TheFrozo619 - 2017-10-27
What a hit by DeCastro 1:58 !

drakademiks the chipmunk - 2017-10-21
the underrated part about leveon that's never shown in highlights is that there's so many runs that should be a 5 yard loss for any rb but he always gets back to the line of scrimmage

Emi Molcas - 2017-10-21
Bell its the best RB in NFL

Jalen Carter - 2017-10-18
Uh oh😬🤑

Genre Smart - 2017-10-17
People had 40,000 signatures to have Head Official Pete Morelli not officiate Philadelphia Eagles games and Head Official Tony Corrente might be the next official to be out to not officiate New England Patriots games.

Genre Smart - 2017-10-17
I DISAGREE with the Illegal Demonstration Call because Le'Veon Bell didn't TAUNT any Kansas City Chiefs Player or Fan and he didn't show anyone up.

↪If Commissioner Roger Goodell and The Officials are being lenient on Celebrations Why was Unsportmanslike Conduct Illegal Demonstration enforced on Bell?

It doesn't make any sense at all PERIOD!!!!

Unless they called a PENALTY on him for using the Goal Post as a Prop to punch👊 as a punching bag

Dr. Joseph Grant III - 2017-10-17
Bell is the best RB in the league b/c he can literally make his own holes even when there are none.

Aapex 54 - 2017-10-17
The way Le'Veon waits for his blocks to set up is truly outstanding. He has the patience to wait for full grown men to charge straight at him, finds himself a small opening, and turns that opening to a gap that he will then charge through for a large gain. Bell is undoubtedly the best running back in the game. His patience is literally an art form, and the only backs I can slightly compare his game to in this manner are Zeke, David Johnson, and somewhat Melvin Gordon. However, Bell's wit on the field is truly astonishing, and his play style is better than anyone's. If you line him up at receiver, he'll make a play. If it's a halfback dive, he'll go straight at the linebackers and make them miss. If it's a sweep, he'll charge at the DBs before either jump cutting or switching directions. There is no doubt in my mind that Le'Veon Bell will become a top ten back ever if he keeps this play style and his overall game up. Not to mention, the Steelers are outstanding at downfield blocking also. This is partly why Bell is so successful in the run game, however if you put him on any team I'm sure he would make plays nonetheless. A phenomenal athlete, with incredible awareness to the game he literally perfected.

Go Cry About it - 2017-10-17
He had another amazing run but it was called back cuz of holding

Dom B - 2017-10-17
Im a ravens fan but this dude foot work is nice

rashad harris - 2017-10-17

Cole Weber - 2017-10-16
Nobody was touching him until he was eight yards downfield. Great blocking

Savage Mcgee - 2017-10-16
Whether your a cowboy fan, or a patriots fan you gotta admit that the Steelers have the best touchdown dances

Mussy Jawad - 2017-10-16
at 2:26 2 chiefs were in the back field to the side he was running at and he just popped right between them this guy is just too good y couldn't he play for my Seahawks we'd actually be able to run the ball😭😭

Sefa Gasu - 2017-10-16
Vintage Steeler Physicality, that was awesome

Og Mane - 2017-10-16
Watch AP and bells highlights back2back. Very unique. I like how they both have that side hop

McPrezy - 2017-10-16
His vision and patience are out of this world. One of a kind.

Hunter - 2017-10-16
Bell is really on a different level sometimes it's hard to put into words how much better than everyone he is, he honestly might be a top 5 talent at this point, i've never seen someone this big move like he does in such a long time.

Jamison Gary - 2017-10-16
Add xcurlz_jar on instagram

Saint Shawn - 2017-10-16
Is it me. Or do thr Steelers win everytime they give Le'veon the ball 30+ times?

Chris Anderson - 2017-10-16
He's starting to find his midseason form. He seemed a little slow on his reactions and decision making the first couple weeks. Lucky enough to have him on 3 of my teams this year

Patrick Diviney - 2017-10-16

Anthony DePaola - 2017-10-16
I've heard a lot of Bell>Hunt comments. While I'm not necessarily disagreeing, Bell had 32 carries to Hunt's 9. Kareem made an impact in the passing game and still had over 100 scrimmage yards. They're both fantastic RBs--probably the 2 best in the league. But Hunt does better as a volume back. His stats show he breaks off more runs as the game progresses. Had he gotten 32 carries, he probably gets over 120 yards on the ground and we wouldn't be having this discussion.
Can't we just say both are great?

TheJig98 - 2017-10-16
Who let a goat on the field?

DerichGaming - 2017-10-16
don't let this video fool you that bell had another 100 plus yards but they all got called back. and probably another td bc they was at the goal line then idk what happened.

Niy Love Nizzy - 2017-10-16
I like this game!! He just ran and ran!!! None of that freeze in motion bs he does.

Laga Savea - 2017-10-16
1:56 David Decastro hoooo boy! Katoosh 💢

Costa Chan - 2017-10-16
There's the bell we know and love

Mike Sherman - 2017-10-16
Woooohooo love watching bell run. What amazing footwork. The man is a genius. Steelers Nation

First name Last name - 2017-10-16
Remember when people said that zeke was the best back in the league?

Ty Smith - 2017-10-16
my boy bell

Jon Davis - 2017-10-16
1:36 lmao that was great

Chris Richardson - 2017-10-16
Man the Steelers has good blocking today

Live Grenade - 2017-10-16
Safe to say the rust is gone, when he's in rhythm no one can run the ball like him his style is soo unique

Emerson Sortun - 2017-10-16
Le'Veon Bell runs at such a high level of skill that it becomes like martial arts

Pitt_Steel26 - 2017-10-16
Bell is the best RB in the NFL

QUBE Adverse - 2017-10-16
Wait I thought that celebrations were allowed now?

raymundo tapuolo - 2017-10-16
Did anyone else see David Decastro light up #49? That man is not someone I'd like to line up against😂

Daelon Scott - 2017-10-16
The way he waits for his blocks to develop is out of this world

j246802 - 2017-10-16

j246802 - 2017-10-16
Yes, knock each others heads off, but no demonstrations of boxing or else!!!

BRICKS - 2017-10-16
Bell is amazing

Ballin Too - 2017-10-16
Arguably best running back since prime Adrian Peterson. Shady McCoy close to Just on the bills

Emmanuel Bayonas - 2017-10-16
all those blocks though ! Everyone was blocking for him which made a huge difference.

James Bettinger - 2017-10-16
Bell > Howard > Hunt >Elliot

Dr. Joseph Grant III - 2017-10-16
Amazing when OC use the best athlete on the team instead of forcing throws to satisfy whinny players or make the QB the hero.

Jay Cranston - 2017-10-16
And of course this was the week I was up against the bastard in my fantasy league

Hugh Mungus - 2017-10-16
Wow what a week for running backs. Pretty sure you couldnt have gone wrong with any in fantasy lmaoo.

Britney Johnson - 2017-10-16
I didn't know the Chiefs was underfeated

Slick Boi - 2017-10-16
Good run game, wish he was more involved in the passing game

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