Gabrielle Moses - 2017-10-08
Free bottle of Dermacare! Use code "Gab1" πŸ”₯❀️https://goo.gl/UsPmzF

Instagram @gabrielle_moses

Cody Hall - 2017-10-18
Do a video on how to make girls laugj

Jeff Montana - 2017-10-18
Your gorgeous and your eyes😍🀀

the ONYX - 2017-10-18
Hey joke for girl
Let me tell you a joke
Joke.... I hope your laughing
When we are going to date πŸ˜„

Kim Jong Un - 2017-10-18

I am Ineffable - 2017-10-18
How the hell are you using google sheets instead of notes?!?!?

logan masteller - 2017-10-18
you really hot

GGreeen - 2017-10-18
Wait.... who is this angellll

TheLance3185 - 2017-10-18
I'm a little too old for you. Can you leave me your Mom's number? Thanks.

Svetlana VučiΔ‡ - 2017-10-18
i would rape you

Precious Gaming - 2017-10-18
I take of my own skin and I am a guy. My skin is very smooth and brownie.

Jesus Hinojosa - 2017-10-17
What do you do if your fat

LivingAsNoob - 2017-10-17
You are the best

TiCe - 2017-10-17
And Moses said "Let my people go!"

BubblerRL - 2017-10-17
Good thing her video barely breaks 10 minutes

iNaZ - 2017-10-17
I need to do this.

Joel Etchingham - 2017-10-17
Zac efron is gay I think

Corek BleedingHollow - 2017-10-17
Wow she is incredibly fine. Blonde or brunette, I love blue eyed girls. Too bad every girl out there is taken... :(

tobias sol - 2017-10-17
you are not moses!

John Howell - 2017-10-17
what about, Joggies/Tracksuit Trousers ?

Michael Lacasse - 2017-10-17
What a fucking cunt

Glacier Blue - 2017-10-17
All i do for my skin and lord knows it looks good i grab a towel and some regular ass soap dove

0 0 - 2017-10-17
Your observations are on point. I agree. 😘

Eli_Finesse - 2017-10-17
She Looks So Good ❀️😭

nidhin n - 2017-10-16
She is making a new rap song in this video.tank u

Bitchkets 997 - 2017-10-16
Gurl i take care of mah skin... but the other guys dont notice )my existance(.

Your new Friend - 2017-10-16
Well shit me not you are very cute but so doing this for views this is common stuff bro.Want a girlfriend?Be handsome and not stupid

Ego Planer - 2017-10-16
Your blue eyes worked as a clickbite for me. Dang

Muda98 - 2017-10-16
"What we do here is go back back back back"

XxMinezapxX - 2017-10-16
you got really white teeth

Richard Hertz - 2017-10-16

Ahmed Alam - 2017-10-16
she stating facts thoπŸ’―

ItzCammyss - 2017-10-16
Because you are fucking lazy, a gold digger, get a real job!

Jus Flicks - 2017-10-16
She is so beautiful

David Zimmer - 2017-10-16
that product placement though

Lance Louez - 2017-10-16
Heaps to remember there! if one day I will need to worry about them I will Thanks!

Evan loves Musicals - 2017-10-16
I'm a guy here to get some deets

Also I wash my skin a lot but I still have very very mild acne. Guys acne is also worse than girls, and girls can cover up their acne while people think it's weird when guys cover up (even though I put on cover up)

Wiffle Tutorials - 2017-10-16
Lol that fucking advertising came in suddle asf

Shougo Murata - 2017-10-16
That instrumental is LIT THO

psycho joe - 2017-10-16
Let's be honest teenage boys watch your videos cos your attractive πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

nikki stuffs - 2017-10-16
Better u do rap

Youri Otterspeer - 2017-10-15
you are soo beautifull 😳

Luke Pascal - 2017-10-15
Turn the background music down

Cheyenne Edgemon - 2017-10-15
Fried pickles and hot chocolate!

Edd DeMayo - 2017-10-15
Hey guys, don’t be yourself! Just be someone that spoiled white girls love!!

Edd DeMayo - 2017-10-15
lmao fuck you.

DubeTrevor - 2017-10-15

Dick Johnson - 2017-10-15
You forgot shaving your balls.

Vivid Visual - 2017-10-15
Some of the stuff your explaining is for people in highschool. Nobody cares about popularity anymore.

Gavin Milford-MaskedPrivateer - 2017-10-15
My parents told me that if I can get and keep 20 subs they'll buy me 3 months of Xbox Live. Can you guys help me get there? I'd really appreciate it.

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