Obama calls Libya a S*** show, but that's Ok ????

Jovanni Nunez - 2018-01-13

FISHONAJ - 2018-01-13
Dang Kevin i live in Ohio and i never heard of those places - i thought you were from California where my parents live/lived? ( they just moved to Florida ) AJ :)

Artsartisan - 2018-01-13
I accuse democrats of treason against the United States by using their power to pursue their personal interest rather than the good of the country. Their โ€œimmigration policiesโ€ are nothing less than an attempt to disenfranchise and supplant the American citizenry of their civil
rights โ€“ particularly the right of self-government โ€“ the right to vote and elect representatives and executive officers.

I charge that "for accomplishment of such their designs and for the protecting of themselves and their adherents in their wicked practices, to the same ends hath traitorously and maliciously levied war against the American citizenry.

The "wicked designs, wars, and evil practices of Democrats ย have been, and are carried on for the advancement and upholding of a personal interest of will, power, and pretended prerogative to themselves against the public interest, common right, liberty, justice, and peace of the people of this nation."

ย This indictment โ€“ reflects the concept of command responsibility โ€“ and asserts that the Democrats and persons supporting their corrupt agenda - โ€œguilty of all the treasons, murders, rapines, burnings, spoils, desolations, damages and mischiefs to this nation, acted and committed by citizens of foreign nations within America illegally.

pigboykool - 2018-01-13
DemocRats are hopeless. Instead focusing on resolving the problem endangering many thousands life of American people like border security and illegal aliens, they only want to focusing on if President said the word S-hole or not. So are the fake news media. I can't imagine the "regressive" left are falling so low.

cybertec69 - 2018-01-13
The DemoNcratic/Socialist party does not care about anyone, they just want mass illegal immigration because they need their votes, they are running out of a voter base, a recent memo just came out by a member of the DemoNcratic socialist party stating this. Also the president never said those words. This was another one of those dirty tricks by the DemoNcratic socialist party to try to push their DACA garbage through, it again backfired on them.

Linda Ardigo - 2018-01-13

Ryan ็Ÿณ่™Ž้พ™ - 2018-01-13
Very well said my friend. He also wants more Asians coming in. Asians are statistically more successful than any other race.

Linda Paul - 2018-01-13
Well said Kevin!!! Thanks for stating it how it really is!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Kitty Gianelli - 2018-01-13
He met with the Norwegian leader the day before so that was on his mind. Why do democrats think non whites wouldnโ€™t pass an immigration merit application? - because they are racists

Buzz Miller - 2018-01-13
Libtards never let facts interfere with their fantasies. For the most part, liberal media = Fake News

Narnia - 2018-01-13
Well put๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

AlDaja ... - 2018-01-13
8 liberals think this is hurtful and racist. ๐Ÿ˜‚.

Davy Hardin - 2018-01-13
Kevin for President, 2020!!

Maria Robles - 2018-01-13

FXDayJob - 2018-01-13
You misspelled "racist" in your description, brother. Nice video! We already know what he was talking about because we're not insane. I'd go to Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, etc., in a heartbeat. I wouldn't go to Haiti, Iran, Syria, etc. That's not because of race at all. I just don't want to be robbed or murdered. I thought the comment was funny. Turns out he may not have actually used those exact words, though.

Robin W - 2018-01-13
Color is not the issue but the mockingbird media will continue to push it anyway. They are the s***holes for causing division. They just can't give it up! Lol!!

JOHN CASTLE - 2018-01-13
Well said Sir, well said !

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