Stephen A. and Max give harsh advice to Tyronn Lue and Le'Veon Bell | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. and Max give harsh advice to Tyronn Lue and Le'Veon Bell | First Take | ESPN
First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman give harsh advice to Tyronn Lue and Le'Veon Bell. 

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Stephen A. and Max give harsh advice to Tyronn Lue and Le'Veon Bell | First Take | ESPN



Isaiah Arellanes - 2018-01-16
I love Molly 😍

Great Fish - 2018-01-15
David Blatt challenged Lebron. Tyron Lue knows all about it.

Chris Broussard - 2018-01-15
Molly is the best. Smart, beautiful, professional and overall just good natured. I don't get that at all from Joy Taylor or that nitwit who sits next to Colin

Gucci Savage - 2018-01-15
Y’all are so fucking stupid
Obviously things aren’t going to be great IT just came back they’re a whole new team they need to adjust it’s not going to be magic right away they need to mesh and blend it’s gunna take at least 20 more games

Jerry Huang - 2018-01-15
Nothing is too harsh for Tyronne Lue, the man took a crossover and walk over from AI himself.

Rafael Avila - 2018-01-15
They ain't making it to the finals, I have money on that

symbiote91 - 2018-01-15
LeBron James is the head coach and GM of that team Tyron Lue needs to stay in his lane

Geno In The Gym - 2018-01-15
If Ty Lue tells LeBron to sit down he will definitely be fired that same day lol

Dan Han - 2018-01-14
Demote Lue to assistant coach. Hire Mark Jackson. The man built the warriors so he know how best to beat them. He is also the man responsible for their top tier defense and since that’s our weakness, he’s perfect. He also is respected and a veteran coach, not one of these pseudo coaches like ty Lue who just manage egos and get along with players. Then trade BKN pick and TT/JR/shumpert for DJ or PG. a big piece like that molded by Jackson will get us ready to challenge the cheating ass golden state

Jason Tan - 2018-01-14
Breaking news, nobody wants to play with or more accurately for LeBron. Facts

Myles Franklin - 2018-01-14
Anyone else look at Molly's arm and think it was that skinny !?!? I

Nilija Hall - 2018-01-14
Cav's have to get it together.

Pop TheTrunkk - 2018-01-13
They're getting punked? The fuck is he saying? Stephen A is a straight bum.

Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT - 2018-01-13
I thought they was talkin about another Ball in the title lmao

Koba Forever - 2018-01-13
hire fizdale!! he coached them in Miami!

hotman718 - 2018-01-13
Tyron Lue is a weak coach. Not a bad coach but weak. He's letting the players run the team instead of being the leader. When JR Smith butcher about not being a starter Tyron Lue made him a starter. He's too worried about hurting the players feelings or keeping LeBron happy. He needs to be a coach and make the right adjustments not just do things to please the players. JR Smith let's face it he's not playing well at all he shouldn't even be a starter at this point. LeBrons not the coach whether he likes it or not he tries too hard to be the second coach. That's the problem they need strong leadership. Strong coach who makes hard decisions.

Jon Peake - 2018-01-13
Bell not the best back fyi, zeke only behind 300 yds after missing 6 games...gtfoh, ZekeTheBest!!!!

ZayHoven Shepherd - 2018-01-13
Max stood up when he heard "who's the real slim shady?"

Rufaro Manjala - 2018-01-13
I bet when Lue started coaching, he was tinking of easing his way in, develop a rookie, make team 0.550 and then go up a level.....

instead he gets this it makes me amused but at the same time sad for him cause sometimes he seems too inexperienced to handle the situation.

CycleCruza - 2018-01-13
I wish they would bring back David Blatt, he was doing well when he got fired and helped take the cavs to 6 games in the finals against the warriors without love and irving. Lue makes too many mistakes, he keeps playing players that are playing poorly instead using other players like Channing Frye, who is much better than Tristan, he can actually shoot the ball. Tristan Kardashian needs to be traded! Out of all the beautiful women in the world he could have had he got with a kardashian and their curse. He gets injured for the first time in his career and leaves the cavs and they go on a win streak, he comes back they go on a horrible losing streak.

Scott Verney - 2018-01-13
LeQueen is finna leave again...LBJ should go to Lakers and win another MVP if he wins this year, then he would have 6 MVPs and retire once he passes Jordan in scoring.

