Shamirah B - 2018-01-29
You can see how much Katie despises her. Geeze what a witch. Love the way leftist women attack conservative women. Here we are 9 years later after Obama's failed policies. Obama talked about ending wars any only blrw up middle blew. Don't think McCain would have been any better.

David Williams - 2018-01-15

David Williams - 2018-01-15

Rob Allen - 2017-12-27
This is painful to watch she is almost as stupid as Trump but not quite.

viceversa18 - 2017-12-24
SNL version was more make sense! :))

Johnnie Fever - 2017-12-16
Terror loving terrorists.

John Walters - 2017-12-05
Easy on the cock she is

Jesus Miguel Rodriguez - 2017-11-29
This stupid idiot Sarah Palin is only good for the world's oldest profession.

SexAddict - 2017-11-23
I'd still bang her.

Debunk 911 Truth Cult Fanatics - 2017-10-30
This is hard to watch, my cringe reflex can't take too much Sarah Palin.

SexAddict - 2017-10-29
HAHAHA!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Michelle Mae Simplicio - 2017-10-19
the gateway idiot lol I just finished watching Andy Borowitz The New Yorker speech.

thertsak lertsukitwatana - 2017-10-18

Ron Thunders - 2017-10-05
18:07 was hard to watch.... WHO ARE THEY KIDDING!!!!!! They are totally full of SHIT!!!! That pizza joke made no sense and Sarah’s reaction made me want to hide my face in embarrassment for her

Ron Thunders - 2017-10-05
Damn.. I wanna suck willows toes while she blows her hard

Ron Thunders - 2017-10-05
I’m not a republican or a democrat, so I can honestly say their are very smart people on both sides no doubt, but Sarah is DOPEY! I’m not saying she’s not a nice lady, I’m just saying she’s dopey and almost looks cross eyed at points

Ron Thunders - 2017-10-05
This whole segment was to see if Sarah could handle the pressure and pass the test, and she failed HARD!!!!! It was a shit show

Jassy Rahal - 2017-10-03
came here after Game Change (2012)

Linda Casey - 2017-09-29
Sarah Palin speaks perfect Donald Trump .. or maybe it's the other way around.

Daz Guilbert - 2017-09-28
Fanny and Freddy.you ask her who they are. She has no clue.

Sean K - 2017-09-20
Poor old John McCain III - I wonder how he ended up with this cretin on his ticket? I couldn't have been his year - up against the most over-rated politician in US history.

Ron Thunders - 2017-09-19
Her daughter looks like a little fuck kitten slut! I wanna prone bone her while fishhooking that hot little mouth

Ron Thunders - 2017-09-19
These are the biggest scam bullshit candidates in HISTORY!! Hahaha what a shitshow, train wreck, catastrophe!!! Its actually comedic how obviously dumb the pair is!! WHO FELL FOR THAT??

Ron Thunders - 2017-09-19
McCain looked like he was embarrassed hahah

Ron Thunders - 2017-09-19
She seems like she'd be a sweet mom but as a candidate she's DOPEY!!

Ron Thunders - 2017-09-19
If you don't see Sarah palin as a airhead, YOURE A AIRHEAD

Salacious Crumb - 2017-09-13
Republicans ALWAYS choose ignorant motherfuckers to run for office. This stupid inbred bitch should have been poisoned!

inigojuancarlos - 2017-08-01
A far more sedated trump in pink dress

John K - 2017-07-25
Katie fucking eviscerated Sarah Palin omg

Kevin Ripas - 2017-07-17
Got here after that skit from Tina and Amy.

Kevin Ripas - 2017-07-17
Ang hina ng mga sagot ni Palin.

castilllione - 2017-06-19
This has got to be a twisted social experiment.

Jehezkiel Maelissa - 2017-06-10
I'm not American but I came here from watching Game Change and honest question, was she really as stupid and indifferent as she was portrayed in the film? And if she was, what were McCain's advisors actually thinking when they chose her to be running for VP?

weerobot - 2017-05-18
Fanny man???...4:33min???

Daz Guilbert - 2017-05-01
Such a dumbass

Michael J. Evans - 2017-04-02
I'm a Republican, and the fact that John McCain actually put this woman into a possible vice-presidency, is why I voted for Obama. This woman is as dumb as dirt.

Frank Civitak - 2017-03-30
sarah palin. is georgeous and americas sweet heart

elvez1231 - 2017-03-28
What the fuck!! I am truly stunned, shocked and amazed! Katie Couric clearly had pity on this woman. Otherwise - she would have looked Palin straight in the eyes and said - "WHAT the FUCK are you babbling about you booger eating moron?"

elvez1231 - 2017-03-28
Someone please tell me what in the fuck Sarah Palin was babbling about - PLEASE? She used more words and gibberish to say nothing than anyone I've ever heard. It sad to say but this is the first time I have actually watched this interview. My eyes are spinning and I can't make them stop! Quick-somebody call an ambulance PLEASE - my head feels like its going to explode ...ahhhhhh ah-ahhhhhhhhh

fredwill13 - 2017-03-27
say what u will,but sarah is so sexxxxy!

Jesse Taylor - 2017-02-04
This is incredibly uncomfortable to watch.

virgobadgirlbetty - 2017-01-31

StageforKids Emil - 2017-01-28
Oh dear. I cringed so hard so many times.

James Jones - 2017-01-22
25:50 did she say CONFERCEPTION?????

Mielten Ra - 2017-01-16
Is this SNL or the real thing. I cannot tell them apart anymore!

Hans Marheim - 2016-12-16
She is insane.She is a crazy person.

Gavin Sherlock - 2016-12-11
Katie Couric talking to a blade of grass.

Ilovefootball - 2016-12-07
Lollllll wtf is she talking about her answers have no logic lolll

Robin Thuresson - 2016-12-05
17:53 - 17:58 Lord have mercy, what is this Palin talking about?????

cecilia preziose - 2016-12-01
HIll and Sarah for Pres and VP NOW more than ever

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