Sean Clarke - 2018-01-13
For all the guys drooling over molly...look at her pics before she got her nose done 🙈

Last seen missin - 2018-01-13
the footage of lebron bitching about the team next to ty lue is priceless. ty lue is just there to do the dirty work for lebron. lebron is probable ang "if u dint fcking clean these scrubs up, ill embarress your ass on national tv and coach for u." ty face is like...." fck i am scewed".

Marcos Gonzalez - 2018-01-13
Molly "uuu I like that" lol

Ask Me ANYTHING!!! - 2018-01-13
sas surprised me, no cooning on leveon bell... wow okay.. but yeah lue is pretty much the rotation guy, and not even all the time

Tehui1974 - 2018-01-13
Molly can sit on my face anytime she wants.

jasmine Torres - 2018-01-13
tyronn doesn't look like he can make then guys bring effort these are grown i never see him aggressive on the sideline like ever

david sanders - 2018-01-13
Only time I've agreed with SAS in a while. Sit the hell down LeBron, and let Lue coach.

TheMinnesotaMaverick - 2018-01-13
Ah hell nah. Hell nah. Your ass should've traded for Jimmy Butler. Dats right fool. Dats right homie. Should have traded for Jimmy Buckets not Isaiah. Minnesota on the rise. Heard it here first bitch. Minnesota on da rise. Twolves howling in da North! Bitttttttch!

young papi - 2018-01-13
Fire all the coaches and hire fizdale and mark Jackson

Tahmid Chowdhury - 2018-01-12
Cavs are trash. LeBron join the Raptors and win some more rings.

Mother Russia - 2018-01-12
Tyron Lue should stay in his lane and let LeCoach James coach this team

Pick Pocket Joe TM - 2018-01-12

Uganda Soldier - 2018-01-12
Their show is doing so bad they needed to create a segment

VergzHD - 2018-01-12
SAS is right . Lebron might be the best player right now but Ty Lue is the fucking coach . its your responsible to take control of the team !

DIRBI - 2018-01-12
Or give the rspots some credit

sugarcoin72 - 2018-01-12
Tyrone needs to tell Lebron shut up

P H - 2018-01-12
Molly a trip

Kevin Polo - 2018-01-12
Assistant coach lue needs to go

Kassim Jaffer - 2018-01-12
Wheres the love for Jordan Howard smh

Crayvd - 2018-01-12
LeGM finna trade his assistant coach AND everyone on the roster and then he’s gonna have an all star draft and his team will have Picks 1-60 and he’s gonna get his best friend Adam Silver to force every All Star to apply for the first ever “King James Fantasy Draft”

Jordan Tavares - 2018-01-12
Max shut up lebron shouldn’t be giving orders lue is the coach

Eric Bilodeau - 2018-01-12
Dumb quote of the day:

"It's never good to bluff."
--Stephen A Smith

Lol. Thank God Stephen isn't an agent. Bluffing can be an extremely effective strategy. It's not good to get CALLED on a bluff if you won't follow through. So you need to be smart about it. That doesn't mean never do it.

Clanisha Miller - 2018-01-12
😂😂 lebron in tantrum/ get a new coach mode sitting on the viewing table looking at Lue

Jimmy Conrad Jr - 2018-01-12

Venonous Villain - 2018-01-12
My advice to Ty Lue: Resign before they get to you.

Jaccobtw - 2018-01-12
LeBron needs a coach with integrity, like Pop. Pop would not be afraid to tell LeBron sit sit down and shut the hell up.

Got Game - 2018-01-12
stephen a forgets lebron is leGM, leCOACH, lePUTYOU ON THE TRADEBLOCK

DrWeeWe - 2018-01-12
Lue is LeBrons puppet

Ron F. - 2018-01-12
This is the difference between MJ and Leloser. MJ will lead his team defending by stealing the ball, diving on loose balls and fighting for defensive rebounds. Lebron put up decent numbers in the offense and he barks on his team like they are garbage. I'm not sure he was defending somebody last night.

40 year MJ and he has some chase down blocks, saving the ball getting out of bounds and being a locked in defender. That's the reason why he was the goat. If MJ could play forever, he will make Lebozo looking like a G-league player.

